Dark Lyrics


1. Lovesong

turn off the hallway light the sheets are covered in blood i wasn't here last night there's red lights and candle wax the air smells like death we breath smoke from the friction the air still smells like death from you i tore my heart out in the white room with broken windows this left me dry i want to know you not like that with poison fingers romancing in sweat no sleep tomorrow when you're on fire you're like fucking razors spit these diamonds out it's not easy we only live six years.

2. Feeding Off The Misfortunes Of Others

sometimes i smile for the dead while choking on the rust of sentiment when the hearse comes rolling in will the flowers be washed away when the hearse comes rolling in i'll be dressed in the finest if only murder was a fountain of youth you should have killed me when you had the chance cash and crosses make statements we cannot trust our futures to the empty promises of a seducer that has no love in it's heart.

3. Kerosene Smile

she's like flowers on the pavement i smother them i feel wanted she's a silent film that never ends saw this coming from miles away these flowers are death and i'm crucified black roses for angela looks like i've waited for too long black roses for angela what a girl a gravedigger out with the old in the wind the noose next time you keep the axe and i'll tear the dime that night you burned me black roses for angela she don't love cause she don't know me and that's the problem if i were to kiss you here they'd call it terrorism no let's take our knives to bed and dance all night i haven't felt this alive since the last time i died.

4. Friday Night Knife Fight


5. The Frank Sinatra Blues

i have seen this placebefore he said where people hurt themselves just for fun my memories are buried here under these rocks i begin to scream but hear no sound they continue to tell me that everything will be okay i never asked to placed on this broken pedestal they hoist me up too cloud their lie and spit on me they're eyes are daggers they're compassion is poison i never asked for this but they've forgotten about me forgotten my smile unattractive celebrity consider me lifeless sincerity my ghost indifference my mask nightmares always end in the morning i won't sleep in this bed anymore leave my name off of the tomb i've been gone along time and i'm never coming back.

6. Because The Ceiling Was Too Low

wish these were more than words take a bite of sympathy roll the dice what's it worth to me paradise serenity refuge from all deus creatures from myself tear their eyes out to seek eulogy where's the truth in virtue please tell me to go hungry before revealing the five faces of judah so don't fuck me anymore.

7. Paying The Butcher In Diamonds

now that you're dead we're going to make a film of your life were you a ventriloquist or a poet and what we see you're very clever living in a glass house that had been tamoered with your costume is marvelous dress it up and paint it red make it bleed and sleep around some more the ivory tower speaks does it feel like a new sun when you're devoid of misery will you remember us when there's knots in the strings i remember laughing what pills what rope what razor what gun these black sheep are hung ry and i'm still waiting for that perfect sky but you never knew me i never sold you misery you've never seen a gun like this and i 'm glad you're dead a killing machine with rusty gears left for dead it's breathing time again.

8. Blades

their ears are the epitaph to this digital tombstone it's only a matter of time before we know everyone and have seen everything we all carry weapons of deception blades of treason one in our hands one in our backs i cannot hear a word they are saying i flash a plastic smile in their faces again i remember laughing to me they're dead insincerity was the first to go laid to rest this blade is mine.

9. And The Headlines Muttered Dirt

i'm sorry to say this.

10. I Hate Kid Gorgeous

my blood runs through your hands no more your white lies brought forth nothing you are not discontent life without a sign for you and for the first time your life of endless suffering you judge what i'm supposed to be worth let your discontent of all manfear rape god's last hand upon you walk with your lie shut up and die already.

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