Dark Lyrics


1. Words Don't Last Forever, Your Wounds Will

columns of smoke
this city is burning tonight
spirals of flame torching your chapels of white
the ruin of your ways
will bring about the end of days
run your mouth and talk your shit
but we all know you are full of it
you're just another piece of shit
you're just a worthless son of a bitch
you better watch what you're saying to me
it's going to put you six feet deep
you are going to wind up dead in the street
dead in the streets

2. Just When You Thought I Was Listening

you say it's to new depths that I'm sinking
not just your heart I am breaking
more than your heart is breaking
it's more than your heart that's breaking
1000 miles
you're set to attack
voice on my phone
weight on my back
you are set to attack
no matter how far I fucking run
I can't get away from the barrel of your gun
so go on
so come on pull your trigger
fire at will
I will warn you
you better shoot to kill

3. Time To Teach Her A Lesson Called "Replaceable"

there is no forgetting this
there is no forgetting what you did
so I will bide my time waiting in the wings
ready to (wanting to) unleash such terrible (horrible) things
if you think that only in my dreams I'll inflict this much harm
just wait until the night I have you in my arms
then you will know what my dreams are made of
goodnight, my dear

4. Put A Sock In It

make sure you get the job done
if you don't there is nowhere to run
don't leave me here with a breath in my lungs
you will regret all that you have not done
you better leave me dead where you stand
or bury me up to my neck in sand
better remove my arms
you better break my legs
cut off my head
you better kill me

5. Skip The Break Up, Get To The Make Up

I was looking for a girl with the tightest pants
wanted to see her fucking shake that ass
I saw those legs from across the room
took my shots and then made my move
she said, "late night hotel room. we both know what we came to do"
knew right then I had to make her mine
little hand said it was only a matter of time
until I got her home and back into the bed
screaming so loud she could wake the dead
she said, "don't stop, don't stop! c'mon and make ginger pop"
hit the lights
keep it steady
lock and load
fire when ready

6. (Here's An Idea) How About More Of Me & Less Of You

I think I might just self destruct
this situation is about to implode
my fuse is shrinking
time is getting short
inside me a bomb is set to explode
set to explode
there is no need for you to explain
your truth's never what it seems
you've got me all wound up
it's not every day you wake up with a gun in your mouth
today you just must have pissed me off somehow
pissed me off somehow
time to bite the bullet

7. White Trash But Worth Every Cent

never thought that I could let you make me believe
but I did it anyway
never thought that you could sit there and bathe in deceit
and you did it anyway
if I could take it back
every word and dollar spent
everything I said to you was exactly what I meant
all the flowers I bought are starting to wilt
won't see me shed a tear over blood that I've spilled
never shed a tear over blood spilled
but it won't matter if they're dead or alive
it doesn't matter to me if you live or die
you said you always wanted flowers
so I brought you flowers for your grave

8. Losing Weight And Looking Great

kicked down the door
stormed the room
everybody standing there didn't know what to do
who needs sleep?
no, not tonight
I won't quit until I see sunlight
get me a drink or maybe five and find some girls who will eat me alive
who needs sleep?
baby, not tonight
by the looks of you we'll be doing alright
just sex and sweat
we'll party all night long
and in the morning honey, I'll be gone
who needs sleep?
only got time to screw all of you

9. Maybe Death Is A Gift


10. If Only My Eyes Were Loaded

death shall come quickly
pray to your god for light
combat begins tonight
showdown at sundown
killing begins tonight
no mercy
bring me the heads of the guilty
show no mercy
killing begins tonight, no mercy
bring me the heads of the guilty
of the guilty
damned for all time
bring me their heads

11. You Getting Boom Boom With The Bridesmaids?

one thing is certain I will go out on my feet
you can sure as hell bet it won't being my fucking sleep
won't let you grind me down live a life filled with your regret
no regrets
there is no way I will fall from my feet
there is no way I will die on my knees
never surrender
never say die

12. Stop Crying Just Start Dying

symptoms rise beneath the static
something impulsive becoming habit
smile through my teeth
gaze upon (fear) this animal underneath
know how your screams they excite me
and how your pain it ignites me
I'll squeeze the blood from your veins
I'll drain the life until nothing remains
I told you once, don't want to tell you again
it will be too late you'll be fucking dead
don't bother to leave on a light
you won't be making it home tonight
said it once, I'll say it again
I fucking love (live for) getting even
I brought my noose give me that neck
and we'll see just how far it can stretch

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