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1. Rider's Theme

Welcome to our world of wisdom
Welcome to our fight for freedom
Age of Chaos is now over
Skycity will soon be discovered

2. The Map

Beyond seas and beyond grounds
Lost in the sky among clouds
A mystical town, says a legend

Find its secrets!
And you will become the master
Of a new order!

Beyond hills and beyond mounts
Lost in deep blue swept by the winds
A mystical town, says a legend

One sees wonder!
One sees the power!
Another danger!

They're all looking for the map
But she's the only one
Who holds the truth
And she's asking the stars
What's hidden at the end
At the end of the road

Beyond edge and over the land
Lost in thoughts of an old wise man
Unreal town, says a legend

You will become a clouds-rider
With the whole sky for empire!

Beyond dreams and beyond time
Lost in deep blue swept by the winds
A mystical town, says a legend

Open up your eyes
And dream among the clouds
Find the hidden town

3. Everlasting Flight

Let me tell you a little story
About sci-fi and fantasy
Where swords of steel and sorcery
Meet guns and high technology

Let me open a little window
Connecting the past and tomorrow
Where what you trust and what you know
Meet the unknown as the winds blow

Let me show you a new little way
Between dream and reality
Where both prelude and journey
Meet in a sweet symphony

Le me reveal to you what is hidden
Beyond the blue, infinite sky
Where, slowly, the gates of heaven
Meet clouds and stars as the sun dies

From the dawn to twilight
Higher than the sun
Farther than your sight
Starts this everlasting flight
From the day to the night
Over the ocean
Under the moonlight
Starts this everlasting flight

Let me whisper a little secret
About a world lost in space
About an old, mysterious place
That one has ever crossed yet

Let me give you a little advice
Jump on a boat, drop the hawsers
Go far to find all the answers
Let your mind be free, you will feel fine

4. Bounty Hunter

I'm not of any country or any banner
I don't belong to any master
I don't care about rules and power
I don't fight for any cause
I have no road, no purpose
Forgive me, I'm not what you suppose

Every day passing I take another way
All I do moves my soul away
Time will come when I'll have to pay
I don't fight for any people
I have no doctrine, no moral
Forget me, I don't wanna see you fall

No one can explain your choice
You don't listen to any voice
No one can understand your choice
Silence speaks louder than noise
I don't fight for any land
I have no kingdom, no home
Forsake me, I should not take your hand

I'm not a defender
Nor an avenger
I'm a bounty-hunter

You cross the world alone
On a rope between good and evil
I'm looking for someone
Into darkness you bear its call

5. The Sky Is My Ocean

Black curtain of the night
Has fallen on the sea
Sailing under the moonlight
A thousand stars I see
(a thousand stars I see)

Wind is blowing in the veils
Caressing my skin
Let the clouds become our waves
And find the secret within
(find the secret within)

Flying to mysterious realms
I feel new sensation
Beyond my most insane dreams
The sky is my ocean
(the sky is my ocean)

Does this travel have an end?
I'm not sure to know
Which fate lies in my hand?
Anyway I will go
(anyway I will go)

Guided by a silver glow
I keep my eyes open
Waiting for a new tomorrow
While slowly the night dies

6. Fireblast

They have soiled the ground with the blood of their prey
They have burned the land with the fire they spit
They have blackened the sky with the smoke of towns in flames
Bringing forth destruction and death

They have sold their soul to the prince of evil
They have changed the world to a sad battle field
They've engraved upon their flesh with the number of their victims
Bringing confusion sorrow and war

Dragon rider, all fall under
The flames of your monster
Dragon rider all fall under
And I wonder
Will we see the walls of Skycity?
Will this tale tum to reality?

They've spread throughout the winds the smell of ash
They've declared violence and fear as their emblems
They have lost their minds into darkness for deep madness
Bringing destruction, terror and tears

Will we accomplish our destiny?
Will this story stay in memory?

