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1. (Re)acquaintance

And every night i've made it home...i just can't remember how. (POJ)

2. Part II (Motel Art)

This isn't what i hoped i'd have to say. it's nothing that you
want to hear. to say that nothing's changed would be understating
understatement. things change, times change- i remain the same,
but (only) distantly familiar. is this the way it is or just the
way i've let it be? i lie, i cheat, i steal, i kill. if i could
sleep, i dream of having reasons to wake up. they lie, they cheat,
they steal, they kill. and every night they fall asleep content.
it's not depression for depression's sake, or desperation for a
song. this is every day. this is all i know. so sick of days
dreading the nights. so tired of fighting to keep off the lights.
so sick of searching for what's going to make it right. and now
you're sick of the same song? i'm sick of writing it. falling apart
when nothings wrong. I wish i could could write a line, a sentence,
or a word that could pretend for long enough to give you what you
want. i wish i could write a line, a sentence, or a word that could
pretend for long enough to tell me what i want. but there's no
resolution here, i've learned better than to wish. there's no
resolution here. there is only this.

3. Fractures

We should have quit back when we learned this wasn't everything,
that it all fades. but we never learned how not to care. somehow,
it still fades. these are the days that should have killed me...getting
to comfortable with pain. going nowhere in the name of hope, growing
into broken bones. the fractures have all healed, and i forget that
they were there. 'sometimes' becomes every time. just wait, it will
be any time. and you'll forget where you come from, if you can say
it to yourself for long enough. but you're not going anywhere. long
enough' becomes your life...forgot how you got there. we aren't
letting go. we aren't letting go. this is letting go. And i'll forget
where i come from. said it to myself for long enough. I can't go
anywhere from here. been living 'long enough' to know that it's been
long enough. i'm letting go.

4. Thirty Four Seconds

i should have fucking known, you are who you fuck. and they called me
a thief. they called me a thief. nothing more than a thief, open
hands stretched out, begging you to take. but all you did was steal.
all you did was steal. see, we're all thieves. we all stole.
but only one gave it back. and this is how it ends, this epic tale.
this sad story. this tragedy. such a fucking waste of time that's
never coming back. but thieves don't take, they only steal.
he never wrote a song for you. every word i wrote for you...now,
this is all you get. the music's getting louder, the feeling more
familiar. and you can look a thousand times, but it will never
change. i never thought this would be your song. fuck, i never
thought this would be my song. but thieves don't write songs,
their victims write for them. i've never fucking said it before.
i've never fucking meant it more. fuck you. fuck all of you.

5. Consequence (What Comes Next)

Days change, they're getting longer. passing so much faster.
reminding me of what i've done. i'm hearing whispers. seeing
pictures of what could have, should have, never been. places we
should never go, we swore we'd never go again. 'this is where
we kill for love,' it's what we have to say. this is where i
killed for love just to get away. i lie to anyone who'll listen,
but i know i'm only killing for myself. and i'll try to convince
myself, but maybe i should just learn to wear it well. i try to
remember that i don't want to forget. these aren't memories...just
long, bad, dreams. the worst kind of nightmare, and i made it for
myself. just a stupid kid desperate to love...and he becomes a
killer. but i am not a killer. and so this time, there won't be
a next time. so good at taking everything, i've got to give it back.
this time, i am ready. i am waiting.

6. Everything But Everything

Woke up from a nightmare and tried to go back to sleep. these days
it's not the nightmares that are killing me, it's what comes next.
at least in nightmares, i know what i'm running from. and i'm scared,
but fear seems better than the truth. these days, my dreams are all
that's real...it's my life that's all just make believe. and i know
how it ends, but i can't help but watch. so caught up, i'm breaking
down. it's getting harder to pretend i care where i land. i want to
feel, i'm just scared of what that means. i remember when i could
smile without feeling like such a liar, i just wish i would have
wrote it down. you ask if there's an end in sight...i wish i had
an answer. you should have asked me back when i was young. because
i've had everything, and all i want is more. when you're sick of
standing, you just fall.

