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1. Rough Draft (An Explanation)

Where do you go when everything you know is wrong, if you know anything at all? Tomorrow always starts so bright before it fades and all the empty faces, they all turn again. When the lights are off, we're all just dead again. Kill the lights, kill the pain, kill the lights, kill the pain.

2. Critical Thought

Your heart is breaking, your head keeps pounding out...Spelling out what you know best, that everything is just a mess. Some things are netter left unsaid. And they'll run, but there's nothing you can do. The cuts and blood and fading and love and empty words are real and it's nothing, but it's something to be said. There's nothing to be said. The more we talk of yesterday and all the things they used to say, the less we really hear ourselves. We are not the past because we are here today and it's worth so much than just two words...There's so much more to say let's let it go. They gave it up or is there nothing else to say?

3. Post Script

(This town is fucked) There's only one way out, and it's down. Down...fucking down. They're all waiting for the end to watch you fall waiting, just to fill the space, there's only one way out, and it's never the right way. We're always right because they're always wrong. We're always right because they're always gone. Everyone foregets in time, and there's always time to kill right now. And while you hear, just try to see, maybe nothing is sincere...Fuck...they're always wrong, they're always wrong, they're always wrong. Fuck this town, fucking walk away. Just walk away to die. Fuck this town, fuck everything, our youth is spent fucking blind. Fuck this song, fucking stop the tape...there's nothing left to say. Fuck this song, just stop the tape. Maybe you'll see in time.

4. If It Rains

Tonight, one night can last forever, tonight one night can last for years. And damn, maybe they're all right but damn i know they're wrong. Every night reminds me of everything I never had. I still dream in color, it's just the days are black and white. I know where I want to be, I just don't know where I am. And I know your face so well, I just don't know where you are. Hope, I just don't wait, just don't stay. It's all a mess. So I'll take another breath, I'll take another stop again so now I've searched, so now I know all we do is decay.

5. Where The Heart Is

It's been so long since it rained this hard, so I'll drive with the windows down to remember how iot felt to feel alive. The sky starts to clear as I'm passing by your house for the second time again, you're still away...and I'm still here. How long has it been since you've been at home with me? I'm trying to hold on, but I'm just keeping you away. You said "I'm still standing. I'm just looking for a reason" I'm standing right here but I'm holding on too tight. You're looking right through me...or do you feel me at all? And this will never be enough, but if you're going down, this is all I have, just fucking take it. This is all I am, it's always been for you. Choke and break and steal. Take it all again. Just to say you'll n ever leave. Just never leave.

6. We're All Dead Ends

Sing. You've heard this all before. These words are yours. Scream. You've felt this way before, and you're feeling it again. Sometimes it just seems we're the ones who hope forgot, but sometimes, it seems we're the ones who forgot to hope and you're feeling it again. These words are yours, so scream, everyone. Because we're feeling it again. Scream everyone. So fuck it all, let's burn everything. It was never ours to lose. Our sight is gone, what we see is what we hear, and what we feel we'll believe. We're all fucked, so fuck it all. There's nothing we can do. We're all going down on this ship we'll never make it home...Nothing ever changes because everything was meant to fail. And we're feeling it again. Scream.

7. Ante Up

Let's just let them fucking hang. I fucking lost, so let's hang them all. We'll never hang ourselves. You got my all but fucking trust me you're the last one. You got me down, but I got up and now they'll fucking hang. Maybe once I break them down they'll know. And maybe once they're dead inside, they'll start to feel. Because I played my cards and fucking lost. I played my cards, so now they'll die. And everybody dies, but that was my last time. They're all dead, and it's all because of you.

8. Past The Stars

Should I really have to coax nothing but a half a heart that comes and goes, but never really stays? Will desperate words from a desperate song do anything but hurt us both? I'd rather not this time. So give me back what's left of me and I'll settle on my own you can find what you're looking for, I'll wait here, and wait for yesterday. So redraw the maps. we're lost again. Or maybe we were never going anywhere. If only we could trace the steps, we'd never find this place again...But they always wash away. You're asking, I'm trying now, but we passed the starts and found there's nothing really there. There never was. So let's go back again...again.

9. Sick Of Sleeping

For everyday, for all the years. I tried to try and fell and failed. And you were always here. I tried to write...this is all I got. I tried to sing, but this is how it sounds. Every thought, every word, everything I don't deserve I've held your hand I've weighed you down for far too long now, and I'm falling again. I'll try to let go, to pick myself up now but before I fail again... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. (this is so much bigger than me. So much greater than it all. You're so much better than me).

10. Writer's Block

It doesn't matter what I say, it could be anything. All that matters is what they hear, and fuck, it can be beautiful Fuck. We'll turn it into something grand. We killed the meaning, there's nothing to hear. Say it again, we're all shooting blanks. We're reckless and we've got nothing to say. Fuck, I could be way out on a limb, but I don't think you're hearing me. You only like the words that are cliche but then again, who gives a fuck? most of you just want to fuck each other up. I doubt you even hear. I doubt you even care. Fuck.

11. 39th And Glisan

We've lost it all, but in the ashes we've found what's been gone for so long. From the deepest pain comes the greatest joy. Remember that if nothing else. And those days we spent our nights running from are never far behind We owe them nothing, but we'll never get away. So we'll pay our debt with blood and sweat from these moments. Just words and the hearts where they were born. Our pockets are as empty as our heads, and that's just how it should be. We're sick and we're tired but we're finally happy. Sometimes all it takes to find a home is to leave. And a thousand miles is all it took this time. We've lost it all but what matters is tonight tomorrow the same. Tonight, we're home, and no matter where we are we'll never be alone.

12. Four Years Too Late

Just pick up a place, and I'll be there. Pick anything that's what I'll be. Give me anything to say, even if it's nothing. That's all you'll hear. Everything was never enough for you. Do you ever say my name? Or do you ever write down broken thoughts and turn them into songss to throw away? Do you ever close your eyes and wish they'll never open again? I do, it's always worse in silence...No lies to tell no one to hear. When air turns cold. We sleep alone. Everytime I try to say your name it's always worse on nights like this. And every night is just like this. How many times have you closed your eyes and wished to just be happy? Every night ends just like this, for me because we'll never be. We'll never be.

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