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1. Lost Threads

Sometimes I feel myself living at the back of beyond
Beyond the light, beyond the reason
When nerves do not feel the rush of the wind
When the rustle of grass can't be heard.

Worms gnaw my skin,
Worms gnaw my soul.
Roots covers my members
And pull me in depths of the womb of the Earth.

Dawn is openings the gates of life,
Opening the heights of barrows
Dawn is openings the gates of life,
Revealing secrets of the wood.

The face of an idol in the reflections of the light
Plunging into shadow and cold
Leaving for eternity and oblivion.

2. Asgard's Shining

Infinite space of the lifeless land,
Naked stones with the edge of ice.
Dead sphere of madness around
Just darkness, cold and loneliness.

Wearing hands down in blood,
Clambering up the rocks
To a lonely star,
Which will show the only way with it's illusive light
Where the abyss will embrace the breathless body with darkness
Will sing the song about Eternity,
About the Unity of Spirit and Blood.

I'll see the light here, the shining of icy Asgard,
And force recognition will storm the veins, will give eternal rest.
Calmness, cold of consciousness, blood's desire, the the impulse of revenge
With my hand I will burn out the lands with flame of barred,
Covering the remains of mankind with ashes.

3. Song Of The Void

...Ice desert.
Just the light of pre-dawn star from the abyss of the soul
Tears the wounds with burning anger,
clouding the memory with darkness.

The look of blind eyes sees the eternity,
Bloody battles, whirlwinds of universe,
Ice cut space of thought
I hear the song of the void.

I will embrace the sun with a silent cloud,
I'll put on the clothes of the wood,
I will embrace the sun with a silent cloud,
I'll wash the bones with the tears of the sea.
I'll cover the life with the grief of fog,
granting you the eternal rest of icy deserts
Decorating the brow of eternal loneliness with diamond crown.

4. The Fog (...And Grief Still Moans)

Over the high hills the wind carries
The voice of the old man-magus, herald of the death
His news are echoing in the distance,
Breaking the rest of the Earth

Proud birds sing their song
To heroes of the fights and to defeated
To their pure souls and to their unbending will

Deep waters of the river fly
Hide bodies of the fallen
Taking souls and healing wounds

In the fog of cold gloom
Grief's moaning is heard
The moaning of the destroyed destinies
And the spell of the old man.

5. Mysteries Cosmos

In the twilight of the battles that are dying out
With ashes and clotted blood layer,
With fragments of great cities
The former world has been covered.

Stars, dying away, having cast their last look.
On epoch's decline, plunge into the gloom of chaos
The Earth has fallen asleep under the icy cover of eternity.

Only thought and memory
Are moving through the frozen darkness
Conducted by avidity and greed of knowledge
Of the latent space mysteries.

Lengthways Yggdrasil to the source of destinies
And further into the gloom and to the space of an icy flame
Where the death keeps the secret
And grant it only to the strong.

6. The Seas Burn Of Omnipotence

Gods have sprinkled the Earth with blood
Watering her ancients roots.
Breaking calmness of the world
Awakening the rebellious birds.

Screams are spread above the wood
Being lost in darkness of the sky
And having covered their force with branches
They sink in wooden mass.

The worlds of masters of destinies burn
Ashes of their bodies are spread away by the wind
Leaving only memory in souls
And haze in eyes of consciousnesses.

7. Sacrament Of Buyan

Waves are breaking on the rocks
The moonlight is scattered on the water
Night has fallen on the old island
Wrapping the splinter of earth with darkness

The ancient land remembers
Reflections of great battles
The eternal land still keeps
Secrets and ashes of the ancient

Flares of lightnings, peals of thunder,
Abate over wood, letting the light through
And the sun, breaking through the embrace of the gloom
Will warm the Earth, bringing life to her.

"Return to Abandoned" written, arranged and composed in Kharkiv, Ukraine during summer 2008-autumn 2009
Drums, bass, all guitars and vocals recorded in Blacklight Studio, Kiev, Ukraine, February 13-17, 2010
Engineered by Warkhoros
keyboards recorded in Nightmare studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine, March 2010
Engineered by Saturios
Mixed and mastered in Blacklight studio, Kiev, Ukraine, April-June 2010
Engineered by Shaddar
Produced by Khors
All music and lyrics written by Helg and Khorus except "The Arrival" written by Saturious
Arranged by Khorus, Warth, Saturious, Helg, Khaot

Art direction and cover concept by Sir Gorgoroth Design by Sir Gorgoroth
Front cover photo by Sergey Garaba

Helg - rhythm guitars and vocals
Warth - rhythm, acoustic and lead guitar
Khorus - bass and fretless bass
Khaot - drums and percussions

Guest: Saturious - keyboards

Thanks to opendx for sending these lyrics.

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