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1. Train Wreck

brutalize me sodomize me open my wrists entrapment sanitize me criticize me climb inside me rancid paralyze me don't realize me use abuse me dyslexic and blind it's over this feeling or is it beginning it's different no meaning what's wrong with me should I try try again just hoping it's changing when really it's crashing right into me sacrificing so inviting nothing's changing confusion always sleeping hurt is creeping always speeding so different something's not right something's hiding I cant' describe it it's wrecking my mind thinking thinking thinking thinking train wreck train wreck train wreck train wreck hoping this mind infectious life dead wanting this life disturbing mind dead look in the mirror I only see shit realize the end because this is it

2. V-8 Superpussy

superbird with a v8 engine thunder boltin' on the freeway hittin' 95 in the left lane gonna make this one explode driving faster she goes down on me sucking harder the pedal is buried superbird with a superpussy sucking me off from the passenger seat hittin' 155 in the left lane she's gonna make my nuts explode driving faster she goes down on me sucking harder the pedal is buried driving faster take your hands off the steering wheel let it coast straight into a guardrail rail rail rail rail driving down the street with a hottie tattoos big tits and a pierced clit stick shifter is in her sight she says tome it's time to ride time to ride driving faster she climbs on top of me fucking harder the pedal is buried

3. Crawl

I see my life before me it's a struggle everyday taken away with the new fears in my head it's a new rage of frustration you don't know cause you're never inside of me you don't know cause it's sucking like a leech you don't know what my mental state is everyday everyone is a hollow shell meaningless pick you up take you in right by my side what is left nothing else no more pride want it want it back want it want it back falling crawling leeching bleaching circles spinning nothing's changing come in go in just crawl I'll build a wall to hide from the rest of you a wall to hide behind the fucking truth you might feel but you'll never have feelings think you know me but you never will

4. Don't Leave Your Pets Outside

murder there's blood on the windows torture there's blood on the flowers pervert his head's now his football gutted guts exposed for all the asshole is a virgin his guts will rain in blood one more pet homicide take all your pets inside the asshole is a virgin he's now an amputee intestines used for a noose the killer's on the loose murder there's blood on the windows gutted guts exposed for all everything everything is covered in your pets blood can't fight the urge the urge to kill smiling is projectile this belongs to no one loose in the world feeding off of other's confusion sober and broke fearing the institution mental pain like an open wound prominent are the scars of yesterday mental pain prominent are the scars from all the years don't leave your pets outside the meaning of life the meaning of what just remember that the way he thinks is not like you

5. Song For A Girl

such beauty and soft skin great smiles all the while I sink into her soul a year ago a ghost now just means the most I'll let these feelings coast I remember her kiss those lips and the soft attachment they made to mine the spark I never saw till now when my life is most dark she knows I see it when she glows from the connection made between our eyes oh it's magic beautiful fucking magic fucking beautiful and lasts so long that I think I'd rather drown than get hurt again but I love her yeah I love this one no I don't really mean it cause I really don't know what I mean I just can't escape those legs I beg to indulge between them you gotta love her she's cute you don't know what I see in her so much I love the way your naked body dances softly ontop of mine let the body go numb as we become one fuck me and make this soul come bring me a hurricane oforgasm but do not drown me in the floods of emotion bring me a hurricane of orgasm but do not drown me in the floods of you

6. Crushed To Death

pressure comes down bending your mindset no doubt is left you feel helplessness under the weight muscles are collapsing the sweat pours down inside nothing left resist the strain your knees break down with your last breath realize severed life life flashing by last moments pass pain swallows whole your life you see your blood begging for death to come put out the flames of pain blood fills your throat and lungs your hope filled dreams are drained world echoes with your cries bones twisting as you die no remorse from me you'll get no sympathy the judgment day is now and I will force you down tried I've tried to find some piece of mind in making you fall to your knees lies you throw at me are now empty your death will make me feel like god four ton weight it will seal your fate as it plummets down and lays a deep crack in your skull my revenge thought you were my friend justice will be served I'll dump you in a compactor crushed to death I know your child's at home awaiting your return that kid will feel alone when you are discovered a pile of bones and flesh bloody and violent mess sticks with me your pitiful pleas but I followed through with plans to end your worthless life punishment brutal as it gets die you backstabber did you hear your bones snapping crushed crushed

