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1. Killing Machine

Waited through the centuriesto make the final stand
Wiping out the enemy bless the holy land
The hour strikes, attack begins
Blood begins to flow
Thrusting force will destroy
Feel the deadly blod

United we stand
Commence killing spree
Conquest to claim victory

Fearless... heading the call
Helpless... in numbers they fall
Faceless... death is unveiled
Killing Machine prevails

Terrified by sonic screams caught dead in your tracks
Crushed in palms of metal hands sound of breaking backs

Scanning eyes coming in targeting the prey
Steel and flame engulf the land
Face judgement day

Head the call
Make the stand
Watch them fall
Take command

2. Scarred Beyond The Black

Trained to kill, trained to die
With honour & pride
A mission of the brave
We watch them die fellow me
Brothers in command
We shut their eyes we dug their grave

We're the victors of treason
Battle cries locked inside my head

Scarred beyond the black
Torn beyond healing
Scarred beyond the black
Can't stop the screams
Haunting dreams, memories

Traumatized for life
The price the final cost

Pledged to fight until death
Till the bitter end
How many souls are lost?
Heroes in your eyes
The few, the proud, that didn't die

3. Fatal Chances

The fighting is now over
The light of moon reveals
Spilled masses of blood
Reflecting on the ground
Genuis of destruction
You blind king of fools

Decisions you made brought death without a sound

What have you done?
What has been won?

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Fatal chances
A world in rust
The fatal chance was taken
A molten sky remains
Horizons in flames
Now what is left to gain?
Tyrannies deception
Let to your demise
Strategies of error
Dominator gone insane

4. Praise The Day

Their sacrifice we praise tonight
The hours come to rejoice
Our chant is heard around the world
Speaking out hear our voice
Join the revolution we'll take command
Taking course evolution the times finally at hand

Raise your head and see the break of dawn
Raise your fist march on and on and on
Praise the final day come kneel and pray
Praise the final day
Praise the final day let's hear you say
Praise the final day

From the ash we raise again
Raise your glasses solute
To the day of reckoning
Those who parish refuse
See the light and praise the day
Watch them fall, dominions see them slowly decay
Praise the final day
Praise the final day

5. In For The Kill

Go to sleep, go to sleep and your troubles are over
Go to sleep, go to sleep and you'll never dream again

Death technique pulsating, triggers in his brain
His method of killing, bringer of quick pain
Skilled killer, flawless, smoothly gets the hit done
With glimmer in his eyes his lullaby is sung

Cold hearted, no remorse
Steady moving...

In for the kill
Moving in for the kill
In for the kill
Closing in for the kill

Expert at disposal he knows what to do
This passion brings pleasure surveys his scheme through
At point blank he aims at his mark of the day
Acclaimed assassin adds one to his pay

There's a flicker in their eyes
As he comes to their surprise
Never knowing what hit them
Makes a sign of the cross
For this poor soul and it's loss
Such pizzazz he's Mr.Grimm
Your price was paid
And to waste your laid

No time to pray
Wipes his hands and walks away

6. Redemption From Genocide

Dreaming, believing in this masquerade
World so deceiving fabled serenade
Visions in me head sacred prophecy
Reaching for heaven and it's legacy

Where is the light that leads the way
Keeping me sanem show me the way
Where is the sign that helps me see

Redeem from genocide

The lost and the lonely in dakrness wait
For wings of salvation
From this twisted fate
Release your lost soul from deceptions hand
Redemption from madness they you'll understand

Fall into your knees
Silencing your pleas
From this human disease and it's atrocities
Do not fall sadly from grace
Step outside this destructive race
Oblivion at their fingertips
The kiss of death upon their lips

Do not fall sadly from grace
Step outside this destructive race
Take our hand, we'll find the way
And together we'll praise the day

7. Loup Garou

On the run, complete frenzy
Nourished by the moon
Under the spell, this mystery turned into a loon
The midnight sun upon me shines and wets my appetite
Helplessly pacing the night trying to win this fight

Apathy is my destiny
In my heart, in my veins

Loup Garou

I'm the hunter, shape-shifting phase
Taunted victim, whatcan I do?
I'm the hunter transformed to prey
Heaunted victim called Loup-Garou
I'm the hunter left in a daze


Horrified reality
Schizophrenia takes hold
Spun into crazed illusion
Mass hysteria unfolds
This undeserving curse lives on
And the nightmare has begun
This silver touch can only
Save the innocent
The taste I crave

8. In The Storm

Darkness closing in
The light is fading in their path
The sky turns and spind
In the storm this oceans wrath
As they feel the chill
Running up and down their spine
And they sense the fear
Of the last sail of their time

Perilous journey
Voyagers that have to see

In the storm they ride
In the storm they died with pride

Through the crashing waves
Moving at full speed ahead
Living angry sea
Dared again to come and tread
Maddened sea of hate
Lightening, blowing winds of fate
Taking their last breath
Slowly sinking to their death

Tragic last journey
Voyagers that had to see

Lost in the whirlwind carousel
In waves of doom the oceans hell
Seeking the eye, calm of the storm
On this crusade till death their sworn

In the storm, in the storm they ride
Vanished in the whirlwind carousel
In the storm, in the storm they died

9. What Makes You God?

Deity within your mind
Judgmental quite insane
Your twisted sense of life
Denying that you're to blame
Sickness of your made mirage
Falseness within yourself
Sultry pride steps in the way
Prestige sits on a shelf

Always trying to wipe the blood off your hantis
Always lying, hoping that we'll understand
You pass your judgment on me
What makes you God?
Unwrap this leash around me
I'm not your dog

Crucifying constantly
Unworthy of you
Ripping down ones self esteem
Selfishly you do
Foolish god is what we see
Washed up entity
Your regime has crumbles down
Deluded mastery

Deity within your mind
What makes you God?
Crucifying constantly
I'm not your dog
Sickness of your made mirage
What makes you God?
Foolish god is what we see
I'm not your dog

10. Burn In The Wind

Born to live, sworn to fly
But sentenced to die
Oath you take, make no mistake
Your alliance is at stake
Brave you fight on your last flight
Enemy is now in sight
Hard we tries with tearless eyes
Fallen from the skies

Without warning
Angels falling

Spread your wings and it's over
Burn in the wind
Kiss the sky, honor will be done
Spread your wings and it's over
Burn in the wind
For the land of the rising sun
Final sin, divine winds

Suicide mission begins
Without disgrace you take your place
Human missiles in the race
Don't think twice, the sacrifice
Certain death, roll of the dice
Pledged in vain to take the pain
Torture numbs your brain

Hopelessness, no tomorrows yeaterdays
Rituals, making history, memories
Glorified, courage, bravery awaits
Thunder god fly away in the horizon
Spread your wings and it's over
Spread your wings
Burn in the wind

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