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1. Sick Life

No time. No fear. Im sick to death of all these fears. How bad were things compared to this? Lies corner me and I wont run. For my famly I'll do what has to be done. These times are hard but together we'll hold strong. Living on more than hope because we know our time will come. Been forced to fight in the past but we stood our ground. Those who said we'd never make it, where are they now? Now here we stand in the face of our fears, got no regrets and it's too late for tears. Now is the time to make the most of our lives, we've built something that will never die. No time. No time for frenemies, they'll betray themselves in the end. Fuck those who'll never understand, we'll laugh as they die by their own hands.

2. Behind These Eyes

All I want to do is live my life true, past the pain you put me through. All around me all I see is suffering, I want to live life for me. Surrounded by depravity, in the face of adversity, I try to struggle on, my life's almost gone, I'm seeking clarity. No one knows what's behind these eyes, I'm a man alone I've turned the tide. You expect me to trust when everyone I see is a threat to me? You expect me to trust when everyone I see is an enemy? I've tried so hard to do the best I can, to become a better man but all around me all I see is apathy. It's not how I thought it would be. I don't care anymore. Been hurt too many times before but I'll struggle on, my life's almost gone, my lifeline ripped and turn. Fuck it all I live my life for me.

3. Trust No One

Its dog eat dog on the fucking streets again, brother kills brother, when will it fuckign end? You break a sweat trying to save yourself from the scum, you just can't trust no one. Now is your time, your time to die, unless you stand strong and wave your fears goodbye. You'll take a knife or take a bullet, either way you'll be dead in the fucking end. You fucking scum, I'll live my whole life here, free from hatred and fear. You fucking scum, it's your death that I wish for sometimse this isn't enough.

4. Fear Is The Enemy

Never forget what you did, never forget what you've done. Waking up cold everyday, you've betrayed now it's too late to make amends. For the twisted lines you pull, I want to see you fall. Liberties you took, not just with me but with those who were looking out for you. Now you've played the fool, I want to see you burn. Fear is the enemy. My outlook's changed since your disgrace and I'll never forget your fucking face. For as long as I live I'll regret the day I trusted you. I've learnt the lessons and now we're through, only I have honour, only I have truth. For as long as I live I'll regret the day I trusted you. We come up on the same streets but the difference is clear between you and me. You never had no heart, no pride, no soul. I want to see you fail. Is the treachery running through your veins as family trait or your own shallow ways? I was brought up better than that. I will watch you burn. I have my family to thank for taking the time to raise me right. I won't live a lie. Fate will get you in due time or I'll even the score further downt he line.

5. Scarred

Still don't truly understand when things started to go wrong. Was it me? Why didn't I see the need for some stability? Couldnt't open my mouth for the sounds to come out but inside I screamed. Crushed everything I was raised to believe. Raised to believe. Now I need this mucic in my life, still the pain won't go and I'll live with it 'coz it's all I know. Where would I be if I didn't shout about it at every show? 'Coz it's all I know. In every town and city we go, this ain't no joyride, you would be proud, if you were still around. Scars from the bad times just won't go. Forced to remember everyday from when I open my eyes. Everything I am, say and do, all a gift from you. It's a cold, cold world I'm living in here and now without you. Time changed us all, 'round in circle for so much time. We faced the pain but my help was out of range. I'll always ask myself, what if I could have reached? Could you have managed to rearrange? Broken hopes, broken dreams. Broke my heart when you stopped your's.

6. Universal Struggle

As I make my way through everyday with stress on my head and bills to pay, no matter how hard I break my back It's not my pocket that's getting fat. All this work and no reward, no satisfaction for me. I won't sit back and be ignored and rot in frusration 'till it buries me. If I stand up and speak my mind, they'll try to sever my lifeline. Everything is covered with lies and al they do is wase my time. Now it's my time to take a stand. Get life under conrol before it's out of my hands. I'll push forward and rise above, won't play this game, I've had enough. I'll walk this path, these stones I've laid. I'm wiser now for the mistakes I've made. All the stolen hopes and broken dreams ain't far away as they once seemed. I've made this choice, I won't turn back, I can't lose what I've never had but I'll never know unless I try. I didn't build this to let it die.