7. I'm Having An Emotional Eclipse(And Now I'm Going To Light Myself On Fire)

ah yes I'm staring out a window into a life that is not for me and yes I'm staring out a window into a life of uncertainty it's surprising I choked through another day always coming choking me until I'm awake suicidal beliefs in front of me it's something is there no fucking way this is for only me I want to end it all leave it all behind me and you'll never see me again that something is coming force it away but cannot see through there's so much pain is this how I'm supposed to feel what I'm feeling it just cannot be real and I won't feel bad for what I've done all the tormenting pressure it will not go I'm looking just like the rest of you would you call it suffering and mental pain but I never get shit I'll run away this is for only me I want to end it all an exit from all you and you'll never see me again end it all and don't try to stop me I'll end it all cause I know you don't believe covered up to my head in kerosene kill myself cause I know this life it sucks don't care and don't try to stop me end it all cause I know that you don't believe covered up to my head in kerosene light it off gonna let my sorrow burn burn burn burn burn bring it paint it ending I'm covered in kerosene strike a match and feel my sorrow burn I'm letting go

8. Headcase

deranged I stand alone flying above the zone to live and to die alone and I hate it craving a better place gather up in my face craving a better place so fuck this deranged I stand alone flying above the zone to live and to die alone so fuck you you cannot see me from inside a closed mind breath is an everyday thing a sacrifice you cannot see me from inside a closed mind just go away it's the calm before my storm everyday's a lie suicide crucify every single day that I take the abuse every single day all I want to say is fuck you

9. Internal Killing Machine

feeling alive but dead inside choking on my pride delusions in my own mind why has this become my enemy what is this but the real me internal killing machine so now I'll stand up buried in my guilt eyes covered deep in soot now feeling disgust for my own fucking rage oh my god why is there so much fucking blood look at me I am worth just the price of mud internally I am dying drowning mentally I want out but I'm too comfy can't you see it's gone too far for right now it's gone way far past help it all changed once I snorted it all changed so much just don't fuck around with this face from the dark skinning the memories peeling open the centuries things are not the same as before then this is not the same as before then you are not the same as before then I am not the same as before then you you were abused confused a new identity substance abuse took you away from me and left me here swallow it down a new form of morphine I drown hooked on mescaline living fiend cocaine valium I'll take anything orphenadrine will do an oxy for the pain throw me into your stupid rehab won't work the type I will always need more more

10. Everyday Suffering

everyday I'm feeling more distant that the day before this started I am not the same and if you ask me one more time I swear I'll cut you down further than any whore everyday I suffer when I listen to you every word you're saying just get a clue can you come down off this pedestal of yours and can you understand these words I say to you I'm there too we don't suffer the same not one day will change we all suffer some way now everyday I've been taking more of these pills to get me through another day of just recognizing all of these exposures everyday's the same confused distorted and so far out of place I'll just smoke more weed and forget the day even existed to me it's my own escape from the hopeless life that I'm leading give me the nicotine and fuel me with the strength just to go to sleep breaking this hold tearing your mold looking at you am I getting through turning so cold tearing your mold I take control I'm breaking through suffering I get pinned down open my eyes look at the ground carefully plan out my attack of torture torment madness from the spine clutch your fears and then decide see the face I always see sheltered lonely suffering you are so cold bang my head against the wall feel the same see nothing at all bitter always pained drained bleeding's the new way new way to sacrifice bleeding's the new way new way to change inside

11. Invasion X

dragons and race cars all of this may seem bizarre flying zombies sounds of war what's behind those locked doors sadistic weapons gory scenes terrific colors plots and schemes for all ages but shouldn't be more people need set free sports arenas high scores run like hell until I'm bored need a new game get it fast better now than in the past unreal fighters in the streets I was a hero and then got beat discount diablo sweet melody bow before the raptor's feet secret access unlock your success incinerate pocket full of emptiness nothing to show for the progress I'll leave this world and travel far away to a distant galaxy where the spacemen are my enemies generation x what is next I'm out of options and in distress I want to fight like holyfield win the battle with the most kills and then they try to stop me but I neglect the message they sent to me I protest a tougher challenge who's the best I have the replay plead no contest the leader's on the seventh floor what I must do is break through the door and then they try to stop me they think it will be easy

12. Rudimentary / Word On The Street

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