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1. Entrapment

One track mind
Self serving agenda
One in the same
Mangled lives in a blender
Forget the effected
Do what thou wilt
Never repeat it
Karma's calling out
Hated filled bind
Unwillingly tied outlook
Soured and return to sender
Losing reality
Desperate insanity
No humility
Entrapment cornered
Tighten the vice on the mind
Entrapment courageous
Escape kicked my arse on the way!
Holding it close
Letting it fly
Choking it off
Sever all ties
Bouncing it back
Old battler attack
Forever awash
Beyond to adjust
Failed to deliver
Can't bullshit, can't bullshit
A bullshitter corrupted
By the fear and the uncertainty
Selfish beyond all belief

2. Piss Wreck

Piss Wreck
Over indulgent, sinking the void
Decades are stacked, missing the point
Wet brain cells destroyed
Snorting a point,
Passing the joint,
Smashing a beer
Piss wreck is here,
Piss wreck is here
Scabbing intolerant right turns to wrong, rare to be ever on point.
Safe state
Righteous debauched entirely wrong, there's never a day that’s been missed
Staunch higher ground unconsciously found under a tree covered in piss
Piss wreck is here,
Piss wreck is here
Out on the rack head full of gack filling the gut full of beer
Piss wreck is here
Staggering back to see who else can be licked,
Over induced elation
Well on the way, tripped over again, now he's wearing your drink
Revving it up, punched in the gut, and hug it out...
Good mates!
Piss wreck is here,
Piss wreck is here
Out on the rack, head full of gack, filling the gut full of beer
Snorting a point,
Passing the joint,
Smashing a beer,
Piss wreck is here
Piss Wreck

3. Disgrace Yourself

First up the little babbling cunt
The dribbling runt
The whining little dancer with the unfounded front on camera
Fake slander
I'm in the gutter
Can't get any lower
Bring you down
Fuck your pointless protest
Ruptured all function
Those heist filled delusions
Break your spirit then delete it
Then repeat it
Disgrace yourself
Next up entitled gump hand out
Running the mouth
Scraping at the barrel, fucking idiots
Lining all your pockets from the sheep
Herd mentality
Lining all your pockets from the sheep
Herd mentality
Disgrace yourself
No shame in deceit
Disgrace yourself
Comes so naturally
Lining all your pockets
From the sheep
Herd mentality
Scraping at the barrel.
Fucking idiots
Unraveling hordes of the fledgling
Ripe for the picking
Wrong for the reason all churning.
Disgrace yourself!

4. All Hail The Grub

Indulge in solvent abuse
Space cadets with smudged tattoos
Never try to keep it real
Fake smile, fake laugh, fake feel
All hail the grub
Ruin everything you touch
All hail the grub
Step right in and cut my lunch
Dispatch the verbal abuse
Bleached assholes not worse than you think
I need to hear your quip
I think I could do without it
All hail the grub
The only one to get it done
Turn your back and lick my sack
The grubs on an all out attack!
Stumbling through the depths
Where I dwell in my resistance
Fighting for survival
Your toxic ways gone viral!
All hail the grub, all hail the scum.

5. Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag

Find a side that's brighter than bad
Stick it out but never get mad
No control,
No plans
Ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag

It never gives, not what you want
Falling short just defining my sort
Scared to fail scared of success
Never take less
Is this really what you want?
Don't aim too high or they'll cut you right back
Feel like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag

Keep them dumb, keep them numb, keep them ripped
Paid the money then they syphon the slip
Think your flying but they're bluffing the hand
An empty promise from a selfish brat

Every lesson that's ever been taught
Never learn comes undone just as quick it's learnt
Told to trust, surrounded by a system of fraud
Doused in gas, set on fire now watch me burn