7. Stand Or Fall

I wish you would fucking die. Eye for an eye, a life for a life. Patronise the whole fucking world, on every street this war will be fought. Anger rising day by day, your empire will crumble away. Every ally and every force, the feeling is you're gonna fucking pay. Are you willing to stand up and fight for your life, your friends, your family? Are you willing to stand and fight for your life, your friends, your family? Fucking scumbag, Fucking leech, I'd love to smash everyone of your teeth. For what you've done, you'll pay a price, next time around you won't even think tiwce. Time for you to fuckign die. A small price to pay for the families who cry. We'll show no fear and we'll stand proud and laugh aloud as your regime crumbles down.

8. Rise From This

Bron into stress and confusion, to see such pain from when my eyes were so young. My heart bled, the darkest red fluidly, cold struggle never let us feel true unity. To my father dead and gone, Rest In Peace, you gave me more than you'll ever know. Para siempre hasta la muerte. Me daste la fuerza y por LBU soy frerte. 'Till my time comes, I'll struggle insanely, help my bloods get where they need to be. Respect my brothers, respect my sisters who gave me strenght through the darkest seasons. Caught between heartbreak and happiness, got to build more bridge and break more wall. Change pain into faith, learn to get up after every fall. It's no easy road to travel, when your heart's in such trouble. You look around, you look around, youre all alone. If this life burns you in your heart, then you feel our true fucking pain. Every child, woman, man in the struggle, never falter, neve fade away. Stand strong and responsible. Stand hard and the weight of this world won't bring you down. You are not alone.

9. Won't Burn Me

Fight hard everyday, to take my mind back from the hate. Inside I hold the pain that's poured on me. Staying focused is a strugle to hold on to my sanity. If I lose ain't nothing on this earth that can save me now. You won't burn me. You call this being free? I ain't your slave I am your enemy. It's slavery to me. Tell me I've got too much to lose 'coz I missed too many chances but would things be any other way? When I back my own choices, still the price grows higher everyday. I can't fail. It's what they want to see so I won't fall. Deal with life the only way I know how, mic clenched, zoot lit, head held high. Born to rot, forced to fight 'coz fools confront with bullshit and lies. Don't want, don't need but haters only want to see us bleed. Got nothing to lose, I won't fail. There's nothing to choose. I won't fail.

10. Friend/enemy

Forever you screamed with the rest of your brethren. You sold out so cheap, tried to cash your faith in. How can we unite when so many are two-faced frenemies. No dedication. Down for life, make sure the good you do outlives you. Eradicate all fears, the world won't stop if we die or live. So stand hard, spit in the face of conformity, or soon all you'll be is just another faded memory. Underground, that's all we know. It's always there for us and we will never forget. Major label deals ain't why we are here. If it's us against the world, then we've already come true and won clear. Was never promised a tomorrow but we still hold on. Maybe once strong in faith, the weakest now all but gone. Knew it weren't in your nature, you never let love drive you on. If it's not in your nature, learn to let love drive you on.

11. No Hope

No hope for us, no hope for you. Innocent death, the chosen few. The players remain the same, city streets still plagued with rage. Gun crime at an all time high, why? why? why? why? Respect is what they seek, respect is what they need. Respect, who is to blame? Respect, ask yourself this. It's the conscience behind the gun. Is it for love of just for fun? You get a split second choice to make. Either way you meet your fate.

12. 25 Years Dead

Stressed for making my own way. Breaking my back every fuckign day. The more you try the more that some cunt tries to take away. Uncertainty always bugging me, paranoid, can't trust the people I see. Been broken one too many times, now I know all about life. Held hope tight but felt it slipping away, slipping away. Gone. Twenty five, twenty five years dead to your world. For dead is how you left me but I rose from this tragedy. Through hard knocks, this hell called reality. Realise everyone's time soon gonna come. Dedicated to everyone who gives me strenght to take the strain 'coz live from the big smoke it never rains it only fucking pours. Blood red eyes, dark grey skies. Living it, breathe it, deal with it. London is the city we come from, spread love is the LBU way. LBU.

13. Disarm

Another life lost. I can't believe my eyes. What the fuck is going on these days? People getting shot for backward reasons. Something's got to change. Another mother cries in her sleep, another soul lost to the streets. I can't believe my eyes, I can't believe everything that I've seen. So tell me what the fuck you gonna do, if the gun was pointed at you? So tell me how the fuck you gonna feel, when the victim is you? Disarm. Fuck Trident. Only now when more youths pick up a gun, you arrest, harass and pay more attention. When it's too late, it's what we've been taught, this world don't give a fuck about us. There's no hope but we've got to try. Do you want to see your children die?

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