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1. Va'yehi (Let There Be)

2. Genesis

In the beginning god created heavens and earth
The earth was waste and void, mysteries coming to birth
A great darkness was upon the face of the deep
As the lord awakens the land from its sleep

The spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters
Time was being written, god was the author
One touch took to create
The land dunes with long lasting sand
Uprooted the government of lightning only by command

A firmament in the midst of waters he ordered
To divide the waters and set borders
He named the firmament heaven as sensation
To be a climax dome upon his creation

Heavens were gathered, unto one place
Land was revealed, chaste as white lace
The lord had seen that it was good
The heavens, the seas
Said "let the earth put forth grass, herb and fruit trees"

God provided life
To rule the virginal plot
Creeps, birds and cattle
Wisdomly, created lots
Fish in the sea, birds up in heaven
The land prospered with those innocent creations

The Garden of Eden was all prepared
To the last creation the world shall bear
As there was no wise creature to rule the earth
A most beautiful creation came to birth

From the sacred ground a live image appeared
A Nimbus wrapped it to spread fear
The Cosmos stood numb as man came to birth
In a quest to subdue and tyrannize the earth
Blessed were they to thrive and to multiply
Life as a gift was given to realize
Sinful ways has lead them to perdition
Yearning and lust catalyzed demolition

3. The End Of Purity


As leaves fall on a perfect autumn,
Sorrow takes part in us
As summer springs a perfect blossom
Shadowed by mistrust

We face ourselves
A picture broken
And to the end -
We are dust

Betrayal comes through serpent's eyes
Shattering old lies
Consuming autumn beauty
Bringing winter's sighs

An encrypted waterfall
We no longer understand
Ignorance knows nothing
While wisdom cries

Cold and unsafe
We reach for our own mind
The heart is now forgotten
Long lost it was blind

Father teaches us all
Yet we know none
Suddenly all vivid
And our purity is gone

Regrets we have few
Not for show - but for pondering
To seek within our souls
What our thoughts are now binding

An encrypted waterfall
We no longer understand
Ignorance knows nothing
While wisdom cries

Exiled for unveiling
The misty clouds of god
Temptation - are we different?
For truth runs in our blood

Is this the end of choices?
A divine end - I must say
Fools remain in heaven
While as humans we must pay

4. Scarred Forever

"I gaze at this pool of blood on the ground
I sought completion but emptiness I found
As the sunset ends my longest day
Flesh and blood I have slayed, myself I betrayed

His spirit blows with the wind and the stroke of my hand
And finally, mortality I will understand
Am I to escape, to forget, to deny
To empty myself to the day I will die

Is there a punishment that will suffice?
Fulfill my need for redemption
Slowly, I raise my head to the skies
Oh father, grant me salvation

Now I rise
Scarred forever
With the mark between my eyes
I walk the nether

Can this really be the price to pay?
It's priceless to push the guilt away
It haunts me still to remember him
But it's even harder to try and forget

A death in silence is never the answer
This mark is for the lives we end

Is there a punishment that will suffice?
Fulfill my need for redemption
Slowly, I lower my head to the ground
Oh father, you didn't grant me any salvation at all"

5. One Single Speech

Awaken from the storm that washed unbelievers
Yet hasn't kept away the sinners

For it all been spoken the same
Therefore all had understood
The human ambition to raise his name
And build a tower that could...

Reach the heavens
Rise up high
And touch the light
Upon the sky

To test their power
To test their god
And build a tower
It's head in the sky

For all to see their strength
For the fear of being scattered

Had they enraged their god?
Had they forgot all common sense?
And so the lord came down from heaven
All charged with his splendoring wrath

Had they enraged their god,
And forgot all common sense?
For the lord came down with wrath
And with swift punishment

Prevent the humans
The heavens to reach
And deprive them of one single speech

6. Sulfur Salvation

All thy sins
While thy kingdom cries

With no repent
Forever left to die

No more forgiveness
For the next generation
No more help
From divine hands

No attentiveness
For all thy prayers
No more bliss
Alive you shall wander in this land
Covered with open wounds
Moist from tears of the sky above

No time will heal
Once fallen from grace
Submerging this world into
Complete darkness
With no chance to be reborn
For eternity"

[Wrath Angel:]
"Beyond the veil
Lies the hidden land
Of false truths
And obscured lives
Of obese mind
And dark lust"

"That consumes us all
That devours our soul
For the acts we've done"
"Soon you shall be gone"

"God forgive these people
Although they have sinned for you
Show them your mercy
Let it be true"

[Wrath Angel:]
"Soon nothing will be left
But burning remains"

[The Lott family:]
"Ashes on ashes
Our brothers to die
The sin
The Sodom lie

No remorse
No redemption
Our savior

"Many died
By acts divine
Is this god
To be mine?"