6. Scattered

Done the job
Cooked the life
Skerrick's in the bag
Blast them in the main
It's a sign
An epidemic
Eating through the brain like a flesh hungry maggot
Laboratory ice house
Sacrificial bastards leaves you in the streets with a pick and dirty habit
Make you disappear like a magician with a rabbit
It's an easy thing to do
A glass barbecue
Get it on the streets
Get it when in need
Rehabilitation with a mental health disease
Scattered disease of the mind
Scattered imbecile infiltration the hive
Blast it
Dead beat arse wipe
Secured the fence
Built high just around the paranoid
Compound voluntary lab rats sucking on a crack pipe
It's an easy thing to do
A glass barbecue
Get it on the streets
Get it when in need
Hospitalization with your punctured battered veins
Blast it
Watch you die
Watch you die
Dead Beat arse wipe

7. Now It Stokes Frenzy

In the trench of freedom
Shovel dirt back in mediocrity
Ploughed from within
Blatant miss stipulation right beneath your nose
Those scrambled premonitions
All wrongly infused
Impaled through a fence
Dominated salt of the earth
Crooked and cursed salt of the earth
No apology
Salt of the earth
Now it strokes the frenzy
Younger and wiser
At odds with your aging mind
Can't fix old business
This positive motions moves forward
Delivers ignoring ignorance
Hate speak relentless
Driving the detention engine
Trapped and defenceless
Old thorn regrowth
Heritage resown
Dumber and blinder
Never the wise now
Adept contently
Short sighted vision
So meek and dubious

8. Numb Skull

All redemption parasitic
Infection failing to mention
Unease recognized but neglected
Symptoms realized
No breath
Pain between the eyes
License so precious
Cannot see between
Still failing
Gut feeling is to stall and make them wait
Prescription now delivered
The policy won't change
It won't reveal a thief
Nothing can be done
Nothing can be said
Following the guidelines is the way these cunts are trained
Brainwashed is a lifetime of suffering
Worth this agenda?
The numbskull is a liar and a thief
We won't ever, never will believe you asshole
Writes a cheque, demands you pay
I'm outback with a shovel
Digging graves
The lies are dripping out your mouth like shit
Incineration of a flailing fool
Delivered bullet that belongs to you
The lies are dripping out your mouth like shit
Start the fire now we watch him burn
Last mistake, lesson learned
Close the door and as they walk away
Left hand path is only one to take questions
Disasterdly tightening noose
Obligatory mistruths
Look inside yourself
Is there something more to do
Bringing out the pliers
Toes you will lose

9. Die Before You Die

Blood-filled eyes
A dangling noose
A whimpering dog
Put your head through
Biting the curb
Smashing the teeth
Not enough blood in the world
You could bleed
Smashed in the eyes
Kicked in the teeth
Not enough blood
You could bleed once too often
Straight off the cuff
Veiling and scorned
Enough in enough
Driving it through every new avenue
Die before you die
My fuse is blown
Can't be rewired
Die before you die
Can't break what is broken
I've already expired
Can't break what is broken
I am ready
Die before you die
All scuppered up
Can't deliver the wants top to the bottom
It's all back to the front
Deaden the blow
Wiping the hands
Fighting for nothing
Draining the sand
Die before you die

10. Spookin' The Animals

Now that Deer in Headlight sees the indifferent blasphemy
Fear comes on in waves
Electric crowd of brain-dead slaves all...
Staring down with Ghoulish eyes addicted to this Pantomime
Disconnected dead
Same monster different head...
No one seems to see there is no new delivery
Same rods at your neck
Never knew it was there...
Spike and spawn
The 'Meat Head Stick' beaten over the scone with it
Cold shower burns like fire
Wipe that shit eating grin
This place is a mental case
A Salem's mob
The kin kick back and stay on track
Or you'll end up in the bin
Don't end up in the bin!
Hear the voice inside my brain
Spooked the animals again
Capable, culpable
The harder things can't be ignored
Late to the banquet
Late to the feast
Glued to the mirror
Feeding the beast

Thanks to d.connell666 for sending tracks ## 6, 8 lyrics.

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