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1. Banished

A relentless parasitic cyst; your disease infecting our mother's womb.
Your life now lacking it's worth shall be locked in an eternal tomb.
Sinners, you surely must gather and bid your souls farewell.
To be banished and enslaved in the torments of hell.

2. A New Darkened Faith

Hell, splitting open at its seams spews utmost evil aground
Villages burned now lie in the wake of the crown
What once was a faithful chapel practice a new darkened faith
Demonic armies begin judging the whole of mortal mistake
The blood of all human man death begin to flow
Down the immensely deepened crevasse to the ninth gate we shall go

This retch, the unholy one motions to his sacred throne
Our earth he takes to crudely fashion into rightful vile home
Through towns he walks evoking his demonic thoughts
Spreading sin and prophesying fate
Roaming Elysian Fields eternally

Lurking deep beneath the feeble minds of all mortal men
Pulling the feet of masses lining the streets and there seems to be no end

As the moon begins to wane and the night attempts to speak
The rise of the evil father brings out the beast in me
Possession to him we are; reciting his blackened creed
Our hearts lay in his war torn palms; rising to our calloused feet

Down the immense crevasse to the ninth gate we'll go

Eternal fire from the sky bringing humans to their brink
Malodorous muck engulfs the damned as they regretfully shriek

As the moon begins to wane and the night attempts to speak
The rise of the evil father brings out the beast in me
Possession to him we are; reciting blackened creed
Our hearts lay in his war torn palms; rising to our calloused feet

3. Horror Storm

First to the death are the sins of the flesh;
those who lurk shielded by the night
The leopardess shrieks thus unlocking inner lust, desire and strife
For those who are not strong, these urges, to life they are drawn
To commit sins of lust means to be aimlessly thrown at the will of an almighty storm

This raging tempest does exhaust the mind as the bodies are torn about
The screams of the unholy cannot be heard over the thunderous shout
Eternally blown in violent winds of hail their bodies do beg rest

The sins for which we pay, appeal to the most lustful of men
Hunger for depraved acts of flesh entombing your soul in sin
Your skins with boils and puss must burst the wind beats your back
For the morals with which you stay heaven's eternity you lack

Those who spend their mortal lives in industries immersed in sex
Treacherously crave for flesh this penalty should not perplex
To lose oneself in a diabolical path is to needlessly wonder
The storm fulfilling the ultimate wish leaving souls to forever ponder

In this realm, which you now dwell: in the second circle pit of Hell

4. Don't Feed The Heathens

To the third circle of the underworld where the rains still fall
Diseased and carrying filth
A stench fills the air as vile as the sins that crawl within this evil realm's walls
Excrement falls to fuel the mud filled land in this level of hell
Careful for this realm holds deplorable beings for which you do not wish to be stuck

Cerberus lurks his head holding count of his home
The heads of this beast leave trespassers frozen in stone
Past this mythical canine the bridge to the circle of gluttons is here
The shadowy figure lie on the ground with similar sinners held near

The rains do pound on their heads as the mud begins to rise
In still motion covered in filth for eternity they must lie
Gluttony overcomes them and for their sins they will pay
Until final judgements from the heavenly gates they will stay

Only concerned with pleasure their earthly existence a waste
Their portly bodies guiding their hunger with haste
Priorities left undone for their lack of ambition we hate
Their indolent ways and deplorable acts unknowingly sealing their fate

Guarded at it's gates the third level is uninhabitable
Putrid and foul the lives of it's sinners berated with rain and hail.

5. Running Out Of Earthly Wealth

Face to face with the wolf of a demon he hordes his money in gold
Guarding the circle which houses the sinners of which wealthy sins be told
Plutus, allow me to pass into the great torture track
Silence the demon with one earthy word he sprints off to his pack

Avaricious and hoarded these are the corrupt made up of most clergymen
Those manipulate their power status without regard to their kin
Hoarded and squandered in the eyes of the judgement
These two sins do not hold their own
Eternally jousting for position on their rest will never be known

Their mortal riches never be known, their eternity looking so bleak
For once their weight has reached the other they must turn the opposite way
Insurmountable tasks ordered by demons who scream and shriek
Distorted bodies lie at their feet of souls proving far too weak

6. Feeling Faint


7. Dis Unveiled

Enslaved for eternity the shades of humans await
Final judgment from the gods shall leave hell in their wake
During they're stay in this putrid land
Encased in tombs at the satanic hand

As the gates creep open they reveal the crimes of the inner circle of hell
Ones knowingly betrayed against good judgment and will
Here dwell the heretics who worship unorthodox gods
Epicureans alike burn in this realm for their unholy thoughts

Forever in stasis to which they've been damned
Trapped in a fiery tomb
Dwelling in terrible gloom

The future to them is in sight
For the present to them is like night

Dis the sinister city of evil, a constant reminder of wicked deeds
Tombs of the heresy line this town, testament to obey his creed
For those who mortally dethroned their god; building their own idol
Thrown to their case of unbreakable might eternity spent in fire.

