Dark Lyrics


1. Awaken The Bloodking!

Oh yes fathers, I've followed the Beast
for He's my beautiful, primal Bloodking
You deny and call Him odious,
you deny His strength, but time couldn't kill

His shadow fades... I die in his sleep
Deathdrops cover his sigh... I die in his sleep...
and with the stone cold sickness..
He took me

Darkest spheres have welcomed me, the blessed, truly given path

Come forth, lurkers of the sacred,
is your will indeed so strong?

(Oh yes, I've followed my Beast...)

Please me, a knife to my chest,
I want my body filled with holes
Oh, I want your lips, after you hang me on the rope
...breed in me

I've overdosed myself with this pain
and eternity will not decline it...
Grant me thy hand... burn within me
I seek for Thee, deep down to internal hellgleams, for eternal enlightened

Dead... spiritualized in the Devil's icon

2. KaoSpawn

Despise unloving will divine,
Gave no light, but the freezing one shouting in despair..
...and shadowed the moon,
Gave all the strength to - kill life and kill life!

Formed was I, with dirt lust
Hard-pierced murder in the heart....
Given birth from the devilish flesh.
the purest womb...

I am the Deathstar signed within names
I am He, you obey to
Dying through the will of Kosmos
- take this Storm with you!

Fire holds the Wind you breed
Bleed once more...

Rest with the scars, Kaos needs you!
Fire I am, fire you breed
- take this Ageless with you....

3. Through The Vast Deathyards

In these deserted scarfields
beneath the poisoned flourishing wisdom
Within thorns that joyfully spill the dirty blood, day by day...

Rain drops still tear the filth from my skin,
below the fallen body, ground opens and welcomes....
I wish I was gone decades ago..

This, now the focus of my delights,
skies from deep under, dark world closing in..

Oh, these are the vast death yards I step onto
As seen through the hole, before the birth time,
as now shown.. they come to me, again...

I am elsewhere, here and forever!
This is hell... melody of the inside,
night of lights in mind, it breeds... the hell I know..


4. A Silent Foreboding

I shall have written to you of the black,
ere chants of pain with cries of woe are twined
Foreboding ill in sullen bitterness,
in Death's dour hand will I have written then

How words may smite when thoughts all bite amain,
the sore body made more akin to corpse
With loathsome stench amidst unlatched decay
a prayer austere will I have woven then

What long has lacked the strength of voice now rears,
in spelling out makes secret poison stir
A deathly strain, in coarse rags through it slumber,
bedecked with loam, grim fate metes out afresh

So fierce a Beast the cry appears anon,
with wings outspread frail hope is wont to batter
It may so be the tomb is far too precious: invitingly, its charms their hold bid tighten...

In silence stern will I have penned it then,
a brooding prayer composed of sacred woe
Ere soul is risen to the folds of black
and on my doorstep death vouchsafes to tread

I will have written to you of the black, surreptitiously, nay, maliciously...

5. Sigil Rust

"In depths of the deceased man's dream,
dare to feel this Nothing which fills ye all?"

Light! ...cannot you follow these steps I take,
sense these, the dreams I dwell in?
The sounds you hear, moaning beats of crying heart,
far from here... this I call my body..
where they put me...

I lay frozen beneath the time present
And short glaze of light tends to scratch my Name from the stone...
old memory, old wound..

And silence awaits, but none has come, none will ever come....
Night, this distant beauty, declares:

"I forbid thy Will of one, I forbid thy all..."

Emerge dust!
Emerge dust!

6. Starcave, Depths And Chained

[Dodheimsgard Cover]

Slumbering in swamps
drowned my purest power
for centuries to see
a dawn to come

I watch it every step it takes
as it grabs mu thorned soul
coiled in black ulcers
wounded to feel the pain in joy

Wounded to stand the suffering
and see them be condemned for ever
Hurt to grow black scars
to show them all our might

see them come in bloody streams
formed by living satanic dreams

The sound of humans poundering heart
that stole so many precious moments
is stabbed to silence, and turned to wonder

For us, sounds of lovely pain.

A touch of death stains their souls
Above where angles dwelled
Above all might defenced of life
and whom in every man shall be remembered

Buried in a bloodred doom
No end shall find a key
to set them free and relieve their burdens
Nothing is to be forgiven

Marko "Kozeljnik" JerkoviƦ - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
L.G. - Drums

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