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1. Prelude: Worldhate Chronicle

2. The Gathering Of Ants

We are part of the mass
Post-industrial working class
Empowered by commands to be
The Black Ants assembly
I feel trapped
here within their system
as the workforce
Diligent and industrious
Voluntarily focused
Disciplinary in-use
Slaves of this modern world
Beyond reasonable doubt
Strains coincide with fear
Harder still to make a will
and sacrifice our surviving-selves
Here; our lives on their hands as an asset
Stagnation; walks in circular direction
Lack of inclination
Self-induced submission
Undisputable fracture
Tracking to consequence
Aging to reluctance
A hell of industry...

3. Isolated I

You are knocking at my private door
Yes, you - the shadow of my very soul
A covert companion in my part of darkness
No common world-light shall connote to illuminate me
Together, we travel into my deepest realm
Together, we invert the law of material bliss
I don't need fake sympathy
Let my world spins, I will not be there to care
I will remain isolated
Until the coming of my time
I have my 'truest identity'
And the real side of me will be kept off-surface
I am here but they will never see me
It is no matter what if they would call me insane
Together, we laugh at the every day's issues
Together, we seek for pleasures of a loner
I don't need fake sympathy
Let my world spins, I will not be there to care
I will remain isolated
Until the coming of my time

4. Manipulator Generals (Part I Of Dictatorship)

We are the untouchables
Governmental system manipulators
Architects of power over people
Creators of laws and constitutions
Now we can freak you out
Suck you in, crush you down
And we can change the pace of your social motions
We are generals of corrupt nation
Put order that is within our hands
The absolutes of obstinacy
With weapons on our side we rule
Failure is the system
Power is in control
Now we can burn your home
Take your rights out, execute you
And then you will disappear from the surface of our land

5. Our Urban Industry Runs Monotonously

6. To Whom It May Concern

Anyone, could you see the pain that dwells inside of me
To whom it may concern: I ask for justice, even in a small piece
If I had lived in this place since its inception
I would see...
All the process of degradation, what a waste!
Thousand years, yet we see nothing
Not even a thing to be to be proud of
Always cling to our past fortune
But that was made by our forefathers
Does anyone care?
Enough of this hell
Fading solemnly to obscurity!
If you had lived in this place since its inception
You would see....
All this process of deterioration

7. Free Association

A challenging task out from the mind of the visionaire:
Recalling all melodies created in those dreams
Cathartic responses popping out from the nerves
Through this musical kind of free association
I have tried to submit, to submerge to the system
But something inside me wanting me to be insane!
Is it the message from outer space?
No, I think it's just me tired of everything
Here is the moment to break free
Free to express our deepest thoughts
Now is the time to elaborate all those past hesitations
Into something lunatic, but awfully honest!
Here is the moment to break free
And bring all these fresh storms of brain
Now is the time to give some edge
Fighting against the guardians of mediocrity

8. Historicity And State Of Mind (Part II Of Dictatorship)

Watching a domino effect
Linear sequence produced through time
Continual route of tumbling down
To reach the point of total mess
Linkage to country's past troubles
Now bear the consequence
This mentality will not improve
Corrupt mind stays in place
Right here, right now, a truth to face
The wheel of time waits for no one
So many years have lost in vain
I wonder, how to stop the rust
Linkage to country's past troubles
Now bear the consequence
This mentality will not improve
Fruitless deeds stay in place
Patterns repeated
Under a state of mind
A bleak outlook of political course
One new breed of dictatorship is expected

9. Postlude: Saat Kemarau

Tiada angin
Tiada hujan
Ku tunggu kehadiran air
Kemanakah gerangan kau pergi?
Duniaku sepi
Kelam di hati
Ku ingin air
Basahi jiwa ini

10. A Real Life To Fear About

Seeing the world, right from different angle
Happy as it seems, but it is not
Just take off its clothes you will see the fear
The fear I need to talk about right now
In reality, no place for pessimist
But a pessimist is sure a pragmatist
"There is no use to fix the world
All we do is to watch it falls"
Self-help books are still selling a lot
A sign of us, that desperately need aid
Religions are rising rapidly
Into a state of irrationality
Any chance to heal the world?
All we clearly see its fall
One war ends, another begins
You are crushed, yet life goes on...
One piece of action, ten pieces of reactions
Contradictions will rise, waves shall emerge
Surrender to the system is not an option
Fear only makes us die
Hesitation kills our survival instinct

11. Escapism


What on Earth am I here for?
Trapped in this piercing circumstance
With no sign of hope to pull through
A nation full of parasites
And you don't know how much I hate this place
With countless sad stories of failed survivals
Every step is a miracle
I can't exist for no reason
Where there is a faith, there is a way
It is my own test of guts and brain
Finding out how, in plan for my escape
Leaving this place as far as I could get


I have let myself floating away
My mind drifts out from my head
To look behind all these closed doors
Something seemingly unreachable
As I manage to move out, silently
From the community of hypocrites
My plan for escape is getting stronger
I should not belong here, anymore
They have failed to spot me
Refused to join me
They will never see me
No way to stop me
Reaching out for another day
Marching on, pass without a sound
Time has come to approach an ideal state
Where passion will finally get its proper place
Taking one good chance worth dying for
Never turn around
Fire is within me, I shall overcome
But it has never been an easy way
Each step I take requires a mature plan
And a bit of faith



Appended pathways;
You never know their end,
so we make one speculating choice
A route to somewhere
I left my past behind,
To greet a hazy form of future
Taking a step as I walk...
Trip of significance
They took 40 years to freedom,
Wonder when I will get mine?
A faith so clear now
Either use it waive it or leave it,
Yet we all know we always need it
Hurting my knees as I crawl...


A road above, a road ahead
And I shall never stop believing
In such a mode to recuperate
Future is given, but choice is mine,
To find a way to stand up again

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