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1. The Hammer Party

How many of you are wasting your time? Self-gratification becomes the norm, with a total disregard for taste. My problem lies within this concept. A fundamental lack of respect exists and is far too apparent. A lack of control; of tact; of class. This is the issue I'd like to address; and ram down your fucking throat. People volunteering for enemy positions on a halo effect. Let ignorance be your guide straight to living hell my friend. Claiming democratic process is an insult to the history of such a concept; a selfish cop-out, pinning down another scapegoat. Just pray to your god that the tables don't turn. When the power's in these hands we won't even attempt to disguise the slap in the face coming your way the way you have time and time again to us. Like a hammer smashed cliché. Don't instigate a preview. When I lose control; what will be left of your date-raped fantasy?

2. Proditio

You've become so neutered and weak. Apathy can be a two way street; once yours, now belongs to me. Though it would be unfair to dismiss this as such; as this tastes much more like spite to me. You cut the rope and watched the boat drift away. This is a dark place. The air is stale, everything aches and sentiments are set to the quintessence of contempt. Perhaps these walls have transformed themselves into the very prison that they used to contest; from sanctuary to death row cell. Our allies vanished: weakened and fallen; the horizon stained grey by their ash and the rules of the battle we are not able to see. Proditio.

3. The Musk Ox

Sometimes it's interesting to observe the etiology of certain human behaviors. Envy; desire; pride; shame; and depression. Cause and effect; one giant search for approval that seems to always fall short. Become, then deconstruct. You can't put a discount price tag on history and expect a connection; and I won't hand it over to you on a silver platter. This is a rather meaningless rental of an expired life phase, taking for granted all that creates foundation. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Inevitable failure and withdrawal, welcome a new crutch. It has happened before, it will happen again. This hide is thick and will see another day. Withstanding the test of time is the only statement necessary. Many a face will change, but the musk ox will remain. Overstatements become reality. Lifecycles haven't the depth they once held; lost dried up wells. Trends and fads fade and die breathing life to the new; a sad cycle refurbished by innovators and consumed by the easily persuaded. Ninety thousand years with only humanity to blame.

4. I Simply Am Not There

Taste is something that's, more often than not, taken for granted; but not by me. Dressed to the nines and ready to roll, with the creativity and overwhelming drive to bury your aspiration-less life. I'm looking down on you; don't forget: I'm watching you and judging. You're convinced I think I'm better than you, well you're wrong; I know I am. Nothing sells love like a mace. These tin snips will solve my problems; it's the perfect setup for the perfect coward. You were so busy vilifying me as a self-assurance; you never saw it coming, now it's too late. Coward, you'll know my face, as it's the last you'll ever see.

5. Seul

She came in a dream. She'd be the answer to all of my problems. She loves him, and I need her. It illuminates the way people phase out in the same fashion as they always have. We'll use you when we need you, like that old mini-van left running; aiming south. The past catches up with the present and I'll watch both walk off into the night; crisp flakes covering the ground in their wake. It's almost as if a scarlet letter has been etched in my flesh. Five and a half years to rot. Five and a half years to realize this place is dead. Five and a half years: worthless. The skies remain held in dismal grey hues, providing visual homage to the squeezing pressure within my skull. Everything works together this time. Working at sending a message: you will lose. I'll take this mysterious presence as a sign of hope amongst the crumbling walls of security. I'll take your hand. We'll forget this place. We'll never turn back.

"No matter how cynical you become, it is never enough to keep up"
– Lilly Tomlin

6. Looks Like A Failure

There are times when that stimulus just isn't there. This is one of them. This information just isn't getting through this troubled smokescreen. Trivialize what I have accomplished to rationalize your shortcomings. Disregard dedication and desire and explain it with shallow rhetoric. You call self-actualization your explanation. Take a look at yourself. Using dogma to suppress the overwhelming realization of the inevitable consequences of your actions. Try to take me down a notch. Make me petty. Create the "illusion" that you have me beaten; that I am weak. What face will you put on in a few months? When this one is tired and bled? Too many experiments I wish I never took part in. Continually creating monsters that must be quarantined. I'll turn my back this time. Looks like a failure from the start. I'm just too tired to deal with it anymore. Totally consumed by this overwhelming exhaustion. Looks like a failure.

7. Lethe

Now we have entered a game of deception. Bones blackened and charred. Never underestimate the desperate nature of a broken man. This storm is nature's release, containing the ultimate insult of character, with lacerations running much deeper than the skin. And that image is burnt into my brain consuming an entire unconscious world. You've proved your worth. Entire seasons have collapsed and I thought that you had learned. But I can't be fooled this time around because I know who I am and what I want. From the inside out; building on psychological scar tissue. It comes when you least expect it, a glimpse of weakness in the eyes and our target is set: curled up by the phone. All that is heard is the breaking of glass and tearing of flesh from within. Sycophantic pied piper of trusting fools. The weak are not accepted here. Fingers out-stretched, a mild quiver, turning relentlessly in the silence waiting for a sign. You couldn't understand. I'm finished with these subtle sentimental plans. It wasn't worth it from the start. I'm free. I'm free. You're dead to me. Lethe.

8. Capricorn

You move with such elegant authority; with the kind of power that could end wars and crush the most driven of egos. From a sea of a thousand faces, your eyes shined through with such beauty and charisma. Attitude, intrigue; desire. I am powerless in approach. This time, on a whim, a lone flare fired off that ledge into evident purgatory, assumed lost, but returned with playful curiosity. I'd never be the same again. These words have struggled to reach the surface; as their previous purpose was spitefully driven: the sole existence bent retribution. This frustration melted away with a tingling of my nerves; straight down my spine. Living for that smile; those piercing eyes. When just the thought of being next to you separates the clouds and gives colour to this world. There's nothing like this; nothing like you.

9. Hibernation Has Never Been A Better Option

Strobe-like attention spans being bought and sold to the biggest investor and the brightest flash in the pan. Pre-packaged for a premature burial. Follow me to the market, merely open your eyes. Innocent contortionist; proprietor of the moment, take your fifteen minutes in the spotlight, with full realization of its limited duration. Bleed me like spilt coffee with a pen in hand and a twitch in the eye. Boredom brings some awful lows; a nauseating cliché. That sex driven back beat fills the morning air, breathing life into a season with such characteristic low humidity and morale. Trolling for spies and false pride. That bronzed stare peers through all department store illusions; a view of unbearable pain secured just beneath the surface. Oh baby please believe me, I've got the scars to prove it. We've become a trademark of such repeated reluctance to read between the lines.

10. Tiger Comet

11. Ahriman

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