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1. Extending Common Courtesy Throughout The Evening

Don't worry about me, I'll be just fine. Continue the seduction, as we're running short on time. Or is this just the beginning of your systematic accord? A penchant for twisted luck, with a hum in my vocal chords. I'll raise my glass to vanity and all its subtle delights in this dwindling hour, as the audience is spent and setting their clocks to waking arms. Hold that thought as I'll be with you in the morn'. Seize the day, but lose the girl; working this curse to the bone. Never forget what you live for.

2. I Send My Regards To The Colonel

The jack of all trades. This is lust; and this is good. You've raised a prize fighter, a risk taker. They call me the million dollar species. Brought back there through their faces: insincere smiles and baited laughter; surrounding us like vultures waiting for that last leg to give. Your point is driven home with force. They want me to move mountains in a little red wagon; squeeze blood from a stone. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. How can I thank you? I cannot thank you enough for this. Smile for me?

3. The Romanticist

When you've got that beat in your head and you can't stop can't stop can't stop. Rolling: hot, sweating, absent to all but one, and fixated beyond all comprehension. This is it and you're all that exists; and you feel it too. This magnitude: more than mere attraction, but an epitome of passion - that words are incapable of describing and unhinges your very essence. And we'll bask in its intense rays 'til waking hours when I'll meet you on the other side of bliss; hoping that we'll never awaken from this insanity. It's our shared catharsis.

4. Summary Of Comfort

Once again recycling our muffled foray. Terse to a fault, and carelessly wavering on that fine line where hallucination becomes reality through relentless obsession. Believe the hype. Believe what you felt. Turn the clock sideways and frolic in this inhibition; just don't doubt its rare nature. You've lost your way and I'm left hoping that you'll come back, through this calloused door shut; an icy burn. A poor hand dealt under unchosen circumstance. Within the struggle lies. Like grinding gears and insect flesh; imagery devoid of light. This is where I am lost without you. I know I'll never be the same again.

5. The Pioneer

This is unsettling, and this is real. Seated; partially arched, lower back a flutter of dull discomfort, neck slightly forward, fingers to keys. Is this hunger or anxiety? Sifting through receipts...there is a full realization of the sacrifice at hand. Was this what you pictured? This homicidal security, dripping with the blood of your once proud character. Growing up truly is selling out, and I'm not there yet.

6. Frye

Feed me this massive impact. I've got my hat on, my shoes tied tight; I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I'll wager my shins beat your fists; but that's not the battle you had in mind, was it? Either way, I'm not impressed, and I don't play to lose. My guard is down; eyes focused; stance strong. Oh was it worth it? Maybe not, but I'll go down swinging as hard as I can.

7. Messenger Of Teeth

Struggling to remain stimulating. Struggling to maintain any kind of focus whatsoever. Struggling just to stay awake. Struggling to stay away. Let me wander; it happens daily, though done so in the absence of pain, more-so flickering glimpses of emptiness and contempt. Perhaps this piece is the last door to close; last muttered words, and last sequenced breaths; as for all intents and purposes you no longer exist. But neither does the man you once knew. And I'm done. This place no longer offers any solace, so this time we're passed due; picking up the pieces, pushing onward, it's time to start anew.

8. The Dear John Letter Crew

I'm unloading, and I'm bored as hell. We've been travelling westward for several days and we've hit that place where your mind flies free through all insecurities and false hopes. This heat just keeps on burning. Oh my brothers, do you feel this curse? That one that takes us all? This lost cause can't be dropped that simply; my guard's been down and I'm on my knees. I'm feeling naked, lately and I am in pain: wait till they get a load of me; nothing earned, nothing gained. But we'll continue to pour sweat into what we believe, and take them all by force. This is uncertain, but at least it's rooted in reality.

9. The Goat

Staring out over the vast melting; a new season is emerging. None of it means anything to me without you. Days filled with nothingness; I hate this place and it consumes me every day. Isn't this supposed to get easier? Something is just not right: do you feel it too? I tried to make actions speak louder than words; but you weren't listening. I truly believed that we were meant to be. I can't believe the anger and hostility that you have been directing towards me; projections, assumptions; conclusive extremes. I'm hurting; and worse than I've ever hurt before. You've become so cold and uncaring. Stop trying to make me hate you; for you'd never feel a more intense nor pure hatred for the rest of your life, and it's just not in me right now... That searing pain tearing through my guts; this dull ache rippling through my head. You've turned me into a lame cliché. Thank you. I'm lying trembling on the floor.

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