Dark Lyrics


1. The Gospel

Bury me, I'm counting down the days
I like the way you stand with God when you're too afraid
You'll spend your whole life running, and you'll still end up with nothing
But I've washed my sins in the blood of Jesus
Bury you 'til it fucking hurts, but I don't want to be a member of your fucking church
Tell me, why are Christians so accepting of death?
Does that mean that I don't believe in God?
'Cause I'm not ready to leave yet
No I'm not ready to die at all
But you, you've got it all figured out
You're counting down the days, but what makes you so certain you're the one to be saved?
'Cause let me tell you, love like this must cost and arm and a fucking leg
Because my tongue will not move, no matter how hard I beg

2. Separate

I was born by the river, dirty and mean
Learned how to fight for everything that I need
You try and you lose
A game called life just another day
Being born on the wrong side
Who the fuck is this?
Another try hard, boring, same outlook, same story
But I've seen it too many times
You are not one of a kind
This is what separates the boys from the men
You are not like me, you are just like them
Weak and distraught, you don't fucking know me
Fingertips and ears in my trophy case
Just another victim
I refuse to be a part of your try hard system
All of these men are just boys
Separate them, take them out, do whatever to replace them
It's getting harder to sleep, I've been gritting my teeth
They want an easy way out, but have never seen the streets
Whether you die on your feet or on your knees, at this point you should take what you can fucking get
You are the wrong side of the hill, where snow doesn't melt
You are a fucking waste of space, just waiting for hell

3. Manipulator Ii

Drag his body back to the truck
I think he took too much, I think he took too much
Everything I feel is coming out my nose
Oh God almighty, this is an overdose
And I would rather stay home, than repeat myself but..
I will tell you again, 'cause you don't know what it means
You like to push and fucking pull until you rip at the seams
You don't get it, I'm talking about you
You and you and you
Why should I feel bad for the way I feel?
And tell me why I should have to explain myself?
You take his hands and I'll take his feet
We can't just leave him there, lying in the street
I can't believe we let him do this
I can't believe I let you talk me into this
No longer will I spend my time fucked up
I'm not straight edge, I'd just rather be sober
I'm never looking back I'm not looking for closure
You filled my body with hate
You can never get enough
All you ever cared about was your stupid fucking...

4. Small Victories

Small victories, nothing worth my time
I can't get my failures out of my fucking mind
And there is nothing, nothing that can save me
This is everything, there is nothing left to find
When they reach my body, please don't be surprised
I'm sorry isn't good enough, you'll just have to live with this
I am the same person that I have been
That is just another fucking has-been
Oh my god I'm selfish, I get it
Only care about you when I am pretending
I will break your pretty little heart
Don't put it past me baby girl, I'm a wild card
With a past that is full of mistakes
And anxiety that gives me the shakes, because I'm...
Dirty and haggard, covered in blood
Selfish bastard, never know love
Covered in mud

5. All My Friends

All my friends are so full of shit
They talk a lot, but they'll never fucking get it
We're all stuck here in the same place
So smile and wave just so that you can save face
I wish that I could be you
I wish that you could be me, so you could see you
I am better now, but I still have my days
It only took one time, it'll never be the same
Dig me out of this hole I've made
Dig me out of this, oh my God
How do I tell my kids that growing up doesn't suck?
How do I tell them that friends are always there, when nobody gives a fuck?
And do I tell them that I spent most of my time this sad?
Do I tell them that I let the world stress me out this bad?
No no no
All my friends have problems with their selves
We don't talk about it, nothing helps
We tuck it deep inside, so no one can see
Then we think about it later in our fucking dreams
Where are all my friends?
All my friends are dead.

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