Dark Lyrics


1. Severed Stump Fistfuck

2. Reverse Abortion

3. Human Flesh Devourment

Waking up at night with unstoppable quivers
Raw meat the only way to stop my shiver
Keep their remains in the fridge for my next fix
Don't want old bitches I prefer young chicks

Nibble on her perky tits like strawberry jelly
Extinguish the hunger in my famished belly
Chewing my way below her mangled waist
Her clit and labia with such delicious taste

Munching on fingers as if they were fries
Using a fork to peel out your swollen bloodshot eyes
Need to consume humans to achieve my high
My ultimate trip comes as you slowly suffer and die

Shivering in abstinence for human flesh devourment

4. Masturbation With Fermented Entrails

Out cruising for hookers in my rusted van of terror
Flashing dollar bills to get your attention
You'll soon meet your maker in my chamber of horror
Don't ask your savior for divine intervention
Blunt force trauma with a hammer to the head
Strung up on meat hooks and left for dead
For some weeks, you'll hang there to rot
My own private slaughterhouse is what I've got
Need their corpses to be putrid and smelly
Time to empty all the bowels and your belly
Cold steel piercing dead flesh
Gut you like a slaughtered pig draining the blood
Entrails pouring out as the tub gets over flood
Time to cleanse my fucking soul
Now I need a bath in this oozing pool of gore
Now I must feel
Their insides on my skin
Masturbation with fermented entrails
Start to rub my cock with a handful of innards
Shooting my load into the abdominal cavity
My orgasm is great

5. Double Barrel Penetration

Beaten and sedated naked on the table
It's hard to scream with vocalcords disabled
Drugged up and ready for my grotesque experiment
From neck to feet covered in piss and excrements

Time to die filthy bitch
Stuffing her juicy crotch with a rusty twelve gauge of mine
Don't need no lubrication her menstrual blood works fine
Fucking her tiny asshole while I squeeze the trigger
Both barrels blazing so the cavity gets bigger

Her mangled cadaver gets my juices flowing
Rape torture and sodomy is what keeps me going
Tits blown off and lying in chunks on the floor
Yet my urge is not satisfied I hunger for more

Smashing your fucking face
Raping your bleeding mouth
Peeling out your eyes
Sluts like you I despise

Double barrel penetration
Get ready for my backshot penetration
Double barrel penetration
Uterovaginal mastication

6. Pleasure Through Horrendous Torture

7. Blood Splattered Satisfaction

[originally by Waking The Cadaver]

Abduction is the way I start my day.
Finally all my planning has paid off.
Eager to dismember.
Your skin so sweet and tender.
Strapped to the chair.
Degrading you right to your face.
Puking all over the place.
It's time to finally shut you up.
Stabbing you viciously.
Watching your face was priceless.
Blood Splattered Satisfaction.
I dealt you away (repeat)
Good - Now your times up.
Preparation has paid off by - Never quitting.
Disposing of your body was a pleasure.
No one will ever find you.
I'm sure they will look hard - but only I know you're in my backyard.

8. Sodomize Lacerate And Murder

9. Perverted Sensation

[Bonus Track]

Razor to your mouth cutting away lips and tongue
Forcing the remains down your fucking throat
Regurgitation commencing mixing blood with puke
The stench of it all fills me with such delight

Ramming my swollen member up her butchered twat
While I decapitate her with my sharpened axe
On her severed head I'm soon ready to cum
Bury my face in her entrails the fun has just begun

A perverted sensation fills my mind
To murder fuck and mutilate every bitch that I find

First I mutilate
Time to masturbate
Then I ejaculate

Ramming my swollen member up her butchered twat
While I decapitate her with my sharpened axe
Snapshots are taken to feed my inner demon
To be spread out later and covered with semen

Covered with semen

10. Stench Of Putrid Innards

[Bonus Track]

My basement is filled with oozing piles of the deceased
Ready to fulfil my twisted and perverted fantasies
Sensation comes over me as I start the insision
From her neck down to her perenium with surgical precision

Torso is randomly punctured with a sharp butcherknife
All wounds I fuck in ecstasy the thrill I recieve is so intense
Her sweet blood as my lubrication

First I kill them then leave them to decompose
Before I start the dismemberment
Aroused by the stench of their putrid innards

Kill you gut then I fuck you
My necrophile urges is overwhelming
The remains dissolved in acid
Cunts and tits are kept as trophies

Ian: Bass
Vidar: Guitars
Mats: Guitars
Martin: Vocals

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