Dark Lyrics


1. Intro - Debris Of Faith


2. Crown Of Horns

Embraced by moonlight - Hallowed eve, I exhale
A Breach through the night - Scorched by daylight
Undercover conspiracies - Aerie chants, ghastly recitated
Demons arose in cruelty nightmares - Flourished in a forbeared haze
Exalted darkness - The origin of all wicked paths
Ghoulish masterpiece of mine - Descenting from some ways unknown
Remenbrance decreased - A restless wraith within me
Behold statues who stain dark - Descenting into dream made abysses

Trespass the gate of night - Distant primordial yearning - My ground, poisened soil - A perfect vultures world
Without creed, not defeat - A fog in the cradle of life - My past, divine denied - A chaos order to revealed

Carcasses tremble - Thousand diseases are my guide
A web of putrefaction - My glade through triviality
Above nightskies ways - Wings of desolation spreads
The last archangel rise - Lacerate midnights golden veil
Pernicious Reinforcement - Scorned daylight shall fail
An unending regency arise - Midnights spawn I am forevermore
Tragedies assamble - Revolve around me in circles
Abolish all earthbound rules - Reborn genesis denied

[Refrain 2:]
Wordls gates behind my back - Yells of delight unheared - Dimensions plundered - Agony awaits my coronation
Earthbound rules - World of fools - You´ll see - The face of eternity...

... While wearing the crown of horns

3. Necrotica - A Silent Slumber Manifest

Taloned hands on a marvelous neck
The splendor of youth will pass away
Last breath, A dismal symphony
Distant sleep approaching
Exceed the withering beauty
A malicious calamity in red
Celebrating the vexering moments
within a macabre delight

Who were he? A heresy on life?
His face, a deformed grimace
A morbid prince charming in a sin symphony

Two silhuettes on the cold ground
No regrets, no misericordia
Only the trees hear her invocations
Till she drown into dreamless abysses
A false teardrop is in his eyes
He reels away the path they had come
The only thing he has leaved
Is a grotesque kind of love

A tragedy divine, laying in the fog of silence
The grief serenade of the night sound no more
Within the misty ground is the origin of her lethe
Simple corpse remain and the sky cries dismal tears
Within the stars above, moarns a crescent moon
Leafs upon her grave, seem to disguise the sinfull crime
Once and forevermore, she will be shure to know the fact
The desecrated king, is the one who stoled her dreams

Wind whistles through her hair
Blow the leafs out of her face
Her skin, a winter dream
A profane corpse who feeds the soil
Underneath the pale stones
lies the beauty in oblivion
Memories of her slowly fades away
Within the whirling tempest of time

No tombstone or wooden cross
Marks the place of horror
The soil has one more secret
And for sure this will be preserved
This place is now a sorrow ground
The shame can never washed away
Years will pass or may centuries
No one will ever find her grave

4. By The Night Haunted

Above the shores an eerie light glimpse, may it flickers as a sign of the once were died in here
A soil of tragedy, dismal breaker swinging in an ode of impure spells and unsung prophecies
Misty spume ascends, as a veil of sombre clouds arosed in sin and grief from a sorrow guardian
Six feet under waits, procreation tenebrous, An ancient symbol of the chants which were recite to honor death

Westering sun - Illuminate the golden signs
Forthcoming dusk - Let the guide a moonlight be
Sanctified malice - Lunar born, sweep through the sand
In a phantom land - The spirit of the cult awakes

Insurrection rise, this portentous night, the unhallowed secretes of the soil revealed forevermore
Whispers can be heared, phantasmagoria or just the waves which dance
Malignant stench, poisoned the air, drift along the womb of the earth leaves behind some scars of dismay
Nothing withstand, ancient leprosy, no rose can be found on the barren ground just like to testify the reign of death

Destiny shall be fullfilled when the oceans starts to congeal
Deep down frozen in the ground, the confidence of ancient beliefs
Memories of wisdom, beyond flesh they arise to breath
A sleeping garden, cursed to rest in desolated seas

Eastering sun - Let the signs wither away
Forthcoming dawn - Guide the night to oblivion
Cruel abomination - Lay the land in solitude
Shattered domain - Near the ocean, sorrow reigns

May eternally...

