Dark Lyrics


1. Center Of The Flesh

Wait for the opening of my life
Yours in streams from my shadow self
Fallen worlds
Children driven from roots beyond imagination
Yours to come

I hope you will carry the burden
For those I could not reach
Come sit on my knee feel my fists
The disaster of my life

You must know it's not you to blame
Out there I'm nothing here you fear me
Fell my fists your eyes so hateful
Your small hands
I see them in dreams
Protecting what is left

I don't deserve to live
Come sit on my knee
Your eyes so faithful

2. Seasonal Affective Disorder

As always the seasons have turned
And winter grasps the northern world
Might of darkness cease the day
The light of life - driven away

Dust is what is left of blossoms in the spring
Let the winter begin

How can I face this
Reflection of me
My own flesh and blood
So dislike me
Father - I am of you
But yet so fresh
Sprung of this world
Another world

Black milk of dawn I drink you
In the night of dark embrace
At dawn and dusk at all times
'till all my beloved are defaced

This light of dawn I cease it
From my dark life enhanced
The sorrow of another world
In past winter it's engulfed

Dust is what is left of blossoms in the spring
Let the winter begin

How can I face the reflection of me
My own flesh and blood so dislike me
Indestructive bonds
Parallel carnations
Take us on
Throughout all time

But you
You're inside of me
And I see your history
Condemns me

3. The Dying Art

It's a real speacial way of achieving
I cannot quite confirm
Horrid twists in your ways of arranging
Well see what you'll get in return

I am feeling
Something I neved needed
Horrid way to twist the truth
Bond of mine

I am not content with your excuses
Pathetic and useless matching your intrusion
I can feel patience dying in me
Very soon to beyond my verge
Bond of mine

Patience is dying in me
Believe me
It can't be reserved
Boiling inside me it's breeding
I have to expose
Patience is dying in me
It can't be reserved

Fragments of the dying art
Aggression released
Fragments of the dying art
Patience deceased

4. Visually Intact

I despise you
Yet I can't live without you
Makes me feel like a man
Visually intact

And lushful
And despised

I see the curves
Like a river of lust
Heating me on
Visually intact
The only thing you've got
Otherwise you would fade away

I'm discovering a desire
Letting go
Still you are a person
Not unlike me
Different point of views
Yet unlike me

I want the lecherous acts to rule
Not your verbal skills
Flooding nowhere
You want to live through me
I in you

5. Evilution (Exordium Expired)

Elevate me
To a higher level
And grant me your powers
The gifts I desired

Transform me
Into another form of life
Polymorphed human beings
The fittest will survive

6. Lucid Dreams

This dream is taking me
Far beyond imagined
In it I exist
As a shadow of myself

Small reflections of my past
Display themselves to me
My life before mine to control
Now cybernetics fusioned my being

My soul is in a machine
Help me to breathe

Before my eyes my face
Before my dreams began
I see my face and I am smiling
These lucid dreams are terrifying

7. Blindfolded

In these times of fear
The gods have lost their faith
And man stands alone
The bonds which connect eachother are cut in two

Another place
Another dimension
The destination of maturing

Is it the common sense
That is presented
Or pure instinct
The chemistry of liquid black and white

Forgetting the primates
The relatives we have denied
We are no more or less
Two sexes to secure the race

Two abdominals
Driven by a lower instinct
The smell of sweat
Body liquid we so quivering inject

Wanting the world
Achieving nothing but black
The blindfoldness you consume

When the stains
That contaminated
Your thoughts
Is sprayed away
You can return
To your shell
With a clean mind

You're blind but I can see
Your helpless thoughts and misery
Your blindfolded eyes conceal
A distorted harmony

8. Thoughts Abandoned

Expend your imagination
Enter a world of dreams
Are you one of god's creations
Freed with primal scream
You must face the consequence
Of what you rely upon
Your death is just a minor sequence
In the flow of time

Will destroy
Or will it heal
The sorrows that you feel

Having sex
Violently tasting
A few seconds of life

I do think you'll suffocate
Within that web of dreams
Horrid screams what you create
Whilst reeling to what is
Suffering all this pain
Pain of labour


You are a creation of mine
Inside me you have to grow
I fear you
The things that we do
Abandon all things for the flesh

It is oblivion
And hence
Thou art gone
We are the scorn of this world
We are the damned of all wars
Can't forget the taste of affection
Dear mother virgin or whore

9. Chaos To Climb

As I die
I see the world in blossom
Released from it parasites
Reach the end again
A cyclus neverending

Mankind has to fall
And it will again and again
Can't you taste the poison
The bitterness in your mouth
Interference blame

Act of stupidity
At the end there will be
Chaos to climb

As I live
People cross eachother
Being civilized
Repress their instincts
Scared of their own smell

Life goes on
Same old habit
Afraid of any change
Small talk of people
Serving boundless depths

Wish you were able to see
To see through my eyes
Wish we dreams together
In dreams all things can be

10. Empty Frames

Picture this
A belief dressed in gold
The carving of the finest wood
Kept together with the golden dublet
Rotten to the pith
The pith on which you feed

The struggle
Destroying the emptiness we framed
Empty frames
A vision of the truth
Covered with the sound of a scream
The emptiness on which they feed
The balance you walk
The matter of life and live
Still building empty frames

The frames on which you feed
Making them everlasting
Frames you can hide beneath
The point of contact
You showed the deceived

I want to rip your skin
To suck the juice
From your exposed body
My goal
To paint you between the sticks
You have strained
Like an ever changing motive

It seems so clear
Like the black wet paint on the canvas
Your conduct of life

Recorded in Sunlight Studio
Produced by Tomas Skogsberg and Konkhra
Executive Producer Tomas Skogsberg
July 1993.
Debut album. Also available on gatefold vinyl.

Line up:
Anders Lundemark - Guitar, vocals
Johnny Nielsen - Drums
Lars Schmidt - Bass
Claus Vedel - Guitar, vocals

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