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1. Bloody Tourniquet

Forever, in my mind you dwell
beyond my dreams you'll breathe

Let me lead you to the river, where we swam
Sweet memories shine through a lonesome path ..
Oh the path became so rough and narrow
I cannot bare the cross alone
Your blood covered my skin, your sins cut me deep

Nothing is worthy to be called 'eternal'
but this ruthless pain, the scar that remains ...
Where are the flowers we once grew?
Few words are left unsaid but they would be forgotten too
Alone I await in the shade
and hope for nothing more, but death .

Sleep, let your tired body rest, lay your head on his chest
and drift away to where I shall await ...

would I run? to where?
Would I shout? for whom?
would I love? only you ..

The taste of wine still thick in my throat
and the heavy smell of her
sticking to my skin like clouds of flies,
bless me with a thought...
I come upon the same pale vision
of us when we were young.
to the place where we two used to lay...
do you sometimes dream of a bloody tourniquet?

2. A Breath Of Despair

As I lie breathing in the stale air of this lonely room...
with solitude for solace, I find merciful shade in this gloom
reflected are my thoughts, of a woeful and wistful race...
carving their message of pain in the lines on my face...
curtained with night fall, and cloaked in the obscure, cold mist
I, lamenting and longing... rendered forgotten, in abandoned tryst
where are you now lover? and in whose arms?
do you think of me still? or am I too far?

I cradeled your unhealing scars, tucked underneath my skin
as they tore me apart, seared me from the bloody within
and would have cherished them for life... and for always...
should you not have strayed so lover... and so far away.'
with a breath of despair hovering over me tight
unaware, was sacrificed for your resurrection's rite.

3. A Silent Surrender

You bid my name, I crawl and take the blame
your tears dry, leaving me only stains

reminders where you laid your face...
right next to mine, in our final embrace.

empty words fell from your lips
falling away, you plead then betray

I'm bound in pain, my doom delivered
To dead memories, a silent surrender

the earth beneath our bed shifted
light as shadow you were lifted
you hid where I couldn't follow
your voice sounded so hollow

with the promise of a lonely eternity,
I pledge myself to keep our memory.
and while the world burns to ash and cinder,
with my dying breath, a prayer I send her,
raising the flames of my funreal pyre...
don't turn your back to me now, my ashen liar

4. Solitary Impact

Dry eyes betray the curse
Satin skin wanders the night
Lost beauty walks in hazy delusion

Mornings so silent and lonely
Dull shadows haunt the walls
Somber moods creep within

Mindless, lifeless, absurd

In the dark corners of loneliness
The struggles do not prevail
The endless oblivion summons me
Whispers, Voices, Silence

Devoid of life, your body
Twisted & damned, your soul
Is it your love, she cherishes?
While laying in another's arms?

I am guilty of no betrayal beloved
You exquisite creature of Caine's downfall

But rivers of wine did part us
My heart was sacrificed on your throne

I was grasped by temptation
As your weakness torn my soul apart

I fought the battle but lost the war
With false weapons, my dear ...

Within her fading light, you're blind
The crimson craving, your demise
Once again, alone ...

A hollow vision I hold
Ripped from emotions, bereaved
By the mere void that crushes what glows
Wretched, corrupted, faded ...

Gray roses blossom in my heart
Sensation flees, ah numbness resides
Inner screams trouble my mind
Forgotten, shattered, hypnotized...

A viral anguish succumbs to my soul
Trapped in the asylum of my own fate
Journeys undone, all dreams gone
Dismayed, daunted ...

Against my warm wrist
Jagged edges press deep

5. Holy Grief

Straps of sorrow cover the spirit
wandering in the shadows of life and death
raging emotions turn to numbness
as the images of those long gone recede.

The skies bleed awe
and lakes cry blood
as we lay apart
retching our love.

Psalms of the ancient ones
pierce the withering throat of our faith
and we inhale the smell
of divinity rotting in its grave.

One last memory mingles
of faint chants and broken vows
and until the next dawn
it shall engulf the sanity of his mind

Blinded by false light
he steps on razors and shattered glass
no pain tears his flesh
the real agony is already gone.

In the kingdom of holy grief
the mourning of the wanderer begins
no veils ,no remorse
only the whispers of a foreign shore.

6. In The Shade Of Nephilim

Beauty of the night
Betrayed my soul
For her carnal taste I mourn ..

Arise from your slumber
Take me by the hand
Through elysium we wander
Ruins of a forgotten land

Her luscious body defiled
Lays cold in the mud
Till her memories r revived
Unleashed, now she haunts

Dance to the ancient moon to celibacy
of our archaic rites my sweet misery
Swirl and whirl in unison
with the macabric call

Kiss the raging flesh in despondency
The promise in her eyes, raw ,amatory
Blood and sweat, the key to eternity
For the scarred eyes of our tragedy

Mistress of the night invoked by my lechery
For her alone, I cry in agony

Oh sweet Lilith
Ur presence I feel
In my Darkest dreams
you reappeared again

7. All That I Am

The secrecy of the fierce night
Overwhelmed me with a great fright
And sanity with a wild blast
cruelly unleashed the beasts of past

Shocking me Killing me
Trashing my Destiny
Still this man Trying to
Tear down all That I am

Beyond this sham stands a man
Trying to kill all that I am
Still this man trying to
Tear down all that I am!

8. The Taste Of Treason

Your ailing cries, reach my deaf ears
and your longing sighs, caress my heart
unquenched by your helpless tears
what do you hope to summon by these hopeless feats?

what secrets darken your fair brow,
and of make silvery slithering serpents, leak?

do you seek salvation, cast aside
perchance drifted in by the wayward tide?
perhaps it's a kindly saviour, betrayed?
whose own blood was drawn to allay

to satiate your pain, as you craved
for his own, to strike his heart and remain...

The aconite taste of treason, still lingers on my lips.
and my blood is yet painted fresh on your delicate finger tips.
sweet memories, rotted and quickly turned to dust...
as my black heart, fast catches rust

I wonder do you sing to him, like you did for my ears?
and do his able shoulders hold your everlasting tears?
as mine did, along with those fatal shears
that -my kind lover- you bequeathed.
what of your heart? mine's abdicated mistress
does it house my orphaned image still?
or is it host for another's, oh faithless!

how dare you wear her face? and how can you speak in her tongue?
she who slumbered at my side... and for whose beauty, I longed
standing before me is but a scorned, aged reflection
an empty vessel, void of her tender affection

and as with the last rays of the drowning, witness sun
I kiss goodnight and goodbye forever, my beloved one.

9. Of Wine And Woe

Our darkroom, with a bottle of wine
and The smell of her fading scent
Into her pit of despair and my loneliness
The song of a woeful heart
Brings me closer to you
Oh My dark eyed angel
Would you have given me this last kiss d'Adieux...

10. The Garden Tomb


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