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1. Anyone Ever Tell You That You Talk To Much

I wish you all the worst. These are not model citizens. This behavior is nothing to be proud of. They can't afford this. They can't afford me. As boys we slaughtered vultures and became men, drowning whit thoughts in black water like nothing more than the laughter of children. Ever get that feeling that they've lied to you? We'll all see rainier days. They're going to forget anyways. I've been talking shit and you bought it.

2. Morrissey Was Right

These are for you. These black roses have succumbed to time. There's blood on the petals but no tears in the blood. Not enough to make these flowers grow. Don't cry. Say goodbye to sad songs. Say goodbye to the ocean. I never heard a smith's song that I didn't like. Say goodbye to the memories. Her past is not my problem. She'll look better in cement.

3. I Know A Girl Named Disease

Feed me your poison love character. So I can stand eye to eye with an angel. Your open arms leave me black eyed. I stirred this potion that put me under. You're the devil. A fucking liar. I see two. I choked on your black kiss. It melted my face. Left my head spinning. I heard you cry, "the end, the end." My only salvation is fucking, fucking and more fucking.

4. Suicide Solves Everything

5am Sunday morning. Clothes reek of indecency squatting on the rooftop waiting for Jesus. He never came. Searching for something in a town full of nothing. Foreign mouths. What a beautiful voice. There's always someone in the backseat. There's always someone approaching the window. There's always someone calling. Turn off that telephone. The receiver is off the hook but no one is talking. No one is listening. Nothing can be done. I know that you're there I can hear you breathing. We make promises. Hearts literally broken. What a beautiful voice. I know that you need me. Let's talk business. What a way to love me. She said, "you mother fucker." You smell like cigarettes. It's so cold n an Indiana telephone somehow. Everything slips away within me. This means nothing. I kept hitting the floor because the ceiling was too low. I told you so I'd fuck Elvis.

5. Intermission

[No lyrics.]

6. For Those Who Have Trouble Breaking Glass

Is this what you wanted? It's back to the pen for me. This picture that you've painted is all wrong. So I've smeared your dreams with black. I tore my heart out my plastic heart. You've never seen me bleed. Turncoats don't make good comedians. It's time to stop smiling. It's time to stop breathing. Don't tell me to stop screaming. You never could keep a straight face. What's it like singing my words? How's it feel to bare my name? Remember that cold ember night? This one is for you. They tried to break glass. The wind will break their necks. Is this what you wanted? Is this rock n' roll? I'm gone. Is this the life you wanted? This is rock n' roll? He's gone. It's going to take more than a few hundred bones and a song to break skin. I'm out to walk the earth on a path of the blood of the ones who once surrounded me. This time you've jumped with no parachute. This time I've become a trapdoor and I've found a way out.

7. Rather Touch Than Talk

By the way, I videotaped us fucking last night and sent a copy to your parents. I just thought I'd let you know.

8. My Life As A Bridge

If love is inspiration, I beg to differ. I wish you stopped breathing so I could fuck your cold dead brains out. It's like you whispered in my ear, "I love you, but pleast just stop." My hands will disappear and I will become sand. I want to stop breathing so you will know just how I feel. we're never close enough to death. Someday we'll laugh again. The earth will love me and I'll close my eyes forever. So youcan walk all over me. Walk all over me.

9. I Hate Myself And Want To Die

Most people don't realize that two large pieces of coral painted brown and attached to his skull with common wood screws can make a child look like a deer.

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