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1. Oblivions Peak

One by one,
Rooted from a place of intolerance,
I won't cater to a coward,
That hides behind a fraternity,
Just so he can feel empowered,

Institutions supporting murder,
No, I won't support it,

But the pressure,
I feel the pressure to be like you,

Forced into a life of repentance,
Searching out for a cure,
Made to believe that acceptance,
Is all that we're looking for,
Is what we need,

Oblivions peak,

But in the end,
When it's your turn to be judged,
You'll get what you fucking deserve,
You son of a bitch.

One by one,
Oblivions peak.

2. Deadringer

I have dreams
Of dancing with the dead,
But my feet won't keep the tempo,
A circus of ants,
My feet won't follow suit,

In gods hands there's freedom,
But happiness comes with a price,
Cause there's always two things going on,
There's always Friday night,

My tombstone was made at birth,
My coffin is on my back,
Wrapped in chains I carry burden,
Dressed in tarnished rags,
Wrapped in chains.

Wish I could be like them,
Wish I could get away with murder,
Wish I could get away with it all,
It's their turn to watch me,
And I pray,
I pray that when I fall,
I hit the ground hard enough to kill me,

I always watch the mountains,
As they look down on storms,
Watch me motherfucker

3. The Rain

You always found,
You always found your escape,

I was fighting for love,
A love you abandoned,
Turned your back on heavens gates,
Became blind to the end that awaits,

And I can't pretend,
That we're born with a destination,
The end will find me,

Full eclipse,
Fade to black,
Heaven sent,
The end attacks,
Running from the only promise made,
I'm still counting down the fucking days,


And you can try to make things up,
But lost time was just way too much,
A sentenced revoked from choices you've made,
You've taken your chances,
You won't be saved,

The sky rains tonight,
Pick your fucking side,
And rain brings fear,
The end is tonight,

The rain brings fear,
And it burns my skin,
You always found your way out,
There's no escaping this,
The sky rains eternal,
And it burns my skin.

4. Blood Will Have Blood

Nothing changes,
But the weather,
You just think that you got better,
Time doesn't heal,
It scabs the wound,
I won't cover,
Cover my scars for you,
I won't cover my scars for you,

Victim of deceit,
Weighed down by your heavy hand,
A constant battle,
Between who you want,
And who I am,

I'll see you at the fucking cross roads,
I'll make you bite through your tongue,
When you see who I am today,
I'll make you hate what you've done,

Cover your tracks,
Let revenge flood,
You've made your mark,
Blood will have blood,


5. Counting Worms

I wrote a song about getting better,
It's a feeling I can't remember,
Counting worms.

6. My Heroes

I dwell above the sea of flames,

I dwell,
Above the sea of flames,
Waiting for the moment,
When my harness breaks,
And I burn,
Burn like my idols,

Nothing is pure,
No nothing at all,

Reality hurts,
My demons stripped from the earth,
Connected by flesh,
That I'm not comfortable in,
It wasn't me but it should've been,

I lost a stranger,
And my heart is crushed,

No longer blind,
To deaths cold touch,
No longer hurt,
Just scared to burn,
Like the rest,

All my heroes went to hell.

7. Billy No Mates

Maybe I'm the one who's so full of shit,

Point the finger,
Reject the blame,
Dig deep in a heart that breaks,
No spine to be found,
Pick me up from the ground,

Maybe I'm the one who's so full of shit,
Point the finger,
Reject the blame,
All my friends who have wasted their lives,
We are one in the same,
I was too quick to judge,
We're all alone in this,

I put the drugs in between us,
I told myself that it changed you,
But I'm the one who changed,

Point the finger,
Reject the blame,
I call out for help,
But I'll never call your fucking name,

I did away with the poison,
But I still feel like I'm dying.

8. Last Words

Master of pain,
Swinging his chains,
An endless tyrant,
Agony in vein,

Let me out,

Make me bleed,
Master of pan,
I surrender all I have,
To the ones above me,
And I won't let them see me,

I've accepted my last defeat,
And I won't let them see me,

This is the end of all things fair,
The year of heartache,
The season of despair,

My last words.

9. No Thanks

No handouts,
No thanks,
No strength to burn my bridges,

Sentenced life in hell,

I've been ashamed all my life,
But I have never felt like this,
I put myself in my grave,
And the dirt is spilling in,
I need answers,
To the questions,
That I've never had the words to ask,
To embarrassed to ask for help,
But to slow to run from my past,

Now I'm left with the pain I feel,
Sentenced a life in hell,

You may see me,
I may look different,
The stress has weighed on my bones,
And I can't fix it,

Time has passed,
I still feel the same,
No handouts,
No thanks,
No strength to burn my bridges,

10. A Fetish

Flesh and bone,
Hollow chest,
Your curse I live,
You follow,
You haunt,
The burden of your skin,

And I need your blood,
A fetish,
And I need your blood,
On swift wings death will come,

And I can almost fucking taste it,
I crave your end,
A reality you deserve,
Brought by my hand,

And it wouldn't be the same,
If it wasn't me to pull the trigger,
And my eyes roll back,
As your spirit leaves,

I'll take your hand,
Guide you to the end,
Your time has come,

Now your spirit leaves.

11. Laugh Tracks

What can happen will,
And I've fallen again,
Too afraid to pull the plug,
But sick of waiting for the end,

And I've never been more concerned,
With the things that I'm told to say,
I try to force emotion,
And my feelings waste away,

So I'm stuck alone in this world,
Uncomfortable in my skin,
Shattered glass cannot be fixed,
I will never be normal again,

Laughing at my pain,
No footprint,
No stamp,
No voice,
Nothing to say,
Laughing at my pain,
No footprint,
No stamp,
I waste away,

You were given the choice,
To be a face but never a voice,
To put everything you have,
Into something they will never grasp,

I destroy myself,
In one ear and out the other,
No room for my real mistakes,
Nothing meaningful to blow my cover,

All together now,
All together now.

Forget my words,
Fall back in line,
Do what you're told.

Fall in line,
Erase my soul.

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Thanks to ryan.mewhorter, whereswaldo720 for sending track #2 lyrics.

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