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2. Inhume

The silence already funereal spreads a pall
His lips not drinking there or baiting breath

Its muzzle all aflame with savage howls
Idol of Anubis

In the fluttering veil that girds her absence round
We breathe in always, thought it brings us to death

His century appalled at never having heard
That in this voice triumphant death had sung its hymn

As to himself at last
eterrnity changes him
the poet reawakens

They, like a writhing Hydra
bestow a purer sense

Calm block fallen here from obscure disaster
Mark the boundaries evermore
To the dark flighs of blasphemy hurled to the future

3. The Clearing

As if the light never shone
And humans never thought
All that are left shall be subject to suffer
All left shall suffer

The escapers made their pact and left
And light shines on all living things above ground

All death has eaten itself
So it turns to life

So the fabric of our atoms can stay secure
And time's senses continue to sense

So death comes and failures add up

And we can only let time brush over us
Let the memories pile up until the final plane
And the memory pile explodes into the Universe

The way of the eternal
Is only through will
To force the conscious mind
Into the void of Death

4. Diotima

Wake, nurse your aching brow, the cloud
behind your eyes
For now soothed by gentle thoughts of oblivion
And sexual release
Inside every man is a beast, a perfect animal of
Unthethered by conscience

Beyond the realm of will, while the living self
Fragments into quanta
Is this the next step? Minds disolved in the
Aether, a split species
"Diotima, your sun, the more beautiful age, has
gone down
and now the storms quarrel in frost-covered

Grant us the power of detachment, that our
Fragmented selves will know purpose
Ethereal love, spiritsense, of which the physical
can only intimate
Freedom from this flesh, that I may observe the
balance of nature

"You, the favourite of the heavenly muse
You, who once reconciled the elements
Come and comfort me against the chaos of our
Order the raging battle with the peaceful music
of Heaven"

"Till what's cleft in two become one in the
mortal heart
Till ancient human nature, so calm, so great,
serenely and powerfully rise
From out of our seething times"

"Heal her life O Gods, a life that you yourselves
So she may merge our splintering selves, the
physical and the ideal
"for not everything is in the power of the Gods,
and Mortals would sooner turn into the abyss
Each day I shall give my cinders to your flame,
And rise up another man"

5. Litany of Regrets

Once gaily painted
And awash in joyful
Rites and the blood
Giving warmth to the slumbering crowds

The wise man who is not wise
Sits and broods

And dreams of the hills of youth
The glowing gold of wind-dancing wheat
And the embracing shade of verdant oaks

And he knows that the memory
Is a falsehood
Born of the batterings of the present
Merely a chimera of what should have been

A balm for the litany of regrets
Left unerringly in his wake
Like in any other

And the anchorite dreams
He dreams a shaman carving blood unto

Darkened cavern ribs
Whilse shadows dance
To the ecstatic rythms
Of the Pacan.

He dreams of pages of gossamer and spider web
Whose words will not survive their altercation back to dust

And of words that moulder in
Mustered ranks
In endless volumes in endless Maesoleums
Whose foundations are the tide of the ocean

He dreams of deep rivers of tears
Of men as foolish as he
Who would spread their days
In the hopes of something more

As anchorites numberless and alone
Stare deep into the father sun
Whose death is but a promise

They cleanse their eyes
Wash time from their sight
With all else
And so become immortal

6. Telluric Rings

The eye seeks a desert
The anchorite sits, pensive

Thought encumbered
Pillars of cracked rock and
The catarrhs of coarse winds

The bleached bone offerings
Of before
And the deeply rumbled promises
Of gyre and firmament

The eye drowns and
Time is nothing

No more than the lines etched
In the sand of ancient sea beds

Where lie old dreams of caverned
Maws and light in gulfing void

No more than the enervating
Waters which hold the murmured

Whisper of desolation
Of a great eye that has never blinked

No more than cities
In the dust of time
Thresholds carved in cliffs
And somber faces etched in stone

7. Dust and Light

Rot encompassing stone
To peel back this reckoning
Masses of brain masters pitted
As life returns this passing waste

Proud to be living in the echo
The mist of all things combined
Unfocused apparitions stream
Cresting in total divinity

Not one with them
Seperately crushing
Glory amounted less in secret
Blood trees stand on
In slow stone centuries

Petrifying the cast-offs of time
Seeking the balance
Acknowledge the dust and light
Acknowledge divinity's mortality

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