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1. Picking Up The Pieces

And now you've come so far and climbed so high, and all it cost were the words we built ourselves up on. Another step. Just one more time. Why turn back now? As you're starting to forget something we lost so long ago. But we remember the taste of our blood, you taught us all so well. Exhale. It's gone. One breath and four years lost. Did you miss us as we fell through the cracks of your lies? But we found a home in the lowercase letters of words you'll never read and songs you'll never hear. And you'd remember, but we've bit our tongues for so long now that we forgot what we had to say. We're spitting blood and you can't see. But now we know tomorrow means nothing if we all die today. But we won't die today. This doesn't die today.

2. We'll Always Have Paris

Did you know that you've been keeping me alive? Through the darkest days and the longest nights. The world is wrong because this is right. And everyday is another reason why. Everything can fall apart. Everything can fade. Everything will fail. But this, it just gets stronger.

3. Save.Our.Ship

All we've got is nothing. The road we chose was long, and far too hard. And the sight of you brings no rest. Just more to bear and everything to lose. This silence says it all, and I wish I'd never heard. But I've been tired for so long now, and nothing seems to matter anymore. So sing me to sleep with a lullaby of lies, because I'm broken now, lying on an empty floor. And all I got was "forever". This fire burns with hope, and fear, and need. But I've seen too many night to ever let it die. Love is only a word. I've searched for answers and all I've found was a liar and a thief in you. Yesterday you saved me from the world. Today you took it all away. How come it's our best years that always end the worst? And they never seem to end. So maybe they were right. It takes some time, but in the end, everyone goes down.

4. Play The Tune Or Die

It all breaks down. I'm not giving up tonight. Let's call this giving in. I'm going down and I'm so sick of fighting. So tired from another dreamless sleep. Afraid to try again. Afraid I'll see the truth, a half-hearted war for nothing. I've got nothing to gain. Four walls crack as blood runs down broken hands. Another broken thought goes unsaid as I lay still. I'm still the only one who sees. Indifference is a gift from time, slowly taking over. This bottle's almost dry. The car is skidding and I can't feel the wheel. So we'll just wait, and we'll scream. We'll scream but no one will hear. So save your breath. Just save your breath. My words come out twisted, mangled, and coated in broken glass. It hurts as much to say as I know it does to hear, but I don't think I care anymore.

5. 10 1/2

But now all that's left is this line, and I'm crossing it again. Just one more time for the last time. And the worst part is in the end, I know that you'll be there on either side again, no matter what we say. And no matter what you do, you'll be waiting long past just tonight. But disappointment's nothing new. By now, you must be used to the sound of hollow words from bloody lips. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for every empty day, and more for those scarred with pain and tears. We've come too far to quit, and even if I could, I know I'd still do this all again. But by now, I've gotten used to the sound of hollow words from a broken mind, and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But now I'm climbing against yesterday and fighting off tomorrow. And maybe someday, I'll meet you at the top. But these days are sharp, and these nights are no relief. They hurt so bad. So just give up. Give up tonight for the last time. Show me the way again, and I promise I'll let you down.

6. Before You Fall Asleep

From the bottom looking up, I never thought I'd know the meaning of these words, or how it felt to hear them back. Every morning came with chards of glass. Another broken dream didn't seem so bad. I was on my last wish, until you came and took my hand. And showed that there was a reason to breathe. Now the tears are gone, and I can see. And I'm praying your forever starts with me. The truth is, I've only come this far because of you, and I need you here to see this through. Let's start forever today. The years will pass but this won't change. I hope you're not too far gone to hear. But let these words ring out forever. I'll scream until my last breath. Scratch these words in blood, until my heart runs dry. This heart that beats for you. Its all for you.

7. January 2nd

Pull the shades, I'll stay here in the dark tonight. Because I'm afraid I might catch a glimpse of myself in the light. I hate this fucking song, but I'll turn it up if it keeps me from hearing what I have to say. So I'll tell myself that it's all right, and I'll be fine, but in the end, it's all just lies. Nothing's all right, and I'm not okay. So long I've burned the truth trying to make it right. Tonight I'll spark the flames just one more time. Everything's gone wrong. And I know that it's all my fault.

8. Pardon The Interruption

This throat's been dry for years. These lungs still scream for air. And slamming door and breaking glass can't cover up the tears. These words mean nothing. But nothing changes, and in five more years, we still won't be heard. I'm still screaming.

9. The Escape

I'm running out of distractions to keep me from the truth, and I'm running out of places I can go to stay away. This broken glass has only sharpened with the years, and I can't remember how it looked before it fell so fast. What will become of this when I'm gone? It's sad to say, but from here, there's not much left anyways. But tonight I'm staying in, it's warmer than outside. And thoughts can't echo off the walls like through the air. If you can't read this, it's because my hands are shaking from the cold of another night alone. So tell me that to dream about tonight, because I never got that far on my own. And God, hold onto me tonight. Pull me close before I slip away. I've turned from you, but it might not be too late. And maybe this is wrong, but if it all goes as planned, you'll never know I'm gone.

10. By Now

So right, so smart. So true. Yeah? So tell me why I'm wrong if it was all for you. Your scars are deep, and with every word, I'm only adding salt. The knife is in your back, and I keep twisting. By now I've kicked myself for so long, I can't remember why. I swear to God, it should be bright, but it's been days since I've seen light. But I'll smile because I know, these traps - I've set them for myself. Every sleepless night has left me tired, and weak. And every day drags on just to end in the same way. And I'll walk away with a torn heart, and heavy eyes, and red hands. 'And it's all because of you. But those days are gone, and with every yesterday, the stains begin to fade. My heart has healed. My eyes are wide. These hands are clean. And I'll never be sorry for this again. Not one more fucking tear.

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