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1. Europa In Flammen

[Guest-Lyrics written by Fra Diavolo]

[for the Soundtrack of Fritz Protivinsky's B-Movie "Panzerzombie IV"]

Gemeißelt aus Fleisch mit Feuer und Stahl
Das Kunstwerk der Leiche, gewunden in Qual.
Skulpturen des Krieges mit durchschnittener Kehle
Mein Gott, Jesus Christus, Dein Wille gescheh'!


Im Schatten des Halbmonds, das Kreuz in der Hand,
So sterben die Helden für ihr Vaterland.
"Gott mit uns!" auf den Schnallen, verkohlt in der Glut,
Beneidet die Toten, denn die haben's gut!

Die Götter haben Hunger, sie dürsten nach Seelen,
Und sie fressen die Kränze von Heldenaltären.
Und wir folgen ihnen blind auf dem blutigen Pfad
In Europas nächstes Stalingrad!

2. Strangulation Alpha

Beyond the Stage where we all meet,
the Mirages of Children Kings,
Sin Omnium breeds Reveries:
All must be dead,
the Windmen's lurid Masks & hellish Laughters.

Greed Generation Zero, Wheels in the World Machine,
Child Emperors 2000 countlessly march to the Katalypse.

When Suicide turns Shots & Showers golden in Siren Seas
and swallowing until we sleep - Strangulation Alpha

With thirteen Wounds in every Hand
we creep the Circles for our Lord,
a burning Star for each to gnaw,
All must be dead
except the Forests of the strangled Necks.

And through Year-Millions we stray Million Manias,
a Cannibal-Lighthouse was built of our Nights.
And it drags us towards sweet Assnakements
through deep Gullet-Tunnels with Dark on each Side.

Fornever will a Word lament,
nor any Deeds our Feelings show,
since somewhen Times are sure to come
when all is dead,
in all Directions throttled to the Ground.

3. Our Reality Dissolves

This Song was originally written for the Scenario of the
forthcoming KOROVA-Output "Katalypse2025",

forseeing our Fate in the Year 2025, when collective Reality
will dissolve due to a genetic Feedback-Evolution of Human
Perception and Senseabilities, caused within a few Years by the
Long-term-Effect of social Fashions like Information-Holocaust,
Brain-Violation, Screenflickering, biomechanical
Sensetransplants, Stress and Drug Pestilences. All Wheels turn
around themselves...

Starting with two World Epidemics of Schizophrenia and Telepathy
it ends in the Omega-Point of Human Developement with the
materialistic Appearance of a single Eye with View all around in
all Directions, receiving all Waves, Atoms, Things, Movements
and Stimuli in all Scales and Zooms together at the same Time,
Vision, Sound, Smell, Taste and Sentiment, the eternal Kiss of
the pantheistic Goddess of Light, the blind Will, the physical
Great United Energy...THE ALL.

Shadows dance around our Eyes
and silently they swell and shift.
Glintworms wind through Welterwalls,
glaring Fate into our Will.

Static not exists outside our swollen Brains.
Noone can't resist this Play of shattered Frames.

World stood glazed before our Minds,
but suddenly it jerked & jigged.
Hintstorms long suppressed send Calls
and all our Questions are fulfilled.

Terms do not exist outside our kindfilled Brains.
Laws cannot persist when Manias have been slain.

Mountains melt and Seas dissolve away,
all Things disintegrate.
Our Systems fracture and decay-
Lord Sensequake splintered all.

Spirits wink from Frequences unchained,
the Dead rise from their Graves.
Unknown Life spouts out of slivered Shapes-
We wane and watch enthralled.

With the shrill Noises of the final Tempest
all once discerned disrupts and deforms.
Day-Detonations, Blaster-Bombardments
Consciousness fluctuates and explodes.

Crawling through the ClutterDeserts,
so collapsed and crumpled away.
Saints of Inferno, Satans of Heaven,
Faces of what forever pulsates.

Purgatory & Paradise, Apocalyse-Rebirth
There is just Light and our Eyes watching it.
Purgatory & Paradise, just Fights in every Man
There is just Light and nothing else exists
Gestalt dissolves - Categories explode
There is just Light and what Eyes mould of it.
There is just Light...

As our Fleshes cease to work
with bated Breath - Our Reality dissolves
And our Shells complete their Course
to Omega - Our Reality dissolves
Born from where we now recur
back in God - Our Reality dissolves

4. Trip To The Bleeding Planets

5. Dead Like An Angel

Smoke on, my Dear, when Life goes on&on&on&on&out
Drink on, my Friend, the Things you hold foul anyway
Fix on, my Love, you won't miss anything in there
Stare on and watch the absurd Meaning of this all.

Being just a Mirror for the others wistful Thoughts
Listening to the Garbage of a Trillion emptied Hearts
Understanding without being understood at all
& shine, reflect some little Pearls to console
& stand, inspect, because Angels never fall.

Dead like an Angel - and Life goes on&on&on&on&out
Flee on, sweet Girl, into Delusion's sheltering Veils
Drown on & turn, just Fools behold the Spark divine
Now say Goodbye, hide on and choke all Love that binds.

Being just a flaming Light to warm up other Souls
And their Sins they will forget beneath the deepblue Coat
Leading like a Candle until all is burned away
& burn & smile 'cause Angels don't cry
& drag away 'cause Humans can't fly.

Being just a Windstring-Child so restless drawn to Storms
Death grins out from every Pore to guide us People home
Eyes so sharp and lucid penetrate each hidden Thought
Wings of Freedom bought with Chaos in the Shop of God.

6. Der Schlafmann Kommt

Flies are the Cameras of God. Invisibly connected to the eternal
Frequence of their collective Data-Memory they are watching from
every Corner since Millions of Years, dragging all Seen within
them, and if we dare to listen they buzz their Films into our

A 'Bowl with gleamfresh Milk
and Bread from Worker's Hand' - Taste
accompanies blurred Views of Movement,
curved in a Point with Wings and Eyes.

It buzzes a Wave like in dump Fever-Memories
and wobbles sweet Circles around the Child's Eyes.
Dusk in young Senses, to warm Realms they drown,
bewiched by the Voice of the Flyman

and Sleepman comes - Echoworld Caravan
Dreamsandhead synapsed to Diamonds,
back to the Bottom where it all began,
the Mirrors of Echoworld.

Sheep keep on counting into the warm Whoolfuneral Whirls
Sleep deep down falling into dead Angle's shining Worlds
...and loose all ClingMarks.

"Folge mir in den Sonnenschein
durch Zauberfelder und Städte aus Eins.
Bald würd' Dein Leben ein gläserner Sarg,
hier bleibst Du Licht, alle Freunde sind da,

When will I see Mum and Daddy again?
Sie kommen bald nach!
Will Peter join us, and Mary and Dave?
Wann immer er schläft!
High down so heavy we fly Timecream-Skies.
Children are playing and sing by our Side,
Schala-la-la, Der Schlafmann kommt.

Schlaf, schlafe, schlafe, komm und bleibe für immer...

Das Kind ganz ruhig im Bette liegt,
blau im Gesicht, mit leerem Blick,
und starrt der Mutter Tränen wund:
"Der Schlafmann hat mich heimgeholt..."

...and if we dare to follow we never will return...

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