Dark Lyrics


1. Morningstar

O, Tiamat!
Deliver us from ignorance,
Protect us from enslavement!
Shield us from the falseness
Of a venomous and feeble God
O, Azerate!
Eleven slithers of hatred to collapse
The ten pillars that oppose the painful truth!
That deny the enlightenment of our minds
And cage the Universe beyond mortal reach
Black Flame swallow
The tainted earth.
And disgorge the filth
Of the blind!
Fires of spirit dormant,
Asleep, your essence distant
And thus, thou must:
Wither like your book's blasphemous words,
Suffer as your Savior on His merited cross,
Die with your Demiurge's lies on your lips,
Decay with His poisonous council in mind.
Burst open the skies,
Invoke the storm,
Gathering light,
Incipit Chaos!
So mote it be!


2. The Deepest Cut

Heat seeping from the body,
Shivers up the spine,
Mind running wild,
The vision blackens!
So much pain,
Too much pain,
How did this come to pass,
Forsaking hate for worse?
This pitiful feeling
For which you pay too much.
Clawing from the inside,
Throat dried and clogged,
Thick bitter liquid,
Swallow the sorrow!
So cold,
Too cold,
Get the fuck away from me!
This pain that I must bear alone
Without needing your own.
Let me wallow in luscious despair.
What remains is a shade
And echoes of laughter and joy.
Chest ripped in half, feeling so...
So weak,
Too weak,
And here I stand:
Forlorn and forgotten.
With my soul damned
My heart is spent and rotten!

3. Ecstasy

Your body is mine to command!
Listen to my voice fill your veins with cold
Hush, don't utter a word,
Do exactly what I say
And we will subjugate the world
Even God will cower before us.
I am your darkest dreams made manifest,
The thoughts you hide and detest!
If I must endure your pitiful soul,
This parasitic existence!
Then you must heed my advice,
Poor Mordrake:
Kill, spill their guts for their affronts
Murder them in cold blood!
Torture and rape,
Their lives are yours to bend as you see fit
And in this ecstasy I shall rejoice.
Oh, what can I be but a gift?
If we are to thrive then you must
Ravage, oppress and devour,
Butcher, silence and gut,
Let loose the demon inside!
I must contain it!
The voice is piercing my head
And with it, my humanity wanes...

4. ..of Flesh

Thrice-damned curse,
You will leave my body
Or I shall carve you out!
With rusty razor
I cleanse this pain in me
Awaiting silence.
Must repress these urges,
Free myself from this agony
I must not fall under its sway
Begone, leech, away!
Instead of quenching your thirst,
Bloodying these hands with hundreds,
Fulfilling your will and be damned myself.
The one slaughtered shall be you, vermin,
Ending my life in tandem with yours.
This hazardous existence must end
Lest it swallow more than it is worth.
This cold blade shall be my release,
With it caressing my flesh,
Slicing its way through my neck,
The crimson nectar of my salvation is pouring out.
No, fool,
What have you done?
Slandering this gift,
You and I are one
And will remain as such!
Its murmur echoes still,
Unable to endure,
Death must come faster.
Crude contraption,
Pointing at my head,
Squeezing the trigger,
Whispers intensify,
Can no longer breathe,
Floor flooded by blood,
This is the end!

This is the end!

5. Dyssomnia

Again, I wake, my vision impaired
I can barely speak, damnable stupor
My limbs paralyzed, I hallucinate
Forms and shapes I both adore and hate
Slumbering incessantly
My mind whirls through the maze
Of nightmares given birth
By narcoleptic illness
Corridors unveiling
Their paths are dimmed and I,
am blind!
The blazing gate is crumbling.
Eidolons entwined
Envelop my every sense
My lucidity ebbs.
Must wake up,
Must run away,
Must get up,
Must escape.
Separating reality from delusion
No longer possible.
This pain I'm feeling is absolute
Vigor scattered,
Composure tattered,
Reasoning shattered,
Senses battered.

6. A Journey In Cold Blood

The deed is done!
A ticking of the clock,
A moment of unrest.
A grain of sand in the hourglass of life
Blown away by the wind that is I,
Now forever lost
Condemned to the afterlife.
In one cut, frail body opened,
Releasing its vital substance.
The images impregnated
Will not let me rest.
A ticking of the heart, now stopped.
Hands dirtied with innocence,
Mind soiled with memories,
A journey in cold blood.
Knocking at my door, pale ghost, no one there,
A croaking at my window, pitch-black raven, seeking my judgment,
The trees clawing at the walls know of my doing.
A storm crying for revenge with every passing thunder,
The skies alight, a specter in the distance,
Pointing accusingly, but I fear him not
Because my journey in cold blood has ended.
My sins hidden will remain,
One life extinguished is all the same!
Its voice at night cries out my name,
My sins will slowly drive me insane!

7. Emotional Holocaust

Envious and greedy, coveting earthly treasure,
Stealing and lying for its own pleasure.
Egotistical, self centered maniac!
Never too much, never enough!
Higher than law or god,
Severing lives as if they were its own.
Wrathful, anger-filled being!
Its hate will not stay its hand!
Selling mind, soul and body,
Drenched in debauchery,
Lustful, disease-ridden imbecile!
Slave to pleasure for pleasure's sake!
Beware the human filth,
Desiring the very skin off your bones,
Beware the animal inside,
Its emotional holocaust shall be your doom.
Of all the poxes, of all the curses, of all existence,
Humanity is the worst taint:
Decaying everything around it,
Destroying anything above it.
Destined to sunder
Precious life
Forever more.
Eternally wailing, hungering,
It basks in the blood of its peers,
Seeking the road to guilt and fulfillment,
In the end to rot and fade away.
Our filthy race will no longer intervene
In shaping of the world.
Wiping ourselves out is the only solution,
If we are to hope for salvation.
Our emotional holocaust has subsided,
Everlasting silence reigning supreme.
Only memories remain of our sin,
We are finally redeemed!
Desolate and empty,
Endless surrounding,
Free, at last, with only
Our bloodless husks standing watch!

8. Ytterligare Ett Steg Närmare Total Jävla Utfrysning

"As I was going up the stair
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish, he’d go away"

Åter till mörkret
Hack i häl med den bitterljuva smaken av förlust
Aldrig, aldrig mer ska jag förneka mitt öde
Aldrig, aldrig mer ska jag sträva efter ett lugn
Jag avskyr allt det liv som omger mig
Den förpestade jävla luft jag tvingas att andas
Dagar ut och nätter in faller jag i bedjan
I en bön

För livets förfall

För livets förfall

Alex — Drums
Fenrir — Guitars
Vlad — Guitars
Gabriel — Bass
Stege — Vocals

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