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1. Centuries

Some said nothing is forever,
Everything has come to an end,
And we know: Human lifes are ending.
Everyday as the clock ticks
time, as measured pass me by.
Just know if there's nothing,
I wan't to keep my soul.

Centuries leave behind,
history for us to find,
pernitence, the humble man,
bow down, for you are on sacred ground.

[Lead Kim]

For all things i held so dear.
In my life i saw disappear,
First blood, first stroke,
Even all in one blow.
Suffer me and I suffer you,
one blow and our lifes are through,
You question me, I question you.
My gun sees your life is through.

[Lead Kim]

Speak of the sun refused to shine,
speak of dust to hide behind,
speak of half-life period time,
speak of devils, speak of god,
speak of all that was lost at once,
speak of me and speak of you,
speak of how to see the day through.

[Lead Anders]

Mysteries all solved,
by one man, centuries ago.
tragedy, the future.
Mankind is on holy ground.
Centuries leave behind.
Penitence, the humble man,
bow down, for you are on sacred ground.

2. Spit Or Swallow

I've been inside you for years,
know all your functions by heart,
so don't try to sell me your cheap lies for truth,
don't fuck me, I know you, I'll fuck you.

I've been your conscience, all you couldn't grasp,
I know you by heart and by hate.
By all means, I know what is,
What was?
Don't fuck me, I'm fucked as it is,
I will drown those thorns of disgrace in your skin,
Pierce you, with my knowing of you.

[Lead Kim]

I read you like an open book,
I tell you some pages are blank,
your story is yet to be told,
Don't fuck me, I know you, I'll fuck you.

Pathetic little cunt,
you moan for it as i eat you,
penetrate your skin inside of you again,
I own you, dictate you, derive your stupid actions.
Your mother turned her wrinkled worn out back at you whispering,
I've lost my child.

[Lead Kim]

But still you are whispering, eat me, swallow me,
as you display your pink parts.
My nose smears blood,
your youth and your virginity.
(long ago taken by me)
still tempting and drawing.
Spit or swallow.
The opening words.

The opening words, spit or swallow,
as long ago whispered by me,
still rings in your ears, I fucked the living out of you, bitch.
Semen of mine is your drug.

3. Life Eraser

With the power of mind,
I travel between worlds,
the spice of life,
New ways to joy my senses.

Jump through space,
on certain places,
gateways to spheres,
and time erases.

Traveller through time,
seeing the future,
disappear through blasts
of unknown power release.

Life eraser.
Life eraser.

I can't tell you
how small we are,
as one thousand images of life,
in one instand comes to me.

[Lead Kim]

And I see the elder races.
Putrid forms of man,
see him rise and claim the earth.
his downfall is at hand.

4. Hail The Body, Burden The Spirit

Hail the body, burden the spirit.
Twist your mind, through all spheres.
Test the texture of your soul.
Strain your lifes indignity.

Fill your cup, crave your right.
Drink and swallow largely.
Make your ways the right way.
Force yourself on her.

Breeding the way life goes.
Death is the ultimate reason.

[Lead Kim]

'Cause you have no faith,
you say it's the end,
but you understimate,
the power of dreaming.

I've seen the other side,
I saw my farthers ghost.
And stripped of pride,
An entity infinity.

The pain you feel,
is under your skin.

Soon to cover your body,
as you hide from all.

Filled your cup, craved your right.
Drunk and full to often.
And your ways were wrong ways.
Remembered as you lie.

Hail the body, burden the spirit.
Hail the body, burden the spirit.

5. Hooked

I am of those who breathe death to my lungs
I only live to deteriorate and die
I serve me, myself, my own
I will not take advice for my life.

Misery, come walk with me
Be my life's companion
Starve me, shrink me
Drain me of life.

Hollow, I wish to die.
Hollow, I wish to die.

I am not preaching, I just describe my life
Imagine what it's like to live like me
I live on lies, make believe, desertfacts
I even lie to me and believe myself.

Dawn, I can see needle on my course
Fighting is useless, easier to die
I heat it up, sense no amounts
Keep no track of trace or time.

The needle is my fiend, it takes me away.
The needle is my fiend, it takes me away.

Misery, come walk with me
Be my life's companion
Starve me, shrink me, drain me of life,
Misery, you are my only friend
Misery, please take my life
Bring me down again.

