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1. No Leaders

Cower in fear while no man stands at the pulpit
It’s not as if we could do any better
A flash of light
It’s 3 AM
Here’s your wake up call
Red phone ringing
No one home
Another vacation
We've reached critical mass
And incompetence is life
Systematic failure is a go
The empty suit is here to stay
But it’s not like I could do better
No one can lead us
To the other side
To the light
They are all corrupt
They are all greedy
They all lie
They all steal
They all fail
They all die
Just like you

2. Questions To A Brick Wall

Why don’t you go kill each other
Release me from this social bullshit
Don’t judge me - I’ve got problems of my own
Don’t ask me - I’m beyond the point of caring
I’m not your demigod or talking head or Q & A man
Posing questions to a brick wall
Would yield a better result
Step one, my own best effort
Step two, repeat step one
Step three, fuck it

3. Dig Two Graves

I’ve said my goodbyes
This is a one way mission
List checked, execution day
When I find you, you’re gone
Semtex, det cord, detonator
I’ve made a suicide pact with myself
I am prepared to take you with me
The final satisfaction
Bringing you to justice for mankind

4. As Roaches

Toxic laden aerosols
As agenda for depopulation
Bioengineered pathogens target ethnic groups
Cryptic genocide machine
False population statistics
Realistic mortality rate unknown
A ruthless organized reduction of life
All while convincing you that everything is well
Global power structure in check
And dividends justify the means
This is MK Ultra part two

5. Pressing The Flesh

Four year cycle here again
Bullshit train rides
The fucking spin
Money takers free of sin
Blowing smoke for your vote
As the best liar
As the best liar
As the best liar
As the best liar

6. Conflict Within

The sad images in everything
Promises broken, shattered dreams
Sliding down the razor wire
Endlessly stressed
Picking up the pieces
Creating more of a mess
War of the senses
Conflict within
Loss of sanity
It never ends

7. Pandemic

It’s the state of emergency
But the front door is wide open
Paranoia pandemic profiteers
The investors are the illness
Prepare your FEMA camps
With every injection the stock goes up
As the population goes down
Bending genetics is the true sickness
Red handed media manipulation
Panicked visions of impending doom
Repeat the epidemic hoax
To gain emergency powers

8. Vicious Slaughter

Heads on poles, screaming child
Innocent fools are meant to die
Beating humans from head to toe
Lost my mind a long time ago
Vicious fucking slaughter
No care for the weak
Time to do what’s right
Kill everyone I see
Impaled bodies, limbs blown away
No more listening to what they say
Murder your family and laugh while you fret
Revenge for abuse I can’t forget
Vicious fucking slaughter
No care for the weak
Time to do what’s right
Kill everyone I fucking see
Fuck you if you can’t comply
It’s my world and you must die

9. Final Days

Wild shooters roam the streets
Head shot snipers hide above
Machetes work the houses
Selling final moments of horror
No law left, no retribution
No one to stop the insanity
Civilians turned demons
Inhaling the power of fear like crack
I sit here waiting for the door to be forced
Prepared to execute my own hatred
I have waited my entire life for this moment

10. Postmortem Exoneration

The so called divine system of truth
An overall indictment of failure
Callous, morbid, and foolhardy
The mental torture of an innocent
No one to turn to
No one to believe you
Appeal upon appeal, denial upon denial
The revolving door locked upon entry
Stuck at the dock without the toll
Your sentence reversed
Your chains removed
Futile restoration for the dead
The final insult from an unfair world
The repeat of abject history

11. Industry Of Fear

Formulating scenarios
Creating ample markets
To prey upon your fears
Crossing the line of sanity
Always something more
To protect what you buy
Spending won’t make it last longer
Fear drives the purchase
Stop screaming at me
Associating self doubt
With boredom and a wallet
Cashing in on the worst case scenario
Something new to tie you down
Turning risk into revenue
Spending needlessly for another’s
Financial well being
Turn off the business of fear

12. No Justice No Peace

Declared war upon the species
No planned end in sight
Complete breakdown
Of all moral codes
Cultures, habitats, societies
Taken at gunpoint
The future course of life
Set for extinction
Marketed modified foods rotting stomachs
The poor starve as you count McMillions
Take off your blindfold
No justice, no peace
Your sword is useless
Your scales have been compromised
Now you’re only hiding from yourself
From your own bullshit

13. Targets In Straightjackets

Fuck you, right wing Christian dickheads
Fuck you, PC left with no balls at all
Soldiers are not pigs
Soldiers are not cops
Bring your pawns home
And fall on your own sword
Pay for your own
Fucking mistakes
This is not kindergarten
This is families and funerals
I will shit on your graves for this

14. Primetime Dogma

Fifty-five inches of heavenly delight
A sick god on an altar
All hail the mighty television
Technologically advanced
Civilization put to sleep by 200 channels of shit and fear
Bask in its truth and knowledge
For its heavenly light shows us
The way to salvation
What to buy
How to sell
We’re saved
You’re fuck
Clicking and roaming like sheep
Looking for their shepherds
Beamed direct to the masses
Live via satellite

15. Death Of Reality

Televised laughing stock
Edited to look like an asshole
Slum dog jackasses
This is a fucking joke
Where’s my goddamned remote?
Is this 15 minutes worth all your dignity
It’s all an act beginning to end
A fool’s parade of nonsense
Do you even know your true self?
Your 15 minutes are up

16. The Walking Dead

Lean, mean fighting machine
Fueled by patriotism
Red, white, and blue illusions of world peace
Bringer of death
You’re welcome
The battlefield in my mind
Can’t stand my own reflection
This fighting machine is broken
Soul crushing reality
Smashed mirrors and pools of blood
No spark, no life
No love for the walking dead
This mission will never be over

17. Purveyors Of Death

Consuming, killing, ruining
Everywhere the flag goes
Destruction follows right behind
We come in peace
First words of the invader
Your freedom delivered at
The end of a barrel
No one cares about the injustice
There will be no more peace
Taking at will
Using up
Thrown away

18. Customer Service

This time I’m wrecking it all
You son of a bitch
Dead ringer for apathy right here, folks
The line’s on mute, the tone drops
This call will be monitored for quality assurance
I want to take this stapler
Crush your fucking skull in
Yes, I’ll note this on your account
Your problem is you
There is no obligation to baby you
Don’t call me buddy, guy
Yes, I just hung up on you

19. Cull The Herd

Cull the herd soft
Weapon deployed
A global sickness
The antidote you can’t afford
Extermination of the commons
Global elitism at its worst
Eugenics guarantees their future
Sterilization of the nation
The poor paid to dig mass graves
Stack the bodies, cull the herd
Population control
For the greater good

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