5. Behold The Pentagramm

Life is just a fading thought in the memory of time
Recognice, that you are just a breathing pile of dust

Time is near to perish and wither away
I am here to weave the fall from grace

It´s an illusion that you can fall and rise again
Be ensured that there is an end to behold
Do you really imagine to live forever?

Can you hear the notes of the anthem of rebirth
Candle shine flickers and dim the gruesome light
Are you ready for salvation?

Hollow eyes are trying to stare the dark chamber
Breath is white as snow and seems as cold as heart
Behold the face of death

Welcome to the point of no return
You can not escape from my temptation

In twilight, my scythe gave you the final kiss
Oh come forth!
I know you had yearned for this deliverance
Behold my sign!

One thousands of miles through suicide mines
Blackening the view on the harvesters aim
Follow the way to the end

Descending into me, microcosmos you´ll see
Watch reverently when life secrets revealed
The chasm burns your eyes

Beyond the dominion of your reality
Only souls haunt the last salvation
Ultimate nexus arose

Ashes to ashes and dust become god
Eyes full of kindness are leading you through

One more time, I open the gate for you
Tragedy of life, lay lost far behind you

This is what I can give to you
Pentagram is lurking you too..

6. Hecates Chamber

Amerced with a mournful eye, fornicated mass grave lie, where the look hits the ground
Watching so constantly, a world of depravity, carnalitate seems to make no sense
Chaos reigns unrevealed, new world order is a need, impermanence´ victory is near
Absolution whimpering, as choirs of salvation sing, for an apocalyptic redeemer

Come forth my children, kneel before me
I tell you stories of what I have seen
Deep in the abyss of all earthly sins
Where sorrow lies and torture beginns
Mortals of all ages summoned me
In my temptation dead they will be
My sinful embrace replaced by the night
For those inheritance enfold the fright

Worshipped one - Invoked godess – mysteria unveiled to thee
Oh great divine – primeval dark - Your whispers, (Thou shall obey)
Shadowed realm - Garden of thine - Empress of the kingdom of beauty and of sin
Dog boned throne – Death testified – watch tower of the six eyed queen
Your children cry – Summon you - A ceremony to the daughter of the night
Bane to those – who denies - life demise is the fate of the unbelievers

World without end
World with an end

Changes on the world machine, end of a light regime, insignificance is the new way
Crossroad of the bright aeon, deliverance remain undone, Uncountable shrouds in view
Oh three faced divinity, what kind of world you see, is it a drama in itself?
Please let your unlight shine, as an observer divine, Unleash forces made of black

7. Night Of The Metal Maniacs

Alcohol in veins, time to hit the road
Beer and a bottles of Jacks by side
Tonight its metal night, getting drunk alright
Banging heads and shaking ground
Flame of metal burns, arise with spikes and thorns
Get the train if you´re not like us
Weared in filthy leather, Breath is stinking hell ya´
We don´t care cause we all drunk tonight

Out of control. Hell yeah, thats rock´n roll
Leave the scum of yesterday behind

Getting for a ride, Some ladies are in sight
Rod is hard and ready for the fight
Bitch has passed away, In the grass I lay astray
Fucking hard and metal thats my way
Turn the pages slow, discofuckers there in row
A need to beat ´em, grow
Discomassacre time, Let´s hit the disco slime
No time for them to learn the metal mime

Kicked in the ass by the long haired mass
Don´t mess with´em, just confess your music taste

Loud and fast, thats all we need
In the name of metal, you´ll bleed
No time for sober, thats for sure
Wiskey, beer and metal is our lure

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