"Am I to stand aside
While my brothers are butchered

[Wrath Angel:]
"This city to be
A disgrace
Walk away from
This place

Walk away!"

"I shall cleanse this
Wretched place
By fire, sulfur
My holy grace"

[Wrath Angel:]
"Children of god
You all have sinned
Now is your time
To be redeemed
By fire!

Now it's time
To fear the sky
You all sinners
Born to die"

"Defend your people one last time
They are your creation
Behold these women and children cry for salvation"

"I will smite this place
It shall be erased
Extinct all sign of
This pathetic human race
I shall crush this place
Deep into the ground
The legend of Sodom is remembered
But their graves will never be found"

7. Binding Testament

"I've climbed the highest mountain
I've traveled across this land
All my deeds by god's command

After all we said
After all I've done
Has it come to this
Killing my own son?!

To build this altar of bones
Build this altar of blood
All in greater cause
All in greater sacrifice"

[The altar boys:]
"Devoted acts of madness
Crazed acts of belief
Who is this god to say
This boy is to be killed?"

"My life
Given to god
My death
Could it be all wrong?"

[Abraham (to the altar boys):]
"On this path we must carry on alone.

Am I to slay
My only son
Can I really be
The chosen one?

Endless sorrow
Immortal grief
My heart now shattered
As I give you this gift"

"Don't send your hand at the boy!

For now I know
You are the one
Now you must spare
Your only son

For many you'll have
Like the sand of the sea
This testament now sealed
Between you and me"

"After all is said
After all is done
It has come to this
Keeping my only son"

8. The 12th Star

"Gather round, my brothers
Gather close to me
For I have dreamt last night
And in my dream I see:

11 stars surround me
Alongside sun and moon
I stand there in the midst
Your bowing will come soon"

"The dreamer crossed the line
His fatal sin of pride
All sins have consequences
For his arrogance he'll die"

"Have we turned to demons
So anxious for the kill
Although he had enraged us
Our brother he is still"

"In Goshen land
Where dreams prevail
Derived by hunger
They meet again

So they see their brother's face
They can't recall their own disgrace
But he recalls, the dreamer sees
To repay with their own deeds

In bursting years of sorrow
His anger overrides
Blaming them with theft
Deceiving them with lies
Imprisoning his brother
The youngest of them all
In a twisted quest of vengeance
His morality now falls

Through endless years of sorrow
They took away his son
As he awaits for darkness
The hope is almost gone

The presence now embracing
All that once was pure
As he reveals his secret
11 stars obscured

You cannot hide from sins
The cycle always turns
He who plays with fire
Forever shall be burned

You can't escape from demons
Reaching from the past
What you take for granted
Pursues you to your last

Although the bond's forsaken
The ties forever last"

9. Slavery

"Slaves we are
Slaves to Pharaoh
We can't see
Nothing but sorrow"

"All men born to the Nile will be thrown
Though females will keep living on"

"We were meant to serve with rigor
Mortar and bricks made us bitter
In Egypt, slavery
Pain, 400 years"

"Pharaoh let my people go
Or thou shalt suffer so
Ten strikes upon your soul
Until the last Egyptian falls

Pharaoh let my people go
Or thou shalt suffer so
First blood upon the Nile
(And) last your first born one shall die

Let loose thy chains of wrath
Upon this foul land
This is my command

My people in pain
My efforts in vain
I yearn for your aid
Show me the way"

"And so god strengthens the heart of the king
For him to feel the pain within
We were made to serve with rigor
Building the pyramids we feel so shuddered
In Egypt, slavery
No rebellion, 400 years"

"Pharaoh let my people go
Or thou shalt suffer so
Ten strikes upon your soul
Until the last Egyptian falls

Pharaoh let my people go
Or thou shalt suffer so
First blood upon the Nile
(And) last your first born one shall die"

"(And so) the angel of death
Is passing over
Hebrew's houses
Killing the first born sons
To set the nation free..."

10. Goldblind

11. Walk To The Mountains

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