Dark Lyrics


1. Ancient Serpents

You heirs of sin, invite me in
Crawl through my pale skin
Bid welcome to my desire

Come break me down, come choke me up
Smother the human in me and set that wicked free
Shaped of filth and shame, cursed by thy name
With head held low, flows of pity and woe

Pierce my hollow self, the vanity of a wretched one
Satiate this sickening void, with profound looks of scorn

Bite hard, bite deep, your bitter poison I keep

The shroud of gloom falls upon me
The rivers of blood stream from my devoted veins

Behold and lo, the ruins of me
Speak of me not! With your poisonous tongues
Words will shatter in your books of rust
Oh you ancient serpents of lies and lust!

Unfold this rapture and that horror
From these dark eyes of the abhorrer
The heirs of sin, they dwell within
The venom they sire, their burning fire
Fear them not, their haunting shadow
Dare to succumb, drag you below

Tempt you not, their vicious charm
No time for lament, but only harm!

2. Daughter Of Eve

"Woman! Go and sin no more!"
Crawl back in, to your darkest shell
Steal the light and turn day into night

Then tear this flesh apart and devour me
Feed this bestial urge, oh lustful villain
Swallow my dripping blood and kiss me coldly
Embrace the remains of a hollow man

I chant to you hymns of purity and tunes of virtue
Blessed I am, daughter of eve, among all women

Come be crowned and be queen
To reside in your rightful place
Build your throne with my broken bones
Upon this broken will of a man

Seek me, under this eternal spell
Take me, away from this Hell
'Tis so tragic to see what has truly become of us

Feed me your lies, burn the memories I left behind
Make them undone, your shadow haunts me down

3. Praising My Pain

Your black hand scars my brawn
Carving your name
Your screams pierce the void
Praising my pain

And the shadows that haunt me still
Silence my throbbing pulse
Awaken to this pitiful reality
But then again, slumber invades my limbs

Nailed to your merciless cross
Rid me from this sickening burden
My fallen empire, a stolen legacy
As Eden crumbles beneath your feet

Kneel before my dying memory
And wither into oblivion
You wallow in your sorrow
I cherish my false Heavens

Your colorless eyes
Your cries of desperation
Your arousing touch still burns my skin
My shameful past, a river of regrets
Drifting along, all that is left
So forgive me as I praise
This unbearable pain

4. The Harbinger Of Doom

Oh fruit of the divine, bless me with a glimpse
As I kneel before thee and praise thy glory

Bringer of Doom, behold the flame
For angel will fall, fall in thy name

High on your throne, crowned with scars
Your majesty bleeds, blood of the Gods

Your sons of the Earth
And daughters of the sea
Bow before me in shame
For your sins remain

Lay down and give in
As I sing to you this amending hymn
Fall for me, my wasted strife
And I cry for thee, for your life
Bone, flesh and blood, no longer remain
He awaits, the bringer of Doom

Come embrace me, oh my child...
Cursed in life and conquered by death
When you fall, you fall in my name
For I have held, held the flame

5. A Casual Stray

Under feverish throes of confused pain
Melts an image in tears, of a girl made of glass
Breaking under the weight of her sorrow
Scattered across the echoing floor

I know pain by a lot of names
But I have only loved it by yours
I've always been alone
But learnt loneliness, by your side

Oh the inconsequence of a casual stray
Her heart's a broken compass
Always pointing to him
Finding a million ways to lose herself in him

While reminisce plays deceitful tunes
Entraps her in wistful longing and sweetly wounds
She is perishing in bloody ceremony
Under the lasting thought of him
It's in his heart, hers seeks its echo
It's his image it clings to and won't let go

Many nights spent in prayer
Loving on bended, bloodied knees
For a caress of hair
For these lips and yours to meet

As life dims all around me
And prospects wither and fade
Lay my body down among the dust to devour me
Just another shadow among the shade
In this wide gulf of tears
Waiting for you, all these years

Still as the cold consumes her
And silence overtakes her
She cannot forget the words
To her song... Only One

6. The Script Of Sorrow

Life stands still, aroused by a lusterous gaze
Clinging unto moments of timeless joy
Unharmed, unscarred, torpid, dwelt never before
Splendor, passionate, complete, the lure if it all
Fragile, delicate, devoid of her bestial cruelty
As death awaits the yielding of our remains

Keeper of the faith, herald of despair
Bless me oh thy bloody Majesty
As I lie down, with my suffering
Piteous be thy glorious son

Never shall we fail the mourning darks
Never shall we weep the demise of the sun

With wretched hearts and burning fire
These cold hands and open veins
We lay down the script of sorrow
Sealed with blood and a pledge to woe

7. Claim The Dark

Through your body reflects a serene, silent still
Your heart's throes resound a nature of a violent kind

What hope is aroused in your cavernous breast?
What unspoken pleas brew, in that brooding breath?
When warmth has long left these withered veins
And my hallowed bones are all that remain

Begone out of sight
Begone into the night

Where Gods mourn their dying might
And angels weep their fading light
On your damn bloodied knees
Fall and plead unto me
Bend the flesh to your pleasing
This love made so obscene
Claim the dark away from me
Please wither and leave me be

Your last breath, enchanting death
Dawn of cries, where the dark lies

Cherish my pain, never forget
Tears will fall, never again
Embrace the silence and drift away
The trail of memories would lead you to me

8. Blood Of Saints

Feed on me, bleed with me
Misery, our destiny
Shadows fall upon us all
I kneel down so hear my call
When he dies, the Earth cries
Embracing the blackest skies

Cold hands, strike hard with pain
Red tears, fell down like rain
Dark eyes, see right through me
Cruel voice, mourns my body
Your deathless Gods and all their pleas
The Heavens above there at your feet

Take me, we'd be undone
Cut me, we'd lie as one

The blood of Saints on your hands
Nothing left for amends
The guilt, the lies, the cries
Mercy fades from your eyes

9. Aged Wine And Woe

Our dark room, lying there bereaved
Drowned in woe, our fate is sealed
Your bleak body, wrapped in mine
Shredding red, like a glass of wine

We stare and we share
Our deepest misfortunes
With every death, with every sigh

And with the last bit you sipped
Our dismal souls are ripped

Hold on to me, as we fall
Demons await, the blackest of all
Deep and horrid is the hole
Bitter was the taste of woe

10. Lost Control

[originally by Anathema]

Life has betrayed me once again
I accept some things will never change
I've let your tiny minds magnify my agony
And it's left me...
With a chemical dependency, for sanity

Yes, I am falling...
How much longer till I hit the ground?
I can't tell you why I'm breaking down
Do you wonder why I prefer to be alone?
Have I really lost control?

I'm coming to an end
I've realized what I could have been
I can't sleep so I take a breath
And hide behind my bravest mask
I admit I've lost control

Erce Arslan – Drums
Charbel Abboud – Keyboards
Pierre Najm – Guitars
Milia Fares – Violin, Vocals
Wissam Abiad – Bass
JP Haddad – Vocals, Guitars, Guitars (acoustic) (Track 10)

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