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1. Darker By The Day

The sky is getting darker as the day goes by
The sun’s now nothing but a distant memory
Every second of my existence seems so long
And each breath brings me closer to insanity

A winged creature slowly burns my delight
Tell me who you are, Billowing Wraith?
You’re ruining my life, and controlling my mind
Let me be myself one more time

The sound of beating wings slicing the night
Slowly pushing me into the endless pit
Too many shuddery thoughts can slay a man
Will this be my fate?

Fleeing in the sacred woods for the divine waterfall
Where my ancestors gathered to find inner peace
The final key to the eternal paradise

The droplets of water falling one by one
Striking each time the eroded stones
The soothing music of the natural world
Slowly, takes me back to the truth

Listen to the sustained beat rising in the night
Hear the depressing melody of misery
Oh my love, don’t put the blame on you
However, I must run away

Sorrow has shattered all traces of joy
But the night will cure my spirit

2. Time Out Of Mind

The end is near!

Sinister visions emerge in my dreams
Has disaster occurred on my tribe?

Secluded foreigner of obscurity,
Unearth thy past before death does so…

Echoes of voices through the storm
Awaken me from an obscure nightmare

Honor thy name in the moonless night
Before sunbeams reveal the end…

Time flies away as I fly through the night
From dreams to nightmares, will I find the light?
Needless to say, the end of your life is in sight

Seek for truth in the time out of mind
The distant past beyond memory

A crimson sun rises at dawn
While fury rises in my heart
Climbing to the apex of the fall
Well, the tragedy takes my breath away

Standing on the edge of the infinite cliff
Watching the fire flaring up
Whispering my last goodbye
Warm tears falling as I cry

Whispering my last goodbye
Warm tears falling as I cry

3. Of Tears And Blood

Traveling through time on the ancient road
Leaving trails of blood and sweat behind me
Lianas lashing my face, no need to breath
My destiny unfolding before me

Will I ever see your eyes again?
The smallest hope disappears

Falling as I run, bleeding in the mud
Trampling the grass, shoving the trees
The scorching sun, nothing bothers me
Even death won’t stop me in my quest

Oh! Angel from above
Make my voice shrill beyond universe
You’re mine forever, whatever happens
I’m yours until the end

Weeping tears of fury and wrath
Bleeding rage across the path
Running through time, ripping the wind
Sooner or later, vengeance will be mine

Invaders have trampled our land
Only you, my love, know how they will regret
As hatred is growing into my mind
Death will be spilled on betrayers

Here I am, stronger than ever
Fusing with the four elements

Fear fills my spirit
And sadness fills my heart
Death took your soul away
As life comes to an end

Will you remember my name?
Will you remember our dreams?
The last time you’ll ever blink your eyes

Will you remember my face?
Will you remember our past?
The last time you’ll ever kiss my lips

The end,
Is here…

4. Ashes

Glittering on the skyline, the sun began to rise
Raging in its glory, illuminating the world

All I could see, was despair and bitterness
Well, what struck me this time was loneliness
Through all these years of agony and suffering
I've seen the beauty of Paradise, and horrors of Hell
But yesterday, oh, a most miserable and cold day
Fire and wrath took your souls away

All this pain bleeds from your last words
They went through my flesh like a burning arrow
Leaving no place to hide to my frozen heart
My blood gushes out and my tears run dry

Crying into a dark pool of water and blood
Unanswered questions appear from nowhere
Hearing the wind whispering sadness
How will I live without you by my side?

Condemned to wander in eternity
Shrouded by regret and remorse

Forever the prisoner of my pitiful fate
Death will be the ultimate price to pay

Sacred Angel please forgive me
Trap in your prison of flesh
Listening, watching the dazzling sun
Waiting for an answer that will never come

I should have sacrificed my life to save yours
But cowardice was my demise
How can I ever redeem myself?
Please forgive me, my Sacred Angel

5. From Now To Eternity

Laying down on the dead leaves of fall
My eyelids, shut and sheltered from the cold wind
Slowly sinking into my deepest memories
I whisper these words to the silent night sky

From now to eternity I swear, my Sacred Angel
I’ll remember this moment for ever, so please
Hear my prayers and shine one more time
Before dawn takes you away from my eyes

From Now to Eternity

I've travelled from dream to dream
With the hope of finding you once again
Angel of my thoughts, only light of my nights
Are you alive? If not, I shall die for you!

Don’t leave me alone in this cruel world
Where darkness and nightmares prevail
Will you take me away with you?
Beyond the universe and even farther

Shouting through the moonlit sky
Madness has overtaken my mind
So near, I could almost feel your warm light
So far, the morning devoured my last hopes

The last minutes go by so fast
And the night is already dying
A sunbeam drills the remaining clouds
Pulling me out of this painful dream

I feel the darkness invading my core
And only you, can enlight my soul
So from now to eternity, I swear
I will wait for you until the end of time!

6. Requiem

7. For The Last Time

The waves of the sea are so calm
And the morning breeze is so fresh
Staring to the infinite sky as I cry
For the last time

Should I die or wait?
Should I live and forget?
My past, my life, my dreams…

I see my life passing before my eyes
As the end waits for me to fall
But, I’m still waiting for the answers
To the questions bleeding through me

Waiting on the waterfall
With my shadow by my side
The wind whispering in my ears
The chilling words of fatality

May the death be lenient with my soul
As I slowly come closer to the edge…

Staring to the infinite sky as I cry
For the last time, tears of melancholy

I can’t linger anymore
Now I know what truth is
The angel must leave me alone

So I close my eyes and let myself sink
In cryptic memories, still unknown but
The elements are suddenly unleashed

Feeling the furious storm as I shout
For the last time, words of hope

This is it, free of spirit and heart
Floating in the eternal rest…

Admiring emptiness as I whisper
For the last time, songs of bliss

8. Spiritual Angel

Too many stories have already been told
With too much morality, boredom controls
But the Spiritual Angel will always remain
Through time and spirit, hovering mankind

The Spiritual Angel slowly vanishes in the dusk
Regretting the acts committed in the name of lust
Flying through darkness, deep in the night
With the moon and the stars in silence he’ll wait
For a single sight of a soul’s weakness
In the shadow he’ll wait…

Hear the hypocrisy above the whispers
Telling us everything about humanity
People of weak minds and subjected to voices
Let them believe in the forbidden words of

Spiritual Angel

In ignorance forever, men chose to stay
The heritage of society will remain unknown
Believing in words inflicted by gods
Why do they warrant so much suffering?

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