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1. Birth


2. Waterhells

No Sails to be hoist in the Morning,
No Way - just empty Horizons.
And deaf is all Noise in the cold Spray,
But loud tears what comes in Mind...
tears what comes in Mind.

Slow rot all earthly Shells
Embrace a thousand Hells

Alone in a Pit with the Demons,
Engreased by festering Grotesque,
Immured every Limb without Movement
Long Nights 'till suddenly SmokeLasers light
-'till Fires for the Count's Rise blaze bright

3. Drown Symphony

The Winds blew Cuts into my Skin
as I woke up just drifting aimless;
Water, Water everywhere, but not a Drop to drink.

I swim exhausted reeling Streams,
all Past erased, a jerking Nameless;
Water, Water everywhere and several Miles to sink.

Watching for Ships somewhere passing
or Islands touching the Edge of the Sea.
Moving to resist this Pulling,
a downward-grooving Drown Symphony

Water, Water everywhere...

The Wind brought Sound of Men on Board,
a Vessel-Sign so hopeful flickering;
All around & all around, but nowhere Ships to see.

Waves & Skies so endless Lord,
Vessel-Noise and Voices raving.
From deep down they call my Name
and there I sink and sink...

4. Into The UnderWhirls

And down I sink into the wet Womb's open Graves
Sweet Fingers draw me to the Ground
Follow us to the Realms of Untime
My Lungs breathe Water and, old Hell, it tastes like Weed
The Drop returns to the Great Sea
You're the Well and we are the Ocean

To cross the final Frontier
To reach the deepest Sky
To dive beyond the Shores of Time

To leave beyond all Senses
To kiss the Mermaid Tongues
To fall & swirl deep down the Whirls
Into the UnderWhirls

A lurid Gleam shines from the Bottom of the Sea
Behind a Cliff appear strange Lives
It's the Entrance to Castle SkullBrain
The House of Horns stands there with BoneWalls full of Kills
The Blood returns to the Red Sea
It's the Well of our poisoned Ocean

To seek the lost Dimension
To drift one World away
To die into new liquid Skins

To find the real Origin
To drink the Salt of Fate
To gaze beyond eternal Gates

5. The Bleeding Lap Of Undines

Follow us to our Realms of Pleasure
You will not want to return
All the Pain of Veins not open
Streams away here in our Lap

Leave me be here in my Darkness
Do not search to loose your Heart
Hundreds tried, now crying forever
All my Paths are stained with Blood

Come, return, and rest a Moment
Leave the peaceless Storms behind
Tired you are from your long Journey
Rest a While here in our Arms

Go away, my Curse is hopeless
See my Scars not healed by Time
Lost are those who want me staying
All my Tears were just Goodbyes

Do not smell my poisoned Roses
Do not drink my heavy Wine
Lost are those who've kissed my Fevers
All my Words are just Goodbyes

Once I've touched the Queen of Undines
Unreal Dreams she brought to me
Just one Kiss made her immortal
Through my Soul now unredeemed

6. Blue Thrones...

Below the bleeding Mermaids
Blue thrones the Skull Palace
Two Tower-Horns, one grinning Gate
Into these Jaws I'm swallowed

In pale white Halls of Marble
Stare Faces carved in Stone
Parades of sleeping Statues
So still, but for how long?

And here all Time is frozen
And here all Pain is stunned
These silent Walls just waiting
For one Drop of my Blood

7. All Statues Leave Their Stones

All Dams break
All Poisons scream
As Statues leave their Stones

8. The ShadowHordes

Into the Portal of ulcerous Bones
For Relief seems to wait there so glorious
Dreadful Wails echo from frozen Stone
Drill through my Head in a Rush of enchanting...

...Lives & Deaths & Understanding,
Blent for evermore -
Staring at this false Illusion's Fall

White is the purest Beginning
Red are the Blood & the Fire
Blue is the Greater Dimension
Black is the enshadowed Light
That guides the Blind!

Enshadowed -
The Beast of Dogs and Wolves and Scum
In the Pit of a Thrillion Myriad Haunters
The ShadowHordes ride on

The Beast of Dogs and Wolves and Scum
The Stampede of a Trillion Myriad Horses-
The ShadowHordes rave on

All silent Devils awake from their Sleep
All once Killed and the Sins deeply hidden
Bestial Wars cleansing all that survived
With the Scorpio the Gatekeeper's Shadows rise

Red is their Sword of Aggression
Red are their Stallions Eyes
Black is their Shield of Deception
Drunken the ShadowHordes ride

9. It's A Fool's World

You goddamn ShadowHordes, I've watched behind your Play
Now I know all your Games of mesmerizing Fright
My whole Life was repressed by your false Ideas
Models flogged into my Head - now you are unveiled

Circus is closed, the Flocks trapped in Circles
Crippled Puppets hang on the Wheel
Chuckling Mechanics full of my Vomit
Our Realm is not of this World

Falling down through the Cyclone of Mania
Right into the Eye of the Storm
Lost are the Fools all around
In the Black of the Void waits the Gold of the All

The Carnival is over - The Clowns come to an End
The Mirrors of my Madness crystallizing bright
This stupid Melody of Robot Dolls and Gnomes
Does endlessly repeat until I'll be at Home

Fountains explode from the Mouth of the Dragon
As Cattle Mask falls down from his Golden Face
The Fangs of the Lion drill deep through the Flesh of the Bull
On the Day when Korova was killed

Slain are the Herds, for too long they have gathered
To hinder the Flight of the Eagle so cruel
Now overflown and destroyed are their Stables, consumed
For it's just a Fool's World
Such a Fool's World

10. Lord Golden Blizzard

There's a Mirror dancing on each Water's Edge
It reflects like a Fist, without Masks and Pride.
Only Few dare to enter and die for a Dive,
But just here on the Ground the Kaleidoscopes shine.

There's a Treasure House on each Water's Ground,
At the End of the Quest through the Shadows.
Drink the gruesome Wine of the Waves Divine
And the Black turns to varied Creatures.

There is Horror found in deep Whirls unbound,
Here at House Bizarre grimly burning,
Where the Rooms are filled with my Past Lives killed,
All the Figures and old Skins begone.

Onto the other Side - All Bridges burned behind
Beyond the last Goodbye - Into the Tunnel's Gleaming
The Dance of Children shines - All Walls seem golden Skies
The Fire storms inside - Lord Golden Blizzard Rise

Lord Golden Blizzard
Grand Sun Orb
Electric Waterfalls
Breathe Galactic Snow

In dreamlike ThoughtDeserts
A golden Flash of Light
Rains little FireAngels,
Hailing all the same one...

11. Within The SunStorm

Burnbeating Heartglows in the Skull-Halls
Pulsing FlameFalls prance through the Night
And the Grim Old Master Stonecold
Grasps his Raven as Clefts crack his Throne

Within the SunStorm

Boilbrimful Heartblows melt the SnowWalls
And the Moon falls in flickering Fires
Mighty Wings fold for a Soul sold
All the Waters now tremble in Steam

Within the SunStorm

Shall his Claws no longer lead
In the Snake's wise Whisper's Bite
No hidden shall survive...

Within the SunStorm

12. Through Neptunes Broken Nets


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