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1. The Infection To Quarantine

A room full of water.
With blood dripping from the walls.
You'd better own up to your own worst convictions.
And get this one thing through your skull; So fire the interrogation, we never talked at all.
You forget everything, you never met me.
(This morbid scene of red was synchronized, we had it all planned out.
This crimson creation.
Where are the heavens?
What have I done?)
You're heartless in the stab wound silence.
Smile because you've lost your nerve.
You're demise - to die for.
(This sacred scene of white.
Never synchronized, this image of failure.
Disguised in light, where are the heavens?
What have I done?)

2. Brutality And The Beast (Part 1)

This puddle of cowardice, rear back on the harness.
So salt the wounds intoxication's in the air.
Sail into the port of the insincere.
And fill the chalice when you feel discarded.
I've seen your heart.
And it's going nowhere.
(Clarity is all we need, wish for something absolute and let the blessed show us through.
Clarity is now a dream so let the light shine on these dark times)
It's all been overlooked.
Kiss the fury.
And look at what is told.
Kiss the fury.
And watch my skin unfold.
Look what she fed us.
Her trophy full of charities.
And look at this.
We've found the light.
We'll never loose the strength we've had inside.

3. We'll Let The Dice Decide

The plague has found our dwelling.
A sober institution.
It's at our houses.
Living, feeding on the helpless.
A false try from behind a razor blade smile.
We hold the children in our hands and guide them.
There are no innocent victims.
My only light need be the light of experience.
This is the massacre of tranquility.

4. Botulism (And A Horse Named Bartholemew)

Pretend the fire will never touch you.
We're coming back stronger than before.
Please hold the gate.
Because we're coming home soon.
Don't abandon me in this, our finest hour.
We're coming back stronger.
Don't abandon me in my finest hour.
I'm coming back stronger.
I won't fall back so you'd better watch your head.

5. The Weak Shall Prevail

The enemy has broken through.
And seized the gate.
We've held them off this long.
We won't do down without a fight.
Show no mercy.
For you shall receive none.
And if my comrades should fall.
I will stand my ground.
(And if my comrades should fall, we'll be right there to catch you.
Not one can touch this for us.
Between this band of honor, between what makes us stronger.
That's why we do this.)
I fear neither pain nor death.

6. Lieutenant Never

Tough Love; a despair traced in passion.
This is the end of all games.
Dear (your name here).
I won the wager.
I'll be back to collect.
End statement: Tough luck.
Ripped out, silence on.
No one makes me bleed my own blood.
Ready your rifles.
It's all downhill from here.
We've flown past fail safe.
The red button won't save us now.
We are the most desperate beings alive.
All will end in carnage.
Yours truly, Never.

7. Beauty And The Sentiment (Part 2)

Sometimes they call me quick to the bottle.
So, let's raise our glasses in honor of the champion.
So keep you heartache close.
Because I'm getting bored.
Of hovering over these plastic bridges.
Relax it's for a purpose.
So stop playing with my head.

8. Diplomacy, Day 8

I'd waive the fare to the portal, of the existence between us.
I'm longing for moments with you, perfection.
And you're proof of it.
I'd drink the poison from the bottom of your scarlet eyes.
Together you and I.
And excreting aspirations.
Time stands still on angel's wings.
Your wings; you angel.
(So let's find a road where no one goes and make a toast, here's to the night).
Don't be foolish; this is only time stepping around us.
Everything seems so still.

9. Alibi: Destroyed

To send our own world would be suicidal.
You're not royalty, so you can wait.
If this was lead by another then there'd be no fault.
Mislead funds opened the floodgate.
Blame the poor, the drained us anyway.
(He we are, we're coming back for more.
We've said this once before.
Let us run away from here).
Here we are, we're coming back for more.
An open handed push to the concrete.
(Let the waters drown our fathers).
Seems to be a fine solution.

10. This Is Ghost Town

Condescending to the snakes in the snake pit.
Isn't the best way to stay venom free.
But, if it's poison you desire.
Then be my guest and jump right in.
And if you want a blue suit.
Then turn on the blue light.
And if you want to.
Write this off as doing it softly.
We've got the bright lights in here.
For the most dark and dismal.
Can you lay me out.
On the hospital floor, can you lay me out for we've got the bright lights in here.
Behind this hospital door.

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