8. The Penalty Of The Tyrant

Through ravines twisting through the bosom of earth
Among fallen rock marking the place of her birth
As we descend to the gut of this realm
Tenuous path trekked with centaur at helm

Round the river that boils with hate and spews blood down its fiery banks
He does perch with an arrow and bow to ensure his shades do not go
For their depth within this hell connects to the sins for which they fell
Tyrannical reign upon mother earth infinitely punished for morality dearth

Tyrannical reign condemned
For the sins of the state you shall mend
With eternity spent in boiling blood
Submerged beneath the muck and the mud
Drown in the river in which you are held
The penalty of the tyrant in anguish you dwell
Unspeakable evil on earth you commit
At the mercy of demons you forever sit

Attila, Dionysus, Alexander the great
Flounder in the depths of the river of hell
The crag of the walls begin to quake
As the rocks fall all you can hear a knell
The bell that seals the fate of these souls
Judgment deciding for whom the bell tolls

9. Suicide Reign

This hatred and anger piercing my mind
Controlling and fueling my hate
Seemingly unstoppable I cannot seem to shake
Disgust and disdain for my own kind

What pathetic creatures should reign
Unfairly blessed by an absent god
To control my societies design
To adopt my hierarchy will fulfill my desires and set this earth on my path
And the blood will flow for my vengeful brain cannot control its wrath

This troubled life; led all in vain
filled with disgust and utter disdain
for me and all which I share this land.
My life shall be taken by my own mortal hand.

To spare me from this world of immense pain I will begin my suicide reign
Insanity was a gift neglected by my wondering mind
For this dark netherworld for which my sins bring my mind could not fathom or find
Putrid smells and scalding air makes skin bubble and burst
For this wretched land has not the luxury of Mother Earth

10. Bound By Heresy

Hell holds the sands in vast distant plain outside the fathom of men
Where the rains do pour on this desert land in the shape of flame
As ashes swirl and suffocate the air they burn all that is below
Here lies the violent against pure creed contained by rivers that flow

They must walk, an endless struggle to find relief for their bodies that burn
Melted among flesh and bone, their cries of torment are heard
Disfigured and anguished the souls of these sinners must trek across the sands
Repeating on deaf ears their pain laden wails of the eternally damned

Barraters of all that is good must pay for their sins against god
Earthly time spent berating the hordes who worship his shrine
Siding with the pagans and denouncing the almighty.
Persecuting those who serve religion so blindly

The Evil is creeping distributing propaganda at will.
Spreading lies that lead to disease of the moral bill
Upon the stars that we gaze sits the marks of all time
Crimes against these truths leave betrayers in eternal bind

Sodomites wonder in groups tied together wallowing in sin.
Their crimes betray the tenets set at the time the earth began
Treachery against god's art must be engulfed in fire.
From the sky it falls gusting from the peaks of his epic spire

11. Exploitation

Guilty of known acts of evil committed against neighbored kin
Blatantly evil your actions treacherously drenched in sin
On the steps and ideals of the founding fathers these trails begin
Sorcerers and false prophets twisting the arms of their faithful crowds
Doomed to similar fate their eyes turned to behind themselves
These corrupt barraters lie in acidic boiling wake
Guarded by demons and masters of evil to punish your mortal mistake

Residing in ditches of stone bridging abyssal fissures of their home
Eternally guarded by demonic forces that ruthlessly torture and maim
These evildoers are punished for crimes calculated and intelligently known
With limb ripped from limb the corrupt reside engulfed forever in flame

Hypocrites run from certain serpent death guarded by mighty centaur
Only to be bit and mutate from original human form
Bitten they will be doomed to chase after others who committed crimes designed
Infinitely penalized until final judgment for their sins against mankind

Those who pander to manipulate on the Capitol Hill
Misusing and abusing the trust of those whose promises fell
To corruption and greed of men's world power tainted and betrayed the hell
Their immortal sins against their own man damning them to the eighth circle of hell

12. Behold The Frigid Realm Of Div

Frozen in time beneath the land we walk
In a far distant realm the sins of man are locked
Held by the judgment of demons for their evil father to bask.
Down the concentric spiral this wretched path does wind
To an abyssal trench where hatred embodies does lie.
The ultimate betrayer and bringer of the plague, banished to dwell eternally here.

Hail the prince of this different world
For he banishes the killers and beasts of this land.
Justice will be served to the sins deep withheld
In eternal battle at dark rules demand.

A relentless parasitic cyst; your disease infecting our mother's womb.
Your life now lacking it's worth shall be locked in an eternal tomb.
Sinners, you surely must gather and bid your souls farewell.
To be banished and enslaved in the torments of hell.

Face the judgment for which you will die.
A lifetime of sins indelible in time.

Forced to dwell in infinite hell, thrown to damnation for the desire to kill

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