6. Facelift

It all went wrong form the start
I tried hard but agony took me
I spend my life building up
As mischief is brewed from my heartblood
Those precious drops we need for survival
In hours of grief, taken from us
Lost our youth, toil for lifes worth
Lost our minds, searching for something.

Come be my saviour
Give my life worth
Please turn back time

[Lead Kim]

Misadventure, life is a whore
I fucked her once but she fucked me twice
And i know, yes i know, there's no way
No way to get even.

[Lead Anders]

And I learned nothing this time around
Spent all of my time in the past
And I know, I will fall
As ignorant as the day I was born
Those precious drops, need for survival
In hours of grief, taken from us
Lost our youth, toil for lifes worth
Lost our minds, searching for lost times.

With my life on the line
Taking all I could grasp
Take down all that I could
Wasting all of me

7. Scorn Of The Earth

It's a sick sect of God, depraved moral laws
Praying to a God corrupt, stealing from your life
To one priest you must obey, betrayal is to die
His words are the words of God, commence suicide.

Damnation is called upon you, if you speak the truth
His disciples cover the earth, praying for death
Folding hands, knelling in prayer, call upon the lord
Take the lives of unworthy ones, our God of revenge.

Headhunter, he's twisting the words, speaker of lies
Salvation, scorn of the earth, unity is power
He is the one, closest to God, he'll save your soul
Shepherd he is, for the molten ones, weaker in mind.

This song scorns religion, I spit in their face
Although often said before, I say it again
You must find your God inside, spirit of life
Just pity those weak fucks, stay out of my life.

"Forgive them... They know not what they do" [StLUKE: 23,34]

8. SubConscience

Boils in me, I feel the urge, under my skin
It runs in my blood
It's taking me, I give in to my drives, I set it free
My spirit of splendour come to me.

For my life i have ceased
Taken back wife to be
My love spirit of me
All sense to me, lost life ceased.

Power in me, will be of me
And of my life
As supposed to be
Pain makes free, release me
From my life desire.
Come to me, child, come to me
For I am your host
Breathe what i breathe, taste what I taste
Drink of me, eat my flesh, swallow me and posses me
You can take my life as yours for keeps

[Lead Anders]

Once layed your hands on me, touch of death
I pay with life, and through death I am alive
The price i pay is of cheapest
And love is forgotten to me
I swear myself to be free

Lay down with me again
Let me suck you again
Drink your blood, drink your youth, absorb you
Into me what you are
How soon I feel like exploding
Burst into life, into my precious.

Power will flow into you
Become your life
As meant to be
Pain makes free, release me
From my life desire.

9. Necrosphere

Gaze upon the ozon layer
This shield we laid to rest
As we worship only our Gods
The current and the rent
Who is to blame
Your blame, your neighbour
But you must know
Some day we loose the earth

Walk the earth
Walk the earth

Mankind who strive towards the stars
Challenge the Gods
But you must know
They laugh at you
We step upon our mother
And she is pissed
She's fed up with all the crap
We spilt on her

[Lead Anders/Kim]

We must face the earth
Mighty opponent
Global warming, the planet in falmes
And apparently the seas are dead
And you must know that the population grows
Walk the earth with respect.
Walk the earth
Walk the earth

10. Hold Another Level

Kept from the light
Concealed in darkness
The pale face of the dead
Misbegotten human dread
Imprisoned for your time
Until the day you die
Taken life, taken soul
Unfit for the sane

Kept alive, shunned from light
Grow expectancy of your mercy
Through killing earn you way
And peeling of your wealth

Human life malfunction
Misplaced on earth
Taking the ush fruits
Fucking the recently blossomed
With a strange sense
Of real life rules
Try to cover up what you did
Rape her and leave her dead

My daughter in her teens
She didn't want to die young
She was tasting of life
But you took her life away
And I see this thing in black
And white... Pay with your life
You fuck, pay with your life

[Lead Kim]

It's a simple rule to me
Kill and be killed

Recorded in Sunlight Studio
Produced by Fred Estby and Konkhra
Executive producer Tomas Skogsberg
Oct. 1994
Available in two versions.
Second release of the album included the songs from "The Facelift EP".

Line up:
Anders Lundemark - Guitar, vocals
Johnny Nielsen - Drums
Lars Schmidt - Bass
Kim Mathiesen - Guitar

Thanks to therealmik for sending these lyrics.

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