Dark Lyrics


1. Torn Asunder

Searching our minds for the serum
the one to crack the code
And now I see the answer
the hadron’s chamber, full
Unholy institution, time and space undone

I see the light, refracting into endless night
Knowledge again destroys the world
Our world is unmade

Now is the time, to drink and say our last goodbyes
Torn asunder into the void
Mankind will fall

Strip the blood from my marrow
Tear my essence from its shell
The cosmos reads us our tarot
Watch as all worlds burn

2. Ash, Cinder, Smoke

I ride through crystalline skies, blind
driven by purpose to the apex

Flung toward the sun
Into the light
I break down and pray
With you in ash
Cinder and smoke
I forget your face

I fear the nearer that I approach
I can’t give you to the wind

To lay you to rest
Return to dust
I have to let go
Five years have gone
Won’t toss the urn
Still hoping you’ll return

Suddenly with mind lain open
You’re offering me your hand
but I know it is just an illusion
At least until I reach my end

And in my sorrow, this longing still remains
Memories, not my own, haunt my dreams
Now a void where once there was so much more
Here your vessel and my guilt are now laid to rest

3. Serpentine

You brashly stole the innocence
That should have all been mine
Predatory animals
are punished for their crimes

Small towns hide the darkest secrets
All are accountable
Take your actions to the grave
The depraved act in full

From inside the serpent’s mouth
Come lies that must be told
To save that garbage from his grave
The unrelenting wolf

Stalking in the darkness he
Bared witness to the deed
Predatory animals
Grow hungry when you bleed

I see now that your well has run dry
Abuser, defiler, serpentine

Here I am at your door
Now it ends. Settle the score.

God’s will be damned
He did not see
What you’ve done wrong
But she, I believe

Cornered and still you’re fighting
Upon the precipice
Of your own undoing
Kneel before me

4. Antediluvian

I feel the ground crumble and water bleed
Bags of grain must protect the deed
Though river’s straight and narrow
The rising tide spells doom for all at river’s side

Clinging upon the gallows above her waves
You and I both were sliding down
The water’s running faster, give up your self
And we’ll be praised for what we’ve done

Beneath the tides, there is nothing left of us
See our bodies glide
Beneath the waves, our cities become our graves
Feel our souls divide
Bring us the floods, wash us from this earth
Succumb to the tide
Our time has come


5. Burden Of Sin

The burden of sin weighs on my heart
Abandoned and scarred, it ripped you apart
Your truth was left unknown

I kneel before the altar
and pray my soul to stay
Besieged and buttressed by my

Seething inside my body
The tortured role it played
Kept secrets of our father

You carried this burden alone
Your truth and pain, now my own

And when you shared with open arms
Your pain inflicted youth
I, by not knowing, by closing my eyes
Bear the weight of the lie and it kills me inside

I will carry your name

6. The Bereaved

As I burned one
Through smoke-lit eyes
I pushed too far past a glorious high
Into a void
Devoid of light
I lost control of muscle and mind

And so I stepped
Close to the edge
My mandible broken on the end of a night
Succumbing to shock
I clung to my life
Just as my tongue was hanging agape to my eyes

And so I fell
Into the night
Psilocybin dreams
Claiming my mind
Into a void
There is no savior
Where is my life? Where is my darling now?

Became lost from space and time
And you were scared
You saw my bloodied body
Your greatest fear
Had been fully realized
I wasn’t there
Both of us saw the end
And I wasn’t dead
No, I still had life

Dan: Bass
Zach: Drums
Phil: Vocals, Guitars
Ben: Vocals, Guitars

Thanks to harold.harson for sending these lyrics.

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