Dark Lyrics


1. The Slide

A figure lying unseen on those eternal waves
The saddest death
The distance is filling me with fear
The sea cliff being the lonely watcher of the fall
The only death
That could get rid of all my pain
The time has come to turn off all the lights

2. Timeshift Box


3. Islands

Closed in a dark embrace we'll act against adversity
Blurting our minds and souls the fate allowed to lay aside
Ashes of broken limbs remain from our cinder
Rest in the fireplace before the sight of awareness


Down it the deep of a dying heart's believer
Something that crawls and rise up again
When the lambs cry it's time for the reason
Glimmers of hope that only outstand

Scenes from a remote past can live down the corner
Turning the page of life somehow can be your strength of will

4. The Great Silence

On towards things here and there
Threats are posing everywhere

How can each one face the blow
Maybe, somehow you don't know

Hide, behind a veil of still
So the cause can't be revealed
Is a defense or a shroud
If won't never cry aloud?
Now moreover of your hush
Even tears are coldly brushed

5. Lullaby for an Innocent

Lay down and sleep peaceful and quiet
Look upon you there's someone who cares
Lights on the wall dispel the shades
So close your eyes and let the dream go

here on your bed singing a song
Follow my rhymes, they'll let you dream

Lay down and sleep... peaceful and quiet
Look upon you there's someone who cares
Lights on the wall dispel the shades
So close your eyes and let the dream go

I'm next to you
Watching you smiling and nuzzling up t'me
I tuck you in
The candle is burning out, can you hear me breathe?
(Good night)

Silently all your toys lie around on the floor
Dancing dolls have their rest near the half-opened door
Lullaby as sunflowers your sweet smile will bloom
Close your eyes dreams are hidden in this silent night

6. Evasion

When you're stuck inside by your own decision
When you're closest again to a dead end street
Well the time has arrived for abrupt occasions
Can you still see a chance as it will appear?

It discloses sometimes with a darkened shining
Maybe time and again you will oversleep
And a breath gaping now as you've been proceeding
When it's too late to evade from a certain slip

Take a look inside your vision
One mission - one aim
Lift filters from your eyes
Illusion are shattered by your own will

Yes I'm wondering why an escape
Can seduce a simple occasion
In a moment when I hesitate
Gives the way for mental evasion

7. Numb (Incipit, Climax & Coda)

An evil passion remaining hidden
Until a runaway spark
Begins the action, a chain reaction
Unleashes what lies beyond

A growing cancer that slowly increases
Is greedily eating inside
A scary truth that's creeping hidden
Sure you'd be curious to know?

Drive is rising as we get closer
Dark desire behind sweetheart

Longing for you I'm eager I'm impatient
Can't wait to see your smile, your silhouette - again
Longing for you I'm eager I'm impatient
Can't wait to see your cry, your silhouette - in pain

Feel my hugs - so intense and strong
Cry in low voice if I hold too much
Overlie your emotions now
Please forgive me if I roughly act

Take me as I am and let yourself go - deep

Longing for you I'm eager I'm impatient
Can't wait to see your cry, your silhouette - in pain

Drift away - feel too much
While we were the feeding the flesh
You and I - right below the surface
While we were feeding the flesh

Can't hear the sound, won't see the scars
Your pillow softens all the blows
Can't hear the sound, won't feel the tears
As they are drawn on our sheets

8. Washing Out Memories

Resting on my laurels
One more time of calmness and I'll wake
Second thoughts keep waiting
Now my will is called to prevail
Take up all my duties
Put aside a while by your fancy
I can't skirt them again
This should be the end of the game...

Something's claiming wildly its right of way

Thanks for all the days and nights
Your vanilla kisses still rolling
Cover mind and spirit
Hiding the outer side as a cream
Washing out the memories
To forgive your face and your taste
I know it can be painful
So I'll make believe I don't care

Just another mark into my brain

Though it's not time to turn the page
Love can burn
Till the heart
Is not too tires to keep it safe
Maybe I'll cry
Washing out memories

9. A New Life

The sun is rising up today
I can see it through the leaden sky
I can feel a warm embrace
That fills my aching soul

Now life is calling you
Listen to these magic sounds
I am no longer alone
I'll never be afraid again

You're coming to life
My love will soon fill your heart
Holding you in my arms
Waiting for your cry
My whole life... is you

10. Lovocaine

A growing understanding
Summers fade into the darkest fall
my brief thoughtless youth
slowly walked off – no more regrets

Like the Cotard's syndrome
beauty if life spilled out of me
after all those years
So faithful – to you

I'm drownin' in this pain

how did this happen
I mean – life seems to be so wrong
which is the meaning – when you feel all hope is gone

how did this happen?
you turned your gaze away from me
That howling silence that still echoes in my head

Falling behind the events horizon
of the black hole that replaced my painful heart
There is no way to retrace my footsteps
I feel so empty inside – anesthetized

11. Fading Out Pt. III

I remember that winter was so cold
Holding my breath while I was walking down the stairs
Oh - that was so strange

His hands were moving under her young teen clothes
I could feel the smell of true profanity
Oh - that was so insane

Scars on me

Out of the understanding
One soul in misery
Her eyes aglow with tear drops
The face of fear itself

Scars - screams - my world turned gray
Used - a big mistake
Pain - never again
Lust - will be his grave

He has sold her dreams for his desire
But desire has turned his own life to rust
Withered heart and cold, tormented eyes
Is this the love that should make us more thick?

He was always
Much less human
Than we wished for
He will be no more

12. Phlegethon

Ah, again, a fall...
For the one who betrays...
My dear...

Praying and mourning the story is not going to change
The grand final – the floodlights have risen again

Soaring in silence
Floating in fire

Now – go back and think of
All our days of joy
Smiles that were to leave to silent fall

Bringing again to surface
What you did forget
What caused all tour nightly dreams to fail

And my hands desired
To hush up the boasts of who cherished as he said:
"A shameful teaching I am charged to correct – father..."

There he stands
Eyes cast down
On the water
She lay
Full of grace
On those waves
Eyes wide open

Seems like yesterday – us and them
But life draws our paths – some we would not choose

Blind and greedy, oh wrath made me insane
Spurs me onward in my endless pain
Some emotions can be deeply scary
But we cannot shut them up – that voice
If I can't be the one who possess
No one else will ever be with her

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