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1. Soundtrack To Murder


2. Kill Your Gods

I pledge allegiance to whom I am,
though the weak may kneel, in strength I stand

Suffocated vows, salvation found,
your sacred cow bleeds, the great god you feed

Your Gods, Kill Your Gods, Kill Your Gods, Kill Your Gods

Blackened valleys of fear, I shall not dwell,
deafening silence erased, no misplaced faith

Graven idolatry, I shall not bow,
for believe in me, my blood, my creed

Burn down every deity, I will have no gods but me

3. Freedom Of Speech

Suffocated, born and bred indoctrinated
right and wrong, the right words the wrong song
I understand, mainlined since your lies began,
for years the flames of hate were fanned
Propaganda, every word like cancerous anger,
now it's clear, force fed hate, force fed fear
Venom in me, brainwashed with your bigotry,
a poisoned mind conspiracy

Destroy, Erase, A new world, The new way

Speak with violence, my silence part of the problem,
deaf and dumb, nothing said, nothing done
My history, the more I see the more I loathe,
hypocrisy and hate betrothed
Smallness of mind, contagious disease of time,
educate, ignorance seals our fate
Prejudice slowly dies, let it be buried with me . . .

4. The Flood

I pray once more for an awesome flood,
Cleanse this world drowned in Heaven's blood
Retribution pissing from the sky,
All infection soon purified
Purify all the ugliness that I see,
All of hatred's animosity
Water breaking Mother Nature's womb,
give birth to cleanse this gaping wound

Rain - rain - let your vengeance rain down on me

No race, no faith, no-one will be saved,
World extinction, flooded floating grave
Serenity's dying dove of peace,
Our requiem, our symphony
No more war, no hate nor genocide,
Nothing will stop this ever rising tide
Showers of glass rain down from above,
Mass homicide defines pure love

Let your vengeance rain down on me,
Let the Heavens bleed, Let your vengeance rain down on me

5. Generation Pain

Anineties disease, a crisis of meaning,
absent belief, no rhyme nor any reason
Can't face the facts, a hostile new age,
I hate these words, I cannot turn the page

This is, this is, this is - This is Generation Pain

Concrete dreams, look at the view,
worshipping liberty, in a human zoo
Dazed and confused, generation X,
what good is freedom if I've no self-respect

This is, this is, this is,
this is Generation Pain - Generation Pain

Injected veins with pure cyanide,
a nineties narcotic, a vile worldwide decline

Nineties disease - Absent Belief -
World I Detest - With No Self Respect

6. Funeral Around My Heart

Iam Christ, yet I'm Judas too,
I am one, Yet my mind is torn in two

No love lost, I have no alibi, Iscariot's kiss,
Watch Pilot wash his hands in piss

Funeral around my heart - Round my heart -
Funeral, funeral - Funeral around my heart

Still I pray, for redemption's tourniquet,
Wrath from above, hawk ripped apart by a heavenly dove

Virgin pure, like that a whore would sell,
A war within, Mother Mary or Jezebel

7. This World

I see the third world, its starving face,
while the spacecraft probe deep outer space
I see nations shake hands, with dignity's composure,
but they're really saying, we're going to fuck you over

I see the purest, social holocaust,
each colour each creed, is hopelessly lost,
one more war torn tear, newborn deformed,
So I say fuck this world, our Mother Nature is a whore

And I Think to myself -
This World's So Fucked Up - This World's So Fucked Up

One more sick maniac, an overdose on smack,
Pre-programmed for suicide, more mass homicide,
we pledge allegiance to hate, The flag of depravity,
each man answers the call, of greed and corruption for all

And I Think To Myself -
This World's So Fucked Up - This World's So Fucked Up

What I say, how I feel, is surreal
This World's So Fucked Up - This World's So Fucked Up

8. Mourning Sickness

Sinking sand swirling at my throat,
venom floats, my memories overdose
As a child a split reality,
licking my wounds from playground brutality
Symptoms show, feeling comatose,
lost control, still my cancer grows
Abandon hope, all emotions starve, on tightened skin,
my message is carved - my message is carved

Health of mind, like sparkling gold -
Colourblind and yet I'm sold
Fertile breed - Spewing like a superbulimic

Release the torment, unleash my demons,
mix emotions like blood, sweat and semen
Regurgitate my holy grail,
suck and swallow my Molotov cocktail
Repressed poison now finding its release,
my life loses yet one more piece
Internal clues now twisting into form,
dragged through the mill,
like a ragdoll into thorns - ragdoll into thorns

I Reject It All - I Reject It All - I Reject It All -
I Reject It - I Reject It - I Reject It All

Overwhelming, raging self-loathing,
sucking at my soul like a starving leech
Swallow then vomit, swallow then spew,
it's my frame of mind, my favourite view

9. Crucified

This is my skin, battered and blue,
this is my body, broken for you
This is my world, a sickening view,
this is my blood which I spill for you

Cut away the layers down to the bone,
down there's the inner child from which I have grown
Feelings bleeding, stripped, skinned and salted,
I burnt and then pissed on all I ever wanted

I'll gladly walk - that extra mile -
cut my throat - to make me smile -
I'm vandalised - I'm sacrificed -
I'm stretched out wide -
I'm crucified - I am crucified

My guardian angel, bleeding on the deck,
Cupid paralysed, with a broken neck
My one and only prayer is my own death threat,
the wages of sin, each and every regret

Break my back, but you cannot crush me,
kick the chair, but you cannot hang me
Only happy when I see you fall,
on top of your head, I always walk so tall

10. Faith Rape

Lord of mercy, hear this prayer, do you listen?, do you care?
We are swine among the pearls, do you really love this vile world?

My faith has been raped

Are our lives cut and dried? Mapped out by fate, choice denied?
Are we toys that slowly broke? Our inherent faults, we have no hope

My faith has been raped

Like a soul without a mind - Like a head without a heart
Like a heaven without a God - My faith has been raped

11. Twisted

My beautiful scars, bleed the words that I carve
Self mutilation is my belief, scabs off the wounds of release

My beautiful bliss, crystal clear black abyss
Depression I find entwined inside,
injected right into my spine

Sinking inside - Dragging Me Down -
Mental flesh tears - My twisted spiral of despair

My beautiful war, sacrifice I adore, A mass ricochet
Bullets that stray, sad how the innocent pay

The mirror I face, isolations embrace,
reflecting my souls sad epithet
Smiling though my eyes are dead

My requiem piece, vicious circles decrease,
waving as I drown everyone stares
My well trodden spiral of despair

12. Spiral Of Despair

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