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1. Kiuassault

We are the fist aimed straight at you
It's nothing personal, it's just what we do
Our might unleashed again
We remain untamed, unscarred, unconquered

It's on, no fear, remorse
Fuck the keys, kick down the doors
Always more is more
Same rules for music, booze, sex, love, and war

I see the fear in your eyes
Time to wipe away what we despise

With cold and brutal execution
Chaotic but precise
We are stealing your demise

Sworn allegiance to the gods that
Reign within ourselves
We are your heaven and your hell
(Your heaven and your hell)

You and I were a different breed
I will triumph and you will bleed
So it's not your fault
If you can't withstand the Kiuassault

We're an endless power source
Over pouring raw and brutal force
While you slowly rot
We turn up the gain, smile and rock

2. Cry Little Angel

No chance of an escape
A war of roses, hearts astray
As others like them they lived just to take

I failed this one last time
Honesty my only crime
Just couldn't see behind that deceiving smile

Yes, you have seen me fall
I might stumble but never will I crawl... and you?

Now you're dropped from the sky
Can little angel fly? Tears in your eyes
It's you who are weak this time

Cruel is the night
So run, angel, run and hide
No one by your side
Cry, little angel, cry

Step into my world this time
Let's see can the beast survive
Its fangs are helpless
When the truth destroys the lies

It feeds on hearts it breaks
Never gives and lives to take
The devil's pretty angel wings are fake

3. Of Love, Lust And Human Nature

Sweet lips, intoxicating
Sultry eyes that stare, waiting
To lure the hungry heart
Into a deadly trap

Innocent and pure, it seems
On both of us the shadow feeds
Perverted are its needs
But it seems we have no choice

Sweet eyes, so warm
So pure, the love they offer
Still free of all the filth
That turns hearts into debris

Love, lust, and passion
Create both good and evil
Blue eyes, beware, there are
No refunds or guarantees

If love must fail
Then lust sure will prevail
And when both fall
Hate will conquer all

If I can't give, I'll take
Accept this fate, be fueled by my hate
At least I know
It's always there for me

Temptress, I burn
Open your heart and trust me
I'll prove my worth
I hope to tear down your delusions

I fear no death
No foe can ever match me
Yet you could break me leaving only confusion

Sweet eyes, once pure
Just like the love they offered
Now stay devoted to the path of seduction

Made up your mind
Held back the warmth in your eyes
Are you prepared?
This road might be your destruction

My flesh, my heart
My soul adorned by a scar
They're still all mine until my dying day

I've crossed the line
It is too late for me now
You did me in, I've taken the darker way

4. Aftermath

Snakes in your mouth
Their tongues whisper a venomous lie
So well disguised
They deceive even you

They're not to blame
They're just part of this game
Where egos make the moves
And hearts always lose

Anger grows in me
Twisting my sense of reality
This sweet dream shattered
Beauty and bliss that could have been

Now – as you're weak and bleeding
Dwelling in your tomb of misery
I – still undefeated
Enjoy the spoils of my victories
Too late to see my divinity

With blood and with sweat
I've paid for my success
Even more dedication
I would've offered you

But you're a disease
A parasite I do not need
Gladly I leave you on
The withered killing field


Now – as you're weak and bleeding
Ditching your soul in a rotten tomb
Sick, alone and needing
You hope I'd be there to comfort you
Your time for pity is overdue

Anger burns in me
Releasing me from this misery
One sweet dream shattered
But now I know who I'm meant to be

Force – it gathers in us
Leading us on to our destiny
With might now handed to us
We shine with joy, grace and unity
You just did not want to follow me

You – alone and needing
I – still undefeated

You lie weak, cold, alone and needing
I move on forever undefeated

5. Lights Are Many

The glass in front of me, half empty
Why do I fill it with what only poisons me
Is it the hope that lives inside
That hungers forevermore
Is it the child high on his dreams
Clinging on to his fantasy world

Who wants me to walk through the flames
Knowing I'll hurt again
Always forcing me to return
And relive the pain again

She was the light behind the door
That should have been sealed forevermore
Weak as I was
My lust would seal my misfortune

