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1. Right Before

Hush, stop roaming around boy
Digging the ground
‘Cause there is no freedom

Day by day in the dark
Fear betrays your heart
You can’t see the chains

Choices have side effects
You can’t hide anywhere

Not so deep in the soil a seed will rise
Not so deep there’s your will, the will to rise

Unleash the anger from the ashes of your pain that day will come

When you defend the right
To be who you are boy
Don’t you feel your life

Holding on to your dreams
Whatever it means
Don’t you feel alive?

Choices have side effects
So do your own mistakes

Unleash the anger from the ashes of your pain that day will come
Unleash the anger from the ashes of your pain that day has come

2. This Ain't Another Love Song

Once you’ve said these words to me
“Please don’t come near again
Every time we get too close your touch turns into pain”
On this rose too many thorns
I’ve been through it myself
Stronger gets her heady smell
Deeper wounds on my skin
My skin

For no reason like the waves
Drifting on to the rocks
We can run like hell from shore
But we’re doomed to return

I can’t
I quit

I know we both know it wasn’t meant to be like this
Since when the word love for us means only shedding tears

This ain’t another love song

3. The Hatch

Late at night I close my eyes
There’s no one here close to me
Suddenly my mind is upset
I look around I’m scared

I hear voices, I see red eyes
I’m surrounded, I am kidnapped
The nightmare is back, it’s tearing me apart
Feel paralyzed, cannot breathe
Far away I see a dim light
No I don’t want to die

Burning eyes stare at me
Creeping hand holding me
I’m inside the nightmare
It is dark all around

Deep down inside I
Can defeat my fears and
I know something great
That I want you to know

Now I can get out of my maze
Tell the world I am alive
Tell the world I’ve found the way
I can get out of my maze

Late at night I close my eyes
No I don’t care when I die

4. Morning Rain

Hi dad
It is never too late to talk
You know
As you always used to say but now
Falls down
My gaze
To the ground

Memories make a sound – sometimes I can hear it
It’s like an early morning rain
And I lose myself – like an endless river
Love is flowing by my side – I can still hear you calling me

5. The Drowning Line

As he steps out in the black
Through low cost dreams in market streets
He feels like he’s becoming invisible
The boy gets visions in his head
A need to escape catches his heart
Starts feeling like nothing is impossible

He feels ready for the race
Young enough to not be afraid
Of trying the bitter taste of failure
Prozac helps him to elevate
Climbing up the Wall Street trade
‘Cause the view is just something incredible

Just beyond the golden drowning line
Sheep become wolves
Hunting into the fence

Just beyond the golden drowning line
Sometimes some of us just stop to swim
But no one is blameless

6. The Glass Fortress

It’s so much time I’m waitin’
You don’t respond
While I’m right here tryin’ to call
Stayed awake
Tryin’ to stop myself drinkin’
The ceiling burns
In this cold sunrise halflight

[Phone voice mail:]
“Um, when you hear this message please, please call me back. This time I’m really going to change, trust me.”

I have lost my lifeblood
I am drownin’
Drownin’ in a rushing river with no escape
Why do you not hear my screams?

I still make mistakes
It’s hard to change now
And we’re far away
Then it’s time to rise to the surface
I know you’re waiting for me now

Loneliness is my blame
And I’m walkin’
Walkin’ in the darkness of an endless night
Is the dawn still there?

Emptiness inside me
I killed your heart
And I wasted my life with my deepest sin
Will I ever rise again?

7. Summer '97

Summer ‘97
We sat down there in silence
Staring at the ocean’s clouds
The echo of laughs and whispers
That time has gone
But eyes closed I can feel it once again

Found no answer
Staring at the sun
Feeling unsafe and so untouchable
All those feelings – closed behind walls
I built up waiting for you to break through
What a fool I used to be back then

Never ending
Any answer
Bridges were burnt

So I locked the door behind my back
Swallowed by the bedroom
Wanted to sleep till the end of pain
Just to disappear

Never ending
Any answer
Bridges were burnt

Till I rose again

Then last week I saw you once again
Well isn’t it so strange?
Once you were the main thing in my life
And now I couldn’t care less

8. In Crescendo

There she stands alone
The girl facing the mirror
Is trying to close here eyes before she cries
And now she knows
Her life will be so different
Before she was still young
She can’t turn back

There she stands alone
The girl facing the mirror
Has run away from home long time ago
And now she knows
There is no happy ending
No charming prince to take her far away


His brown eyes and that cologne she will never forget
On the ground feelin’ elsewhere all the time that they shared
What went wrong now that the belly comes out from the shirt
She’s afraid what she would give to be told “it’s OK”


Please don’t judge me baby
When you are all grown up
Now you still don’t know me
But my life is yours

Please don’t judge me honey
When you are grown up
I’ve just felt your moving
Can you hear my voice?

I know you’ll be the chance to find the love I’ve never had
It’s hard but not too l ate to find a way out of my mess
I won’t run away I can deal with what I used to hide
All I really needed was the only thing I couldn’t find

Wipe your eyes

It will be OK…

Diego Marchesi (Lead & backing vocals)
Diego Cafolla (Guitar & backing vocals)
Ivan Nastasi (Guitar & backing vocals)
Thundra Cafolla (Drums & Percussions)
Cristian Della Polla (Keyboards & Synths)
Francesco D'Errico (Bass Guitar)

Thanks to metal_head for sending these lyrics.

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