7. Hang The Jury

the dead are fucking dead, and that's how they should stay.
why dig them up when you killed them, buried, spit and walked away?
and then you gave the requiem of a lying, cheating, thief.
we're better off now that he's dead.' and everyone is safe again.
the dead are fucking dead, and that's how they should stay. for all
the years i've spent down here, nothing's really changed. we can
act like nothing happened, and it's so easy to forget. i was never
sorry, but don't think i didn't bleed. i can smile now but it
doesn't change a thing. and if you wonder why you've never heard
this before, i shouldn't have to tell you in a song. just don't say
this isn't way you wanted.

8. We Were

We were like that once...when you could die of a broken heart, and
just one smile could fix it all. we'd get back up when we'd fall.
and we believed the songs we sang. we knew everything...except
that it would end, at least the way we knew. i've never known it
more than i do now. and we would never be like this. we believed
in forever, because we still had it. somehow it got lost along the
way. we had things that we lived for, and we'd die for even more.
we're not colder now...just a little older. and we can't go back,
i just i would have known.

9. You're All Welcome

One eye open, and you're calling out the blind for all that they
can't see. i hate to disappoint you, but this is how it's always
been. a life spent in the dark. it's just now you see. i never
said i'd fucking stay forever, but when it's time i'll pull the
trigger myself. and if we're going straight to hell, fuck...
we'll see you there. i'm no fucking martyr, i'm just living the
time before my turn to die. because a life lived pressed under
your finger, i'd rather be fucking dead. i know who i am...no one
can take that from me, especially not some self-centered fuck.
what if you're just like them?

10. Thirteen Steps

So much wasted time, i've got to catch up now. but i was never really
lost because you were always found. anything i'll ever be, i'm just
trying to be you. the only reason i believe in anything is you.
sometimes you can't see angels because you see them every day.
you are angels.
you are my angels.

11. Holding The Claws

Don't know what i would have had to write about if there wasn't you,
or if i ever would have wrote at all. they said it wouldn't last...
nothing ever does. but you and me, we're different, always were.
stuck together forever, whatever that will mean. everything is still
all wrong, and we're still all that's real (the only thing that's ever been).
the only words i've ever meant was when i said i'd do anything for
you. see, our claws stretch deep inside, and that's where they'll
stay. you say you're lucky you have me, but i had nothing before you
had me...nothing to care about and no songs to sing. i've seen the
world singing songs about you (the only story i could ever tell right).
we said we'd see the world, you gave it to me. so we're stuck together
forever, you and me. stuck together forever, no matter what that means.

12. Resolution

We walk in circles. We love in circles. We talk in circles. We live in circles.
i can't live like this. i can't live like this. i can't keep living
this. i can't keep living this again. we're always moving on, always
moving back. back to the same place. so familiar, but it isn't home...
just where we come to forget. how many times can you write the same
song in a different way? how many times can you live the same life
on a different day? nobody lives in circles, they just forget. they
just survive. we live in circles, the same people with different
faces. we sing the same songs in different keys. we love in circles,
a little less with every turn. i've never loved like that before,
and i don't think i will again. and it's coming back again, it's
ending where it started. and i'd give everything to do it all again.
you never love like that again (the first time), and the longer that
you live, the less you feel alive. and we don't die for anything
anymore. i'd kill to feel like that again, but i'm never going to
feel like that again. so move on, hold on, or fucking fake it. either
way, we're losing. either way i'm losing. remember when this was
everything? in a way, it still is. i want to feel that way again.
but you don't feel in circles, you just live. you just fall. i'll
find it again, in a different place. in a different time, with a
different face. i'll keep moving, because i've got to keep moving.
just take whatever's left. my heart is dry. this is my last breath.
this used to be everything. i gave everything.

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