Again I will walk the path that burns
No matter how much it's gonna hurt
Because in the end
The lights are many, and nights are long

Once upon a time
My heart was content alone
Until a star woke it up with the light it shone
I used to burn my wings to the bone
Then always grow them back
After each radiant sun would burn me
And then would turn to black

But I failed to see the truth
Now I can smile
The damage undone
Finally I have learned
That I am the sun

6. The Visionary

To dreams of might
In his mind's bleeding light
Securely the dreamer is bound

Building his empire in the clouds
That will come to exist through sound
In his dreams he would show them all
Declaring in hard, silent words
"False prophets and witches will burn
My judgement now be heard!"

Immersed in arcane secrets so ghastly to the common man
Limitless is the power of will as it yields to his command

Now - as my vision will come alive
To my kingdom I will arrive
Soon - it won't be long
Until all of the world hears my song
Hear - ye of little faith now be warned
'Cause infidels won't be mourned
This day you can't avoid
My vision cannot be destroyed

Facing a cold reality
Is where I now must make my stand
For that is the way, the only way
That makes the overman

Brick by brick
And with endless sweat
Dreams turn from air to stone
My vision hold and I surely know
The stones will turn to gold

I am passionate in my pursuits with a temper to match
There is no choice opposition must be wiped away from my path

I cry out to the skies the wind shall carry my name
I'm wild, free, and pure, and I can't be tamed
The dreamer's nature restlessly feeds its desire
A curse and a blessing it is that no force can put
Out my relentless fire

7. Heart And Will

Calm and still
Emotions do not disarm me
Heart and will
See what my eyes cannot see

Once I'm here I will not stray
On this path I will remain

Calm and still
Is the forceful mind
Firmly guided by
Heart and will
Wells of endless might
For those in turn with life

Each day begins
Greeting my life's foundation
Every moment
Receiving full dedication

8. The Quickening

Scorched once by the fire
On one of those long trips to hell
And my demons are still alive and well

Dark reflections
Of what I have left behind
Haunt my rest and leave me tired

Found my direction
My sails are full tonight
And my trials have left me inspired

I'm ready and willing,
So just let the dice roll

I was scorched once by the fire
On one of those long trips to hell
And my demons are still alive and well

But now their master has tamed them
For they couldn't break my spell
In my own utopia is where we dwell

Sweet temptation
A passion that was denied
Her venom poisons me no longer

New revelations
Have healed the wounds inside
And my will keeps growing stronger

With all new eyes
Now the future king sees the world

9. Summer's End

Feasts of harvest held
Midsummer sun done her spell
The crow sings his song
Quite ruggedly, slightly out of key
The swallow flies on
But the Northman only waits

Staring calmly, silently and thoughtfully
As the rising north wind cunningly invades

Soon the leaves will fall again
And be gone just like her smile
Hearts can turn with the autumn winds
And the winds sometimes feel vile

Last warm rays absorbed
The mist soon whispers its lore
Now wait for the cold
Be prepared for the falling
Of the new winter's snow
And the changes that will come

Then I'll hold on to the memory
It was you and me
That I felt on those nights so vividly

The time for a feast will soon be around
Join, ye lads, and make a sound
A sound of joy in the winter's embrace
With laughter the longing
Now be replaced
With laughter the longing
Now be replaced
With laughter the longing
Now be replaced

10. Winter's Sting

New moon ascends to join the welkin so black
Thick sheets of white lie where I once lay
Stroking soft curls
Of talent for survival speak the claw-figured tracks
Winter's sting breaks out the best in both beast and man

Gone is the light
The ice has buried
The last of those warm summer memories
New dreams in sight
For those who can see
There is strength in the darkness and secrets to be learned

Reach out for the new wisdom
Now is the time
Safe in your chamber
Let the cold wind blow
Build up your strength and knowledge
Don't look behind
Enjoy and wonder your creation's flow

Human emotions like seasons they change
Tender and sweet can be the touch of a hunter
Passionate nights just to pass the summer away
A heart hard as iron now beats strong but alone

11. Song For The Fells (Remix)

[Japanese bonus]

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