Dark Lyrics


1. Juggernaut

"The juggernaut is approaching. This will be our final broadcast. Goodnight... and godspeed."

2. Emancipation

All of you deserve death for forgetting we want peace
An obsessive cesspool bathing in Burger King grease
The poor are doomed to continue falling in the crease
Never with a chance to get their own piece
You sit idly while obeying corrupt priests
You're waiting anxiously for a phony press release
Censoring every action fearing the secret police
Viewing poverty as a conversation piece
Selfishly striving for a fake golden fleece
I can only pray, we can make you obsolete
For the future to escape a now gloomy fate
We will now begin to re-educate
We will rebuild the culture you attempt to desecrate
Blindly allowing the unemployment rate
To grow higher, you turn ambition to an idle state
This restless generation slowly becoming more irate
You force your views into every political debate
Making sex something used to only procreate
Your fucking views aim only to sedate
The ambition within this state
We will rise and kill your brainless hate
We will not stand for a fucking police state
Your sole concern your bank rate
Until we get our clean slate
Fuck you!
We will never be your running mate
Until you realize power in us is something great
Our emancipation!

3. Karmageddon

Give in to your selfish greed
Blur the lines of your wants and needs
Satisfaction never tasted so damn good
Conspicuous crimes committed
You never thought you would
This time you crossed the line
Eye for an eye
I've fallen off cloud nine
Little hope that still remains
Thanks to you I've cluttered my brain
A race for a vengeance redeeming what was lost
One day you will pay, suffer at all costs
Karma is hunting you'd better get on your knees
You'd better pray all day before you're fucking deceased
When it rains it pours
Soon you will have yours
Reputation, deprave, of all that I gave
Think you'll be saved
I piss on your grave
Ripping people off to get your fix
How about I rip off your infested dicks?
Feed them to your ugly face
Your life is a fucking waste
Feeling prouder than ever
Thought that you were clever
Big pat on the back
A conscience you lack
All this bullshit won't matter
Once you're buried six feet under
You scored the plunder
We still have our thunder
What happened to humanity?
Calm the calamity
Cutting to the chase
Show your fucking face

4. Hell Bent

What's left is the sham of creation
Across the nation people sing
Their affiliation searching for a revelation
Banking on their reputation
The church becomes a military installation
Growing from lack of information and discrimination
I will proclaim my denunciation of this abomination
Who gives them the authorization to change our innocent nation?
Into one of a specific religious orientation
For hundreds of years we have lived under this persecution
Now its time they pay the restitution
Embracing science and the notions of evolution
Piecing back together vital tenets of the constitution
Give people back control of the financial institution
Take the bible as nothing but a book of illusions
Give way to our counter-revolution
We're not the problem, more of a solution

5. Hadlock

Your lifeless body hangs above the gallows
Above the greatest fire your life hangs in the balance
Your audience waits anxiously as the noose tears away at your neck
Your spilled blood is measured in gallons as the masses pierce you with hatred
I will not give you mercy
Your exhausted muscles give way to my knife which stands as great marker of justice
Your dismembered limbs and mangled remains hang before you
You will have no proper burial
Your life will be erased
Your pain excites the crowd as your motionless flesh falls to your bloodied feet
As death comes over your helpless body you begin to protest and I halt your speech
I am your executioner
I am your executioner and you will kneel before me

6. I Pledge Agrievance

An army of war pigs to do the work of one man
Without even trying to devise a plan
Innocent citizens under suspicion
Unaware of their next inquisition
Domestic terrorism at its finest state
The victims never thought they'd relate
Until the invasion
Of pigs attacking in the name of their nation
Some stand to the side in mockery
What have we come to? Enforcing only hypocrisy
Becoming more corrupt, each and every day
We need a resolution we need a better way
Completely innocent yet treated like a criminal
Justice served to them all in the most minimal
Super citizen caused a scene
Fed the civil war machine
Their eyes always glow for green
Fed the civil war machine
The uniform of oppression
Leads to a false confession
All to teach innocent men a fake lesson

7. Megabrain

The fire, it rises from the depths of hell
Fear is shown in all eyes
Our lives considered lost
Those who draw swords, prepare to die!
In darkness it awaits you
It won't die until you die
A bloodbath to remember
Come night you won't exist
Here comes the unwanted creature
This beast stands driven by fear
The taste of flesh satisfies its never ending want
The screams grow louder
I hear the children crying
What do I do?
Do I sit and watch this hell?
I highly fucking doubt it
I feel the need to kill
And with these hands
Your days are numbered
And with these hands you'll be dismembered
I will not fall away
The moon lies darkened
No light for them to see
Our blood boils with hatred

8. Mission: De-Evolution

Presenting the old world, corrupt
Mankind becoming so fucked up
Exploiting the fall of every man
All across the war-torn lands
Don't hesitate to show the light
Creating all sorts of hype
Of a new stereotype
Promoting hate is my only gripe
Segregating different races
Use the pencil that erases
Break the walls, come to your senses
Power is all your mind quenches
The careless need to get off their fences
Atmosphere reeking of putrid stenches
Come on!
Destroying the earth
Corroding to hell
Nails on a chalkboard
Headaches will swell
Tying your limbs into complex knots
I am the juggernaut!
Nukes flying left and right
Nations act in their final fight
There is no end in sight
Our world will end tonight
Humankind running on E
Too bad your life isn't fucking free
Mankind's engines slowly die
Bow to your final fucking cry
Try to escape, you cannot
All fear the juggernaut!

9. Decaying Waste

If words are lethal weapons
You've run out of ammo
It's the same old fucking same old
You need to calibrate to a new debate
The era of the police state
Take a stand against the man
Force fed lies down through your throat
Until you choke on those words that you greedily spoke
A generation of blinded men following every trend
Their ignorance is beyond my own comprehension
The pressure won't stop, chaotic tension!
What are you living for if you can't speak your mind?
Don't be the one left behind
The decaying waste of mankind
Two eyes you're still fucking blind
Get fucked
Use your voice you have the choice
The neutral will be the first to die, asking why
Corrupt leaders of the masses
Separating them into classes
Rich or poor we all want more
If talk is cheap then the voiceless are cheap whores
Refuse to use all force-fed lies
Once a mindless slave
But buried fear into the grave
Reload your words
Don't follow the herd
A call to action we will be heard
A rock through every fucker's window
I rise like a crescendo
Apathy has a placebo affect
I'll disconnect your head from your neck
You don't use it, you fucking piece of shit
You make me fucking sick!

10. Dragon Pie

I'll drain your blood
You'll taste my sword
You'll feel my wrath through this knife
I'll take your life
The hole in your head
Exposes lust
You never covered your sin
You cant kill me
I'll hang your corpse before me
I'll stand and watch you burn
I'll hang your corpse before me
I'll hang your corpse before the world
My hands are covered in blood
A needless murder to say
I laugh as the blood sprays
I'm gone
Chainsaw to the pussy
And you'll bleed inside
Kiss the ground as I stomp your head
Give me a reason to feel wrong
Your pain builds inside your mind
Your hate bellows from your lungs
I should have slain you
Like that dragon last week
I will not stop
You cannot fucking stop me
I will keep fighting
It won't be over until you're in the ground

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