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1. Rising Of The Horns

Infinite degrees of separation
from the world of living humans.
Cruel lie the shadows here
created by the arsonist mind.

For the rising of the horns
in the flames of the burning church.
For the rising of the horns
in the darkness of the winter's heart.

Can you see the smoke of the funerals rising?
Can you smell the stench of the burning corpses?
If only they were from the living flesh
of the believers in all the falsehoods...

Infinite degrees of damnation
in this world of immoral humans.
Rising above and beyond the will
of the folly of despicable religion.

2. Lux Obtenebrescit

How this life always seems to fade away
to the deep places in the dark.
Only cunning minds might comprehend
why this is and must be so?

Ardor frigesscit, nitor squalescit,
amor abolescit, lux obtenebrescit.

I will see the stars falling down
from the joyously bright blue sunny sky.
And the clouds that gather are but faint traces of my sorrow, of my pain

Ardor frigesscit, nitor squalescit,
amor abolescit, lux obtenebrescit.

Sing unto the night that seeth no dawn
No longer dreaming of things to come
Sing unto the night that seeth no dawn
Never dreaming of a light of salvation

3. Ineffable Cold Void

A void that has been so long inside of me
Butchering the last strain of humanity
Will you give me release from the pain?
Will you at last set my strangled being free?

I cannot begin to tell of the pain there is
I can never render the ineffable cold void
Into words that a human being can understand
For I never was human, though I once lived

Ineffable cold void, beauty in darkness
A peace beyond the stars and beyond time
The last fading picture of the universe
When no light nor any life can exist

Ineffable cold void, for the dark soul to devour
There is a lifeless void inside, and beyond
A future denied, a past so soon forgotten
For I never was human, I never really lived

4. Unholy Trinity

The throne that gleams in the horizon
Is the throne of my master Satan
The eye that beholds from the depths
Is the eye of my master Satan

The hand that strikes down humanity
Is the hand of my master Satan
The unholy trinity in the abyss
Throne, eye and hand, across the land

A perfect vision in every way
As the flames reach heaven's shore
The vision is perfected once again
Smite down the believers

5. The Freezing Moon

[Mayhem cover]

6. Parasatan

The blade of self-deception is crushed
A rotten cross is stroked down (to hell)
Parables of emotional falsehoods
Putrefy in their outright impossibility

Parasatan! An ecstatic, cruel, but clear vision
Remorseless passive acceptance of reality
Parasatan! Ratified by the insane morality
Genocidal maniacs of that passionate scorn

Rip the wounds open, fall to the waters
Emerge from the black womb of death
Victorious and without a tarnish
Only the inner daemon may survive

7. Vitutation Ascends

Te joiden jeesustelulla ei ole mitään määrää
Te joiden typeryydellä ei ole mitään määrää
Te joiden halveksittavuudella ei ole määrää
Te tyhjät paskanjauhajat siellä määräämässä

Vitutation... vitutus nousee
Vitutation... vitutus nousee
Fucking vitutation, vittu se nousee
Vitun vitutation - vittu saatana!

Vitutation ascends
Your asshole existence
Vitutation ascends
Whatever you think is true

Give me a chainsaw to cut your necks
Give me a mallet to hammer your heads
Vitun huorat syökää paskaa ja kuolkaa
Vitun huorat, kuolkaa ulosteisiinne

8. Scorn In Eternity

A cold shadow, lengthening into the void
Frozen places, in that coldest of dreams
I held the crown in my hands, the crown of death
I dreamt of death in my hands, in my heart

Scorn in the eternity, within the everlasting mind
I wonder why it must be so, in this winter that lasts
Born from eternity, from the cold shadowed past
I wonder why I must live, in this winter that lasts

Remaining consciousness in the dark woods of dreams
A forest of shadows in the everlasting bog
The carrion bird caws within the starless sky
And that funereal fog engulfs our last stand

Remorseless cold of the forgotten past lives
Burns the soul to crave for another existence
In the shadowed grave of black cursed souls
Under the bleeding moon, in a freezing eternity

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Thanks to cykranosh for correcting track #2 lyrics.

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