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1. Intro

2. They Were Wed By The Sea

You ear it from blue sea
It's a cry of joy
You don't care what waves have to tell
They could drive you away
You want to smile with them
You got nothing to lose
You feel, so, alive
Cold water on your feet
Just washing out mistakes
In times, of need
Come, please, dance me to the end of trouble's coil
Wet my lips with shining sand and wishful speech.
Catch me, catch me if you can, along the shore
On the water front-we are-wed by the sea
You try to smile with care
I got something to lose
We feel, so, alive
If sky comes crashing down
You hold me up so high
It's time, of need
But 'it's time to share the truth
Nothing here
Will be the same
Love will wash this all away
We'll be strong (enough) to survive.

3. Snow Of '85

Here we stand in silence
Dreaming plans that could not fail
You try to hide your face, yeah
Stood beside the wall
Still I can't escape from joy,
Time is running out,
Do you feel falling snow?
Nineteen-eighty five
My glass made face forced to portray
These winter's lies, your wishful dream
The hopes and cries
The better days
Wipe the dust away from me
I'll steal a snowflake for you
Touching windowpane
Who cares what's behind?
Do you know how far sun has gone?
So will you please complete me?
Dreams and snow collide
To the music in this room
Please hold on, hold on, today
Storm won't pass, snow on Rome won't let you cry
Deeper in to white, in the open space of dusk
You try to hide your face
Draming plans that could not fail
(Still) I can't escape from joy.
My glass made face forced to portray
Hold on, hold on
Please hold on, hold on, today
Hold on, hold on
Please hold on, hold on, today
Trying to get sleep
There is no relief
No one to blame, no one to forgive
I wonna feel sunlight on my lips
Trying to get sleep
There is no relief

4. Rachel

U.S.A. flag burns on the ground
There is a girl in Rafah, she's 23 years old, you can see
She stares at fire with Gaza kids
Freedom calls they wonder
Yanqui girl, what a wonder!
There is a girl dancing with muslim girls
There are people having no faith in you
She had to tell you just how tired she feels
There's no solution I'm wishing my day away (away)

Every night that I come near her I swear
I'll protect her when with faith we face the day
Every tear she cries for the city's ruins
I'll be fighting for, I'll be stronger for,
I'll be loving her, I'll be young no more
The day is come, she smiles with care
And rays above, the hands in hair
'Don't watch me shake, the night was cold
And nightmare ends, Don't worry up'.
'I'll steal my life for you
That's all right if sun will shine'
Rachel closes her eyes, she's an open page
She's afraid of war. She feels so much rage

I see the truth behind the lies
This heart won't let me go
On the side streets I walk
City's ruins with pale delight
Death will be coming
Death is coming
Oh, don't ask me how I felt her life is being broken
Running through the kids, outside the play, I see their joy
Death is down at the end of the street. It brings me on my knees
But I live in a world where nobody loves, nobody hopes
Nobody loves, nobody hopes
'Please hold me there, don't let me fall'
She says; her skin dirty with mud,
'I hold you love, like a wounded bird
I won't let you fall!', I scream with pain
Rachel knows her blood still runs
The ground turns red so close my arms
I see the sun going down her eyes
She won't forget to sleep with me tonight

5. Nightdriver

Springtime comes, tells me who you are
Insects light stoles these silent stars
Shaking mouth, you should see
The street that flows like a shining tear
Nighttime-drive searching for suspense
Don't fead for home
I find I'm not there
I'll be waiting patiently
'till dawn sees my signs, constantly
Feel no shame for what I'm looking for
I try to keep pain hidden when I roam
Night takes care of wounds, I can believe
Night-driving away...

Sky is freed from fears
And with soft tears
Hides my eyes as they cry
Hides my eyes as they cry
I can float here, I drive me home
Now I feel so alive
Dawn, could you try to help me hang on today?
Could you warm my dewy mouth?
Could you keep on singing until sun won't rise
Time won't run
Birds won't fly
My plan has long been
You know it's true
Street is straight
I take my place
All the world has closed his eyes, since I drive
Cast o? the colours
Faraway in a place where I fade, where I hide
(Stolen stillness)
No she can't find dewy space
Night-drive shelter
Dawn could you keep my secret?
Don't betray me, no...

