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1. Intro

Something is always happening...
But when it happens, people don't always see it...
Or understand it...
Or accept it...

2. Labyrinth Of Despair

In time you yearn for
Sunlight was replaced by moonlight
Starred sky never seems to lost
It's silence and open wide
When cry of black clouds breaks
Invisible harmony that suffocates
Blasts betoken the downfall of life
And lands that soon shall tear appart
Penetration of deadly cries
Is last and only sense
Under the aegis of darkness
And last flesh gives up the ghost
Surrendering it's soul
To rot in the flames of abyss
Time that become forgotten
Beneath the rising full moon
Until that moon abandons eternity
And sinks in seas of dead reality
Searching for a place
Within the enclosed
Labyrinth of despair
To find the gateway and step
Upon eternal abyss to rule
Fallen soul roaming and rot

3. Fallen Star

Hidden, beneath all sadness
Restfull in my perfect world
In tranquillity bereved
Forever buried in my own fear
Can i just burn in fire
Escape eternal greed
Wash away my dreams
Flood of blood red tears
From glowing desert
Where dark mountains were formed
I am awaken, i am reborn
Like a fallen star
Into river of dreams
Like a fallen star
Away from silent screams

4. Secrets Of Mankind

Crawling through forest wisdom and dark
Marching across newborn living black sky
Falls on earth turning frost into ice
Living of man will burn in my eyes
With flames of fire raping moments that grows
Years and years through the centuries old
Untamend and perished secrets of mankind
Time has come what is written is done
Flames, burning my eyes, burning
Fire, takes all the strenght
From my soul fighting spirit
That trying to live, trying to breed
Trying to live
Black clouds embraces my soul slowly passing
Voices thrilling the emptiness into tomorows
Face of dying
Hear the cry, the voice of somber spirit
Looking to the cold voids of eternity

5. Burning Heaven

Towards to reach archaic heaven
Towards the black sombre sky
In god's archaic throne called graveland
Behind the serpentine sun they're marching
To feed with colors of the sky
To walk on the same ground
Fall of the burning heaven
Burn the heaven
This part i control
With strenght of mine
Naked and dying fallen sky
They cry for night but night couldn't come
Flames of fire enslave this part of existence
This soil is still part of me
Walk the land of silence
Walk towards serpent sun
Our steps of glory gathered
Earth, water, wind and fire

6. And Eternal Agony

Shrouded by your enchanted veil
Full of lust, full of sympathy
Where the souls of dead are
Giving forth their first screams
And dawning upon naked crags
Silhouette that arouse my desire
And capturing my ravished sight
Oh, my majestic princess of the dark
Blind sight within the dead walls
Of obscured dream of passion
Attack of moonlight beared by wind
Dazzling luna eclipsing our horizons
In silent night she arise again
Bringing delights and eternal agony
Erotic impulse thy beast unleashed
Immortal touch dissapeared in blood
Thy darkened wishes behind the tear masked
Purity lost somewhere within the night
Cold eternity called her name
From deep ebony whisper
Soul gently embraced by wind
A divinity falls to infinite slumber

7. Fallen


8. Collection By Blood

[Dismember cover]

Colder than flesh
Stronger than thought
I dance with the demon
And your dream is dark
Hunting at night
Blood is my art
Red in sight
I'm killing in parts
A pull of the trigger
And then you're gone
Recoil kicks back
My work is done
Blood sweet blood
I follow my needs
Desecrate your carcass
And watch as it bleeds
Past killing
A season turned in red
Past killing
The art of a man
A soft gentle move
Powered by hungry flesh
Death will be, blood I'll see
Dreams can't last forever;
I'm forcing death to be
Watch you bleed

9. Face Of Mirror

When you speak of truth
When you speak of words
Which don't come easy
Or don't get through
Face of mirror inside you
Looking one to match
When you criticise
The one at one
Moments that you hold
In your mind
Face of mirror inside you
Looking one to match
You try to hide
Run from your life
Holding back the truth
In which you felt into
Take your piece of silence
You know what is true
Don't look back
In your black hollow world
You often try to realize
Analize your mind
Face of mirror inside you
Looking one to match
Holding back, emotions hide
Empty look for faces
Face of mirror inside you
Looking one to match

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