Dark Lyrics


1. Rapture

In our short span of time,
Vacant and wandering,
Your trust is misplaced.

The soul of every being
Is far beyond redeeming.
The end approaching faster
Than we can find an answer.
In cloud, obscured and shrouded,
And in the roots of mountains,
Awaiting unexpected
The reckoning we all deserve.

And remove the heart of the Earth stone by stone
And replace it with lives stolen away.
Sepia shaded, the phantoms that reach from their graves,
That you, in your pride, desecrated without paying heed.
The lesson, unwanted, returns to the deep and is forgotten.

Given to you, were far too many chances,
Spurned and abused. No more.

There's no hiding from the sun.
There's no pleading with the void.
All of humankind undone.
And every being on the Earth will suffer as one.

Chaos across the globe
Every prediction could not foretell it's wrath.
As the continents capsize into the flame,
At long last, the planet is cleansed.

You should all know by now
It could have been so much easier.
So much easier on us all.

The soul of every being
Is far beyond redeeming.
The end approaching faster
Than we can find an answer.
In cloud, obscured and shrouded,
And in the roots of mountains,
Awaiting unexpected
The reckoning we all deserve.

2. Eremite's Rest

Forever is not so far away.
Endeavour is masking all of my failures.
I may never work out what I am missing.
Drained of colour I sit and stare but, still, can't see.

Flitting wings, how I have waited for you,
Patiently. When will you bring me solace?
Quietly, I reach my hand out for you.
Settling, I close my fist and you are gone.

Suddenly, I am all too aware
Of the prison I've built for myself.

Doors locked, windows blocked,
Lights out, no power.
No more. It's over.
I lie back on the floor,
Sigh and give up.

Aching limbs weighed down
Silent shock gripping.

Catatonic shiver,
My body purges itself of my soul.

Peering, leering, looming nothing.
Take me, kill me, something, anything.

For one final chance at life, I'd do most anything.
Folly of a broken man who gave up everything to soon.

I remember
That I surrendered
To selfishness.

My hatred of the world
Proved to be too much.

My final embers
Died with the moth.
Like him, I'm ending
In silence, all alone.

3. Debt Of Aeons

Shredded fabric catches on the
Atrophied remains of a willow, long dead.
Past and future reflect each other
As the seasons roll by.
And nothing is worth waiting for.

Still, surprised by decline,
No design that I can find
Can explain all the cruelty and death that lingers on.
Nor put paid to the pain and regret of living long.
On and on.

Castigate and break the foolish Mother
Who allowed her children's Nature to stray.
They will punish her and turn in on each other. Until the debt is paid.

The Deathly Haze swallows all.
The Deathly Haze.

Solemnly he stares, the watchful Father.
Keeping Time, with nothing to say.
For he knows that, no matter the path, nothing alters.
Until we learn, the Mother's pride, the Father's eyes, were all that we had.
Long gone.

It grips, in pain, around you.
In silence and with no sympathy,
Swallows you whole.

And now, with no escape,
Reacting to change all too late.
The Door is thrown open wide
And rushing in, from beyond,
Judgment casts shade.

Sweeping through the Haze at the End of Days,
In darkness, triumphant,
The Harbinger of Souls claims what he is owed,
Expressionless and somber.
The Debt of Aeons is paid as even gods were not saved
From nothingness.
The ending of all things, where nothing new begins,
The Deathly Haze.

4. Psychasthenia

5. Doldrum Sentinels

Long are the hours of the evening.
Whereas there used to be peace.
Between the cracks it is seeping.
The filth that cannot be cleaned out.

A cool breeze, A dark sky.
A short walk to nowhere.
And nothing appeals, And nowhere seems safe.
Just pulling at strands, Slowly unraveling.

So, This is a taste of the untrodden way.
Stretching into the night and beyond.

There is just one remedy to an ill like this.
But a howling threnody, From nowhere, tells you how it was missed.

And the Doldrum Sentinels, Watching in the dark.
As they claw and they scrape, they will laugh as they take to the last.

Calm, Calm.
Calmly selecting the best of my memories.
All, For.
All for a fantasy cause.
Believe, Leave.
Oh, did I mention this brief contravention of.
Mind, Mines.
Digs to the core of the soul.
Run, Run.
Time is elapsing and you're not reacting at.
All, Stall.
Stalling will buy you no more.
Fear, Fear.
The one motivation to bring you salvation from.
Death, Death.
Oh well, it will come to us all.

Long, long are the hours,
No longer ours,
After the evening.
No halcyon sleep,
Placid release,
Cannot be found.
Try blocking it out,
Terror and doubt,
They will control your
Fate, Dragging below,
All that you know,
To the core of the world.

Doldrum Sentinels

6. -

7. On Dusty Avenues

Pure vanity, an aging hollow smile.
The dusty avenue that stretches out for miles.
Stupidity, avarice and me.
A new monolith to greed.

Silky threads, tender touch.
Comforting far too much.

In due course
Nothing ever lasts long.

And the cowardice returns,
As the ecstasy fades.
Repeat and return
The same way.

You came here
Expecting far too much.

Keep it in.
Don't let on.
Guilty sin.
Love alone.

With so much
That went unsaid.
I know now
I may not get the chance again.

It's useless mourning for what never was.
Heed these memories and you’ll defeat the cause.
Still, these fantasies are the ones I'll miss.
They come come back to me every time that I am alone.

I cannot forgive nor allow myself to forget.
Instead I shall slowly absorb these small feelings and become stronger.

No. Why? Why should I let this go, once more?
Closing the door on my hopes that will not relent. Still persisting, I cannot send them away.

This is the conflict.
Missing the point.
The decision was never in my hands.

Make your peace and carry on.
The universe won't notice when you're gone.
The dusty avenue stretches further than before.

Follow wherever it leads.
Cherish whosoever you meet.
Before you reach the end and realise that you
Are all alone.

Trim: vocals
Petros S: guitar
Joe P: guitar
Reza G: bass
Jon W: drums

Thanks to rezag.contact for sending these lyrics.

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