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1. Killing Machine

I'm bad, no good
I'm misunderstood
Just one haunting page from this book
I'm in your head
The fears that you dread
Are real and there's no turning back

Slipping in, are you dreaming
One more breath, then it's done your soul is mine
I'm a Killing Machine
Killer, engines pumping
In the Killing Machine

No pain, no love
I'm craving your blood
Every inch of your life I'll devour
You're part of me
Now you've got the disease
Stronger it grows, feel the power

Slipping in, you're not dreaming
No more time, now it's done your soul is mine

Watch yourself, there's no hope in the Killing Machine
Pistons pumping

2. Judgement Day

Sign of the coming, sign of the cross
Judgement for heartless thieves
Stand and be counted, nowhere to turn
How could you be so naive

You knew this day would come
Believe me, you're not the only one

Judgement day

Sins unforgiven, say what you will
Nothing can save you now
The trust you were given, is dust in the wind
Only so much can be allowed

Time after time
You crossed the line, ignored the sign
You lived a fool
What did you learn, where can you turn
Nowhere to hide

3. Stand

Gazing into night, forces of one unite to make a stand
The time has come
In a frenzied mess, the few and chosen and blessed

Will rise, rise up, defend, fighting 'til the end
To live another day, our way or die

Stand and fight, make it right
Stand and fight

Madness sucking in, all our ugly sins enraging within
The time is here
In a fiery blaze, to hell we send the face of evil

Into the darkness, facing our fears
Riding into unknown frontiers

4. In The Dark

Taking your chances and playing with fire
Your destiny left in your hands
Confusion in your mind tears you apart
Folding to heartless demands

I wait in the dark, I'm under your skin
Inside yourself the torture begins

Tonight, won't ever end
Despite your will to defend

Just like a puppet hung from a wire
Censoring your every move
Feeling the evil, fear in your heart
Nothing left that you can do

I wait in the dark, behind every corner
Killing yourself, time's taking its toll

5. Wrecking Ball

Hit me, I want you
Try me, I dare you

I don't give a damn, why should I care
Destroying everything I see
Swinging down, dismantle brick by brick
The job gets done I guarantee

I don't bleed, methodically crushing you
I don't need a thing but pain

I'm a wrecking ball
Destroying all

Watch me. I'm in you

On a deadly mission of my own
Levelling, cutting you down

I won't sleep, I won't rest a minute
Until the job is done. I need pain

Taking all

6. No Way Out

Tell me what is ticking in your head
Are all thoughts you've bled
Taking control
In your eyes I see a certain fear
Confusion everywhere
Taking its toll

This hole you're falling in never ends
You scream with all your will and no one hears

No way out

No matter where you tern there's no way out

Clouded memories filling up your mind
In fear of what you'll find
When you awake
On the edge of no reality
Not knowing what to believe
You start to break

This hole you've fallen in never ends
You scream and no one hears you

No way out
Black hole of no return there's no way out

Not one shred

7. In Your Face

Giving you a chance as we're holding out our hands, an offering you can't defy
Following no rules, deadly fire that it fuels, electrified
Living for the night, the flames that we ignite, just waiting now to strike the fuse
It's ready to explode, can you feel the power grow, there's no way to lose

Trust me I have what you need
Just believe me

It's in your face, your fears erased
We're in your face
Showing you the way, to get through another day, living with no sacrifice
Can you feel the fire, it's feeding your desire, paying no price
Feel the thunder in your heart, your body starts, it starts to shake
Your hunger now it feeds everything you need, with no rules to break
Trust me, I have what you want

8. Vicious Circle

Cries of denial, raves of a madman
Poisoning innocent minds
Living a lie, nothing but madness
Leaving the sentenced behind

No mercy is given just taken away
Killing then bleeding it dry
Understanding for no one, ignoring their desperate cries
Time is the evil just ticking away
Day after day in this hell

No more time to waste
No more dreams to chase

Now this vicious circle, eating you alive
It goes on and on and on
Just look in the mirror it blood you thrive
On and on and on and on

Pray for your souls, prey on the madman
Casting all mercy aside
It's kill or die, nothing to reason
Fight you can survive

Waiting for vengeance, counting the seconds
Fear of this hell as it crawls up your spine

9. The Sign

Watching the world slip away, slowly into an abyss
I've seen the horror each day, one more deadly kiss
Riding the storm out again in My mind
How can we all be so blind

The sign, the warning we fear, watch for it, watch for it

Lining the streets with their plague, eternally suffering
Burning their souls with the hate, eternal flames

Hiding the rage that is bulging inside
Knowing there's nowhere to hide

The sign, the warning we fear, watch for it, watch for it
In time embrace the voices we hear, watch for, watch for the sign

Sinking, preparing yourself for war
Fighting until you can't take anymore

Nowhere to turn, what did we learn in our madness
What did we find, ignoring the signs, only sadness why

The sign

Where can you turn, what can you do
Inside you're dying, I'm running through your veins

10. Hell's Breakin' Loose

Tearin' down the walls, taking what we can
The ecstasy of each and every man
Inside you feel the power, the lust that we devour
Delving in the realm of no mans land

No dealing
No mercy
All hell's breakin' loose
Unleashing Our venom
All hells breakin' loose

Feel the ground it's shaking, the powers that will be
Won't ever be mistaken, it's here to set us free
Turn it upside down, turnin' inside out
Leaving devastation, and never leaving doubt

No dealing
No Mercy
All hell's breakin' loose
Our venom
All hells breakin' loose

Infernal, eternal flames
Lighting the way
Unfeeling, revealing
Forsaking the day

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