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1. Book Of Muscle

I've been spreading myself thin again and very little is getting the attention it fully deserves. There are several causes for this strain and half the time I'm doing my best to arrange their conclusion: But how effective van half-mast truly be? How about we brood a little more? Every time my mind wanders, I sink a little further. Scratch that scab that I'd so dearly wished would just become a scar. I suppose it's those figurative bats that keep swinging mat my head that's preventing my escape. It's a long road that's been chasing me. While that knife goes into my brain... Bur I'll swing a little harder. I'll run a little faster. I've got the tools: I just need to use them.

2. Obeying The Iron Will...

Sharp flickers of light set my senses ablaze. Rain hits the window in waves; Pulsing like the warm flashes that course over my nerves as the subconscious erupts into bittersweet bliss. This has been culminating for ├Žons and it appears the stage has been set for our epic conquest. Sever combinations of raw animal lust and the most poignant of spiritual connections; If I believed in destiny, this would be it. My queen, my queen. I survived through stagnancy on your prose; Rebuilt in the face of devastation and brought conquest to new lands wishing you were by my side? I count myself lucky that this torturous dance ever commenced, yet curse the parameters surrounding it daily. Woven from the same scarce cloth. I'm tired of living for what could have been, as life is too short for second best. My queen, my queen.

3. Batholith

Awaking to half clogged sinuses and that familiar feeling in my guts; Variations on a recurrent theme. Could exhaustion be the cause of my gastro-intestinal predicament or do I simply loathe my daily cell that much? I choke down finely prepared sustenance, in the hopes that if I prepare it with care, the gurgles in my belly will finally cease. Too tired for the old routine; Too tired. A firm belief is placed in the fact that coffee is all that's gets me through this morning; And every morning, towels to bruised shins and a crisp shirt later, the road is taken to a numbing punch-line: spinning my wheels until the week draws to a close. Rinse, repeat; Waiting for the snow to fall.

4. The Irate Jumbuck

Criticize me for this self-indulgent introspective... It's all there is these days when my pen's poison runs dry and progress requires my hands and mind to move. Previous forecasts are appearing much more overcast than anticipated, but we forage on; Twigs and mosses crunching at our feet. This mission is colder and the terrain much more difficult than we'd prefer, but I refuse to turn back. If I don't meet you at the other side, I twitch under the strain we've endured these past weeks, while the sun chose to hide beneath its hollow grey sheath. Body aches; Mind numbs; Mood firmly soured. This firm belief remains: in this case, quitting is for the weak. You all can walk away; But I won't fail this time.

5. A Wicked Pike

How long will I hold my breath this time; Keeping my eyes closed so tight. My heart rate slows, then turns on a dime. I haven't moved in over fifteen minutes and the lights are fading; Despite this internal marathon. It's tough to read whether or not these procedures are perceived as irrational, contrived, or perhaps interpreted as they were intended: genuine. I'll wear my heart on my sleeve, just this once. As though a mist of tiny glass shards is raining down; Head down and run through this starchy maze as my lungs fill with moths. If the scenario dictates that the pants make the man, I'll own this town. It's a wicked pike (and I think I like it), and I'm watching as you're losing face.

6. Flight Of The Echo Hawk

For David Kelly...

7. Never Was

This is nothing more than an elaborate marketing campaign and a rather brilliant one at that; Praying on humanity's insecurity of what it doesn't understand. Always has been, always will be. Ignorance begets ignorance. Utilize, control, manipulate; Then profit. Religion is a cancer. No god. Never was.

8. The Ugliest Happy You've Ever Seen

No matter how much I do, there is an overwhelming sense that I'm not doing enough; In every facet of my life. A heavy psychological burden to be carrying; Like a backpack full of fifty five pound plates. But it brings with it a clear message: never accept mediocrity. A hunger that can never be fed; True satisfaction never felt. Couple this with a deep rooted, unspecified anger that has existed and remained constant for the greater part of my post-pubescent life, save for a few short periods of general contentment. And we're starting to paint a seemingly dreary picture. But fret not my dear, for within this state I am driven. Within this state I cannot fail. Within this state I will attack the challenges I've laid before myself without reserve and with unbridled passion. Within this state I find life. This is the ugliest happy you've ever seen.

9. Terrify The Animals


10. Mako Shark

How they produce such a lasting effect, it's not hard to understand; Just unfortunate. Talk about shattered confidence. Heaving forward in quiet desperation: these are mere fronts; Productive, but fronts nonetheless. Anything to stop my mind from wandering; Anything to keep you out. It's mostly a lesson in toque that applies under these circumstances. The ol' guess and test; A torturous process, as it's proved historically to wear on the patience of this rambler. One line on an empty page: "When can any of this be changed?" When these spiteful pieces of you won't come back down and time stands still. This has been a trap for far too many years. We've seen others abandon ship; But we'll follow this one to the bottom it seems.

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