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1. Clepsydra

In the sightless hail of crashing apeirogons,
Cosmos clatter and band in spates of brilliant litany
The lone transmitted pneuma, sprawling as unweighted gorse,
Its meable streams of troth knitted into harmony
Ages of thought dissolve
But one withstanding
In the knotted gale of encircling phantasm,
Imposing inculcation beckoning there within:
Where you are manifold, 'I' am unchanged
Where you are mutable, 'I' will remain
Where you dare utter, 'I' am unuttered
Dwindling seity
Hearts starve for an ending
Matter twists with elision
Latent dream dimmed for none

2. Felled Plume

Gathering of proselytes, sibylline of gaiety
Glum tors bearing mired heel
Naif seers obdurate
A looming vapor ever guiding in its ubiety
Plummeting downward, wrought unknowing from the firmament
Reeds arcing through brittle air
Barred by gnawing quiet
Croon of repose idling
Untold, uncherished begot wile
Unanswered ilk of sorrow
Fists casting upward, unspent
Towards a bowing sky

Swathes of earth flooded with unjoy

3. Throe of Upheaval

A bloated moor giving way to yet another
Impending fanfare silhouetting exalt
As an olden oak sees a life
As the rooted marl endures all
Arraying grandeur sleeping upon layers of rebirth
Enshrouded edge of dominion swelling and shriveling
Chains of eld repeating

Warmest merriment washing over unease
Belied sanctuary, creaking with middling draws
Neath linens lie strains of erasure,
The galling trials of a questionless end
In the trough of an undulant bascule,
A weary bog is cleansed in flames of renewal
Awaiting another

4. Burgeoning Pillars

Unbecoming act betides the nerve
To render throes not in vain
Blighted paragons burdened with promise
Suffocate under canopies of growth
Wells of sentience drained to gift another
In endless moons of repetition
A glowing sickness, swallet of triumph
Eroding marrows of distant planets
Mounting highest
Crumbling plinth, blooming ruin
Burgeoning pillars, swelling walls
Springs of need elope the growth

5. Dislimned

Blinding decay

6. Gild of Blotted Lucre

Bloated imperials brimmed with spirits
Foot atop mounds of bloodied vassals
Lowly caste bound to anguish
Scores of drones vying for the sap of greed howbeit forsake thee
Unstirring pool, dammed at every bourn
Assaying faint
Drops of sullage flowing
Bath of flowered hems teeming with aurum
The noble steepened, conniving prayers
A sudden rain flees the overhanging cauldron
The many drones raise their goblets up from

Groveling spirit, damned to thirst
Raise thee goblet up in joy
Fruit of a lacrimating crone
Stow and drain as many have

Bleakest of fates
Pitiless arc

7. Tether and Swine

Phthisical whelp impugned and abandoned
Flayed from pelage
Thieved of its will
A spirit belied and bared to its essence
A bottomless anguish. Sacred ignominy
Much as the star begets the verdure,
A lulling hart bears many alms
Much as the palmer beguiles the dwelt,
A muddled boar is shackled still

Droves of ewes marching
Tether and swine
Nought betwixt

Resounding shrills beset all reach
Mistral of umbra ascending
Gorge listless to impiety
Bent in nolition to worth

8. Of Troth to Atom

Matrix of strings illuminated by inquisition
Long laden troth of misgiving
Sages awash with blurred understanding
Within the stone, neath the river
A many cruxes gleam with intrigue

Key of morrow
Shade of espial

It draws thee toward, it hails to its depths
Within each stone lies a stone,
A boundless tunnel of points,

9. Marred Alb

Of will, shall it be
Of notion, so it is

A gaunted hand in the banquet of servitude
A throng of veils swells with inklings of disquiet
Cothurnal wails drown the glees of ill opulence
Requital reigning

Through its garb, the dagger felt
Through its maw, cruor spilled
Ablegate bludgeoned. Miter befouled
Illusions of fatiloquence undoubted and glaring
Telling globe shrouded with soil. Vestige of tomes inurned in gold
Triumph of lesser bodies none closer to the light

10. Flux of Knowing

Violent compulsion seeping within
Perambulate ambits of being
Unheed condition
Flee the body
Unfathomed confine apt of knowing

A spear of lightning, a blooming flux flares the eye

Twin souls held in space
Meld and perish
Split and birth
A tandem gyre, inessive
Once beheld

A spirit wrest from its vessel swilled back to the snaring pale
A sapping letch harrows the psyche of a long lamented frame

11. The Dwelt Withe

A dweller of reeds, of mire and loam,
In unsighted plumes of smoke,
Beholds nothing of its master

12. Whelm

Nettling cacoethes
Hollowing opus
Scalp emblazoned
Larvae of mind
A pillar inscribed,
Infinitely reaching

Orb maunder

Lain orb to scrawl
Meshing quandary
Inklings of succor
Fathomed as idyll

13. Tome

Living visions bulge the wall
Burning unloosement of precept
As a tachyon ever resiling,
Seeking an elusive exit
Innermost objects dislimned
Isles of notions deconstructing


Entered hole of tomes; inbeing tremendum
Library wandered with yolden mores
Artifice unlearned
Moulted refuge emerging anew ayond old bonds,
Lush with perennial fluidity and immeasurable breadth
Sum of being
Final seed lorn
Mulling allwhere

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