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1. Intro

2. Einhärjar

Silence, hark and behold
Shattered fields, substantial darkness... and a swallowed sun
A sudden void, a sacred ground... where Death has sung

Einhärjar - Die before us one and all
Einhärjar - Chosen to die by the glimpse of an age
Einhärjar - Die before us one and all
Einhärjar - Reunite, we all shall fall

Härjafader, a woven fate in the hall of the slain
Härjafader, and a shadow of a thousand...
...when the Wolf comes!

A glance cold, dreaful to witness... and to hold
Since dawn of time, awaiting... yearning unfold

Einhärjar - Die before us one and all
Einhärjar - Chosen to die by the glimpse of an age
Einhärjar - Die before us one and all
Einhärjar - Reunite, we all shall fall

3. Vämods Tale

In memory of Vämod stand these runes
But Varin wrote them, to his son
This I tell second to nine
generations ago lost hid life
with the Reidgoths, and he died
with them, because of offences
Tjodrik the bold
king of sea-warriors
rules over Reid-sea shores

Now he sits armed on his Gothic horse
shield strapped, prince of Märings
That I tell the twelfth where the horse of Gunn
sees food on the battlefield
This I tell the thirteenth, which
twenty kings sat on Själland for four
winters, with four names
born to four brothers

Five Valkes, sons of Radulf
Five Reidulfs, sons of Rugulf
Five Haisls, sons of Hord
Five Gunnmunds, sons of Björn

4. The Last Journey

the snow falls
the sky is full of white icy flakes
the cold bites
into my bones but this journey must be done

at dawn we set our sails
and pray to the gods to blow the wind our way
leaving families and dear behind
knowing the fact that some of us will die

the wind increases, smashing our sails constantly
the open sea, bend our mast and wants to bring us down

the ship turns in the storm impossible to rein
i scream at my men to hold the course
chaos breaks out on the deck
as we loose control over the ship

the ship capsize into the storm
the crew is lost to the ocean floor

5. Never Will You Know Of Flesh Again

Echoes from the past
Exhaled into air
Who telleth of secrets
That ages kept
Scorn the bliss - you'll never possess
Live through me - until that day
You bid us fall

Sharpened claws and worn wings
That stood the ravages of time
Rise from ash, to the heights
Never will you know of flesh again

A shadowed arcane heritage
That strenghten in distress
A monument of cold design
I shalt become...
...when you shalt fade!

Never will you know of flesh again

Scorn the bliss - you'll never possess
Live through me

6. Wrath Of The Gods

the way is shut, no chance of entrance
only the brave can open the gate
the gate to this world, the world of the dead
where warriors fight, divine battle

side by side, fight with oden
slaying giants, oh glorious day

blazing swords, flying spears
falling axes, and splintered shields
feel the wrath of the gods

blazing swords, flying spears
falling axes, and splintered shields
feel the wrath of the gods

7. Snake Tongue

Forstbitten and stained with blood
are the words os peace and love
The golden cross around your neck
speaks of greed and a crucified wreck

All I hear as you preach
is blinding fools by threats and leach
All I see in your hands so wise
is our freedom in demise

There's death in the eyes of the savior, beware of the praise
There's blood on the hands of the Messiah
See through the lies of the snake tongue

We don't need your false salvation
or your threats of God's damnation
Leave us be is its peace you need
or feel the wrath of northern seed

I grasp my hammer of Thor
to spite your king of a peasant whore
The Norse gods is still my creed
For them I live, for them you'll bleed

8. Brethren Of The North

men of courage and men of strength
come and join my my heathen band
cross the ferocious ocean black
far away to foreign land

men of sword and men of axe
wield the steel on my commands
charging onwards Odin's sons
blood will flow by our hands

brethren of the north graced by gods
brethren of the north feared by all

men of glory
men of pride
spread our name
with sharpened blade
slay our way
into history
our legend shall
never fade
men of hunger
men of thirst
quell it all
with bloodied steel
have your way
to Valhalla's gate
as the world
lie by its heels

immortality awaits
in Asgard's hall ill guarantee
in the ranks of the braves
you'll have a place if you follow me
upon raging waves
over Njords mighty sea
through nights and days
to fulfill your destiny

9. Day Of Sorrow

flaming arrows light the sky
this day of sorrow
the boat has left the shore
the shore of this world

the shield and sword placed on his chest

the sword tell stories
of victorious battles
marked by the strikes
of hostile attempts to claim his crown

i raise my sword
and i swear to my king
to revenge his death
as long as i live

traitors, fear my wrath i still serve my lord

the raven in the sky
will gain my strength
ill hunt you down like prey
ill be the one standing the next day

10. Lingering A Sacred Ground

down this road of mist and shadow
souls of the dead has left their mark
the soil have tasted the steps of agony

plant the seeds
pluck the fruit of perdition
the clear path turned to dark
where no sun shine
constantly wrapped in darkness

the strength of death constant near
lingering a sacred ground
souls of men trapped in veil
lingering a sacred ground

tortured in endless pain
with no sign of aid
forsaken by their gods

as darkness covers the fields of old
forever lost, no chance to break free
constant screams but no one hears

11. Heroes' Brigade

as my time is past
and i head for the golden hall
shed me no tears
but remember me in my prime
carve me runes about my fall
in stone to be read for all time

place me in my long ship
with my sword by my side
set it aflame
and greet my funeral pyre
as i drift away with tide
in my farewell framed in fire

Valkyries will come for me
i shall greet their sweet embrace
late fathers await
in the heroes brigade

many were my journeys
plenty died by my hand
yet there's one more journey
one trip I've never made
far from forefathers land
far from my brothers aid

watch the smoke of my burning flesh
rising up to the clear blue sky
turning red by the setting sun
as you raise your horns up high

12. Strike Of The Hammer

darkened clouds in the horizon
thunder rolling in

were marching in to the war zone
vengeance is in the wind

were here to defend our gods
and the realm of the one-eyed king

mighty thunder shakes the ground
as the sky turns blizzard white
we feel our gods is on our side
with Thor and his goats up high

we will never convert our faith
you can never change us with your crusades

with splintered shields and broken swords
we reach our halls where we live as kings

13. Fi'mbulvintr (Outro)

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