7. Tribal Vibes

Come on here we are!
Masters of dark and wild forest
Fight us if you dare!
I promise that in peace you'll rest

Listen to our song!
Surrounding all over our land
To wood we belong!
Against its enemies we'll stand

No matter who you are!
In this place even kings have no crown
Your home is so far!
There's nothing here that you can own

Go back to your land!
Before loosing what you know
Don't you understand?
This jungle'll never let you go

Lost where sea and sky become
One in deep blue
In this emerald kingdom
You will find the truth
Last when golden sunlight
Fades in the night
A mystic strange lullaby
Rises to the sky

8. Never More

You crossed the raging seas and oceans
Spreading far his domination
Using many times corruption
Bringing more often destruction

I try to get rid of my chains
Feeling power into my veins
My will help me to kill my pain
All I give will not be in vain

The wand isn't enough for you
Everyday you ask for more
Spending my time and life for you
I can't go on anymore
Losing my soul fighting for you
I won't obey, never more

Sailing led by the morning star
A red sun shines over the land
Making me forget my scars
The road to freedom is opened

Today's whispers in the shadow
Will become screams of tomorrow
Winds of revolution will blow
On what you have and what you know

Don't you trust me? so let me show
How a breath can make a flame go
And from this light, fire will grow
Till everywhere you'll see its glow

Time comes when will resound my call
And together pushing your wall
Always stronger until its fall
Your reign will end once and for all
Losing my soul fighting for you
I won't obey, never more

9. Celticia's Song

Little girl, my parents said:
"There are worlds to see!
Be the master of your destiny"
But I left my memories behind.
When they passed away, I'm just a runaway
Mirror, let me know will I lose my mind?
Please show my reflection
There's a hidden place, that no one may know
In my heart, there's a secret path that I follow
Help me climb the clouds, please God, hear my voice
Give me wings, make me strong
Guide me where I belong

How can the world just carry on?
When in your heart you've just begun to understand
There is no going back no going back
Even as time passes by
My prayers aren't strong enough
I cannot give any more.

I'm sick of running away
In this world you call home
I am crying in Silence
Deep in the night
I'm crying tears of despair
To break this blindness
But I'm looking for someone to blame
Cause I am the waking child
The one who can reach the sky
The one who can see the sky

10. Ghost Society

Walking far from light
Hidden in the night
Away from your sight
I go on my fight, go on my fight
Looking for knowledge
Lost in the ages
This will be my pledge
Yes my road is waged, my road is waged

Trapped in darkness
My soul will fall into madness
All that I know
Must stay forever in the shadow

Qui nescit dissimulare, nescit regnare

Changing the world into masquerade
Where kings and pawns parade
This ghost society
Makes grow high its sad conspiracy

Living for power
I'm the real master
The secret keeper
Danger awaits, danger awaits,
All my devotion
Leads to frustration
Does my salvation
Become damnation?

All things have changed
I see the rise of technologies
The final last breath
Will sing to me sweet symphonies

11. The Fall Of Skycity Pt. 1

Many centuries have passed
Many memories have crossed
The past now many
Mysteries have ruled
Will we finally know why?
Children of skycity
Will you tell me your history?

12. The Fall Of Skycity Pt. 2

Many wars have brought us to the edge
Of a tragic extinction
But from the dust a new age has risen
With a pacific vision

Beyond the clouds we found an answer
For our town, we built the walls
Living where the sun shines forever
And night never truly falls

We walk the road of evolution
Without knowing his destination

Children of the Sky
Looking for wisdom
The way to eternal freedom
And you're asking why
Children of the sky
All that you've built dies
Tears are falling from your eyes
And you're asking why

Every day brings forth a golden light,
Pushing away our ill-fated past
Waiting for the reddish twilight,
Could we take another way?

Looking down at the world you've left behind
It will all catch up to you
Forget all dreams born from your mind
Now they fade to gray with you

One by one the stones of your city
Burn beneath the rise of the machines
No matter to trust what you see
Wondering if there's an aim

Time has come to make your farewells
Deep blue is turning to black
In the air resound the death's bells
And tomorrow will be dark

13. Rider's Theme (Outro)

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