6. Because Of You, Tonight

Here comes the lipgloss, the brand name of their age
Roomates just paint love, eye shadow turns to pink
Boys have a crush on the teenage da - da girls
Tonight with shaking hands their red ties
Young people dance
With tears hidden in their eyes
And with fear they pretend to embrace
Drunken harms at night
'You can take me in your hands' they say
Kissin' with lines of escape in mouth
Comin' home late at late night to cry in front of their mirrors
Bitter sweet girls have a secret wish
Lonely boys have not the heart to phone
Love inside won't let them back to sleep
They have lost control
Take a second to say goodbye and then
Please don't bite your lips when you walk alone
Youth, time is coming
Because of you tonight
I feel life, I choose pain
I give up nostalgia
Now help me pray for you
Don't cry for yesterday
Stay wild another time
Carry on this mortal coil

7. Dopoguerra

City walls are coming down
It's a brand new world's deep sound
Sleeping under these remains
And I guess I could be wrong
Time ago all hope was gone
Moving lips to breath that time
No murder by the light of sun
I've only come to see it shines
Please let me take a bite of cloud
Time for romantic view
In the halflight were I stand
Roma rises from the pink
It's a slice of light that brings me hope
Moving lips to breathe worm joy
Silent wishful noise
Though the dust red buildings kiss the sky
And I know it's time to run,
To forgive the burning rain
'twist your head in wind', yeah someone says
And I try to organize,
All the tears I cried
I have lived and mourned for aftermath
Aftercare day
Aftergame time
Afterward cry
Grey hairs on my head.
See the time of youth is gone
See the rage of past is vain
Try to close your eyes and smile
(Sleeping) under these remains

8. La Tregua

And I try, and I try, and I try
To forget dead friends
Just a goodbye
Should I stay, should I pay
Can't go back
I know life goes on, it's too late
I'm holding on, the smell of need
I'm carring on, down on my knees, yes I try
To come with you
The long lost friend, endtime
They sleep in mud
Who's got the right to survive?
I'm holding on...

9. Lomo

Just a dawning of a new day
Morning through his stained sheets
Someone lies in a poster
Oh, he shows no repentance
Skinny boy undercover
Caught in his finer years
Slit of light shines his fingers
Takes in view his lonely mouth
A glimpse of joy
Fron the small things of his life
Waiting to succomb another day
A pill of bliss
A trail of sun between their harms
Standin' here for my last photograph
In the deafness of his silence
Dust moves in a empty space, its secret is safe,
He heals the wounds to make they cry again
Looking the hole in the grey floor
He licks his wounds secretly
He used to lose all ambitions
Floating through the waves of past
Pictures clothes, memories that hold him far away
Not a sunday comes in sorrow
Failure makes a common day
Who has no grace
Loves the small things of his life
There's no world but this one today
With tired eyes
We have passed through this night
Standin' here for our last photograph

10. Sleepwalk In Rome

Please rain a tear of light in black ocean way
Fellows smell of musk, through a tree-lined road
In the dark green flow
Outside tell me your name softly
Outside wake me tonight slowly
Please lead my dance with care
With your mid-fall's rained words.
We are the friends dancing in a sleeping Rome
Come on now dance through the bends of a glorious past
We drink the tears of sky, with our trembling mouths
Between earth and grey clouds...
Someone tells we are dead when our dream is gone.
How to prove to you that's wrong?
So Please enjoy our dance outside
Feel cold blue trance inside deeply
Please lead our dance with care
With your mid-fall's rained words

La mota, il viso dei dormienti,
Le colpe lievi delle genti, si
Mi guardano come se
Niente pi`u niente fosse vero
Nemmeno il cielo tra le dita
Che piange su di noi
Stringete lana imbevuta
Mi bagno il viso un'altra volta, no
Non mi dite che
Dovete andare pi`u lontano,
Umide vesti scolorite
Che fate male sulla pelle
Come la mota sulla pelle
Le ore lorde degli incanti
I sogni scuri dei perdenti, s`i
Scorrono come se
Il buio fosse acqua e terra
Torrente scuro, silenzioso
Le labbra viola seducenti
Umide membra giĆ  basite

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