Dark Lyrics


1. ThetruthisDeath.

Life-drain to the waters of origin.
A scar in the chests and a bliss of the infinite space discomfort
where breath is nothing but a stain inside these lungs.
ThetruthisDeath; beyond many waves; many voids: in Solitude.
A soulful betrayal (of This and Herein)
Where Abyss' gleam and I became One Black eye
there your semen (my hatred) and all of its ways drowned in...
I am the Knowledge. I am the Voice
Where it All ends, I am the Beginning.
Continuous, the worst.
Shadows that stare - may you never come...

2. The All-Consuming

My (non)body's drowning down
With rotting snakes wrapped around my neck
Down to the parallel world to purify itself in your filth
Lay your hands deep down in dirt
embrace thy great Earhtfall in all its glory
for obedience to thy saviors' path is now wrecked in contrast
Carry solemn death's torch and deny yourself as a great thought!
Praise the Oldest of all Crowns, shining bright and high again!
Flaming circles are inflicting the view, behold not, but receiveĀ…
Coming silent like a cancer into every living beast
The All-consuming breath of S.A.T.A.N.

3. Void to Final Consumption

(I) Kill (Me)
and plague with invocation of Time when I'll erase All and the Self
and lead your souls into (the) undying Hateflow
to spread the stench of naked infected flesh
when no longer any word is spoken
through the sealed mouth.. rotten mind
Through these flaming eyes I'll see All of the Earth shining bright in its pain
...its living shell burnt to ash, in disgust...
Enter the Black Flame hall / My cold nourishing specter of dreams
Enter the Black Flame hall / Revival of the long gone Wisdom in pure destructive filth:
A void to final Consumption

4. Deeper the Fall

Deeper I fall, deeper the fall
greater the solemnity of the Fall.
With everlasting dirt they paint my name
Nightmares gnaw my dreams and rape the vision
headless and heartless still striving forward
with strong burden through timeless Rust.
Bare naked hands with slippery fingers
A face with scars and frozen lips
Mouthful of tragedy, passion and disgust
My soul aflame is all I crave
Death came from the tips of my fingers,
now I leave soul to reach the end of the light.
The weak one of me decays, the True one out breathes...
"I shall speak and Blood from my mouth will flow
And no soul shall seek no path, no longer..."

5. Breeding the Apocalypse

Supreme Law of the Filth kind
A rule and denial of theories
Deep below this surface it dwells
Chaosphere Injection into life-laden gravity
I re:live the Nothing in its circles and variations
I - Life of which Death takes form / I - Death of life being born
Greatest Eyehole with blind sight
Dead to all the streams of progression
Dragging words in forlorn... be gone voices!
Anti-direction, no paths, no stars...

6. A.o.t.U.

Illumine! Ashes of the Underskin - cry is thine my lungs to mourn
Before my eyes... pale was the earth (yet so bitter within itself)
In bleak light, with bleeding sigh...
A name, in grief desired to be spoken loud when silent
never shall be retrieved, never again...
A wind, caressing your flesh in deceit
never shall be retrieved, never again
Of you who praise mercy and grace this presence
Shall barely one fragile soul be spared?!
Down, rape the truth with your flesh in woe
Reverse all... Earth corrodes and flesh dissolves
With faith and death of thy bereaved path
Blessed be, by invoked afterspirits, their emptiness given...

All music and lyrics written by Kozeljnik and L.G.

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