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1. Token Discontentment

nothing makes you feel bitterer
than being removed from the core
autonomy without sense of realization
speeding towards non-destination
like a demon in the family of angels
an alien within my own existence
there is no place to fit in
regardless of what i do and who i am
learning the mechanism of pain
that follows the same pathway as mine
as suffering is part of one’s experience
in life that should never be denied
i have become a slave to my own way of understanding
there is no place to fulfill my desire to escape from reality

[august - december 2013]

2. Dividend In Division

anger, violence and death
work, exhaustion and death
anguish, suicide and death
evil, murder and death
our minds turn straight to division
as logic fades itself toward oblivion
pain sent to elevate bitterness
do we love it more than a blunt statement?
dream, desire and life
faith, endurance and life
hope, ambition and life
love, devotion and life
kill the thoughts you are trying to shift
outside perimeter of synthetic conscience
grasp a very motion from devoid intellect
drift and fluctuate as truth was never explored
tragedy brings apathy to ignorance
like street lights beaming on empty avenues
cognizance withstands the swarm of suffering
as it never forgives, and it never forgets
a mouthful of godforsaken emptiness
formed featureless shapes among dead clouds
i was amazed at the staircase leading nowhere
but it drives dividend on a poor soul of mine

[september 2012 - august 2013]

3. Jakartan Arch-Captor

you are your own enemy
the power you seek is the power to oppose
seize every opportunity
where by itself is the source of problems
your face is as a book
where men may read strange matters
your mind is a search engine
to feed morbid curiosities in a virulent way
fortune comes from unusual places
if you ever believe in the unconventional
let mind becomes the arch-captor
entrance from this worn nonsense down into enigma

[october 2012 - december 2013]

4. By Means Of Survival

explore and discover new things each day
follow the progress, riding the waves of change
even burden always weigh heavily in the mind
resistance is futile, there is no need to confront
we cannot fight our time when clock is ticking on
we cannot stand still when the earth rotates
this is how we live and we are getting old
generation ends another generation begins
life only becomes precious when we make it be
dreams will manifest when we seize the moments
god knows our wishes, understands our pain
there is an essence of our very existence

[july 2012 - january 2013]

5. Neutrality

humankind of an equal essence
should be given equal participation
equal access to information and knowledge
be part of open society in an open world
one portal that fits everyone’s expressions
eliminating hierarchies within social construction
and to cease governmental interference
in order to achieve preservation of neutrality
absolute power corrupts absolutely
realization of an ideal should be done collectively
information sharing as a part of contributive mindset
but this will always challenge our human nature
elimination of self is the one most effortful condition
in a society where the most popular act is to play god

[january - december 2013]

6. Multilateral

have you ever ruminated about over-imposed vanity
trying to keep the ground from floating into obscurity
any attempt to summarize manifold complexities
will find itself in a position where truth is just a mere property
this room shall blend all the sounds of ideals
coming from distinct opinions and theories
unity is chaos and pandemonium on a set of wheels
walls will administer contrasting sources without partiality
set your attack - set your decay
i want to believe there is assurance beyond all reasons
maneuvers that eliminate contradictory matters of distinctions
twisting perilously until all sounds start to dissolve and fade
this selfishness will shatter as space inside began to agitate

[september - october 2012]

7. Metropolis Noir

imagine a city without access to the open sky
gloomy day is an everyday scene up above
dark smog thickens my point of embattlement
i could see, on its face, elucidation of despair
seen so many times before, so many times
these pages will not just turn by themselves
world is so twisted that human life renders no value
getting worse makes the element of progress
you could tell wisdom is measured by profits
granted limits beset chosen destiny
if only you would swallow and digest everything
the epitome of greed, was not a single stranger matter

[february 2013 - september 2014]

8. Crossroads

one would argue it was far too close
for a greater society reversing into calamity
unbolted its threshold of fear and angst
confusion heightened at the crossroads of destiny
somehow nearing the boundaries of turmoil
karma, justice, divine intervention
equalizing intermingled imbalances
from gloom, rise forth the glowing spirit of hope
we should never dissolve our leap of faith
keep reeling out to the omnipresent reality
stretching our mere limits of understanding
where the end is really just the beginning
perceive what matters most to earn contented state
realize its true forms of the animating principle
the past, the present, the future as well
god shall reconstruct our microcosmic aspirations

[july - october 2014]

9. Heyday (Unlike Today)


10. Primal

we cannot exist without exposure to adversity
for life itself is spiced by elements of pain
learning how to weather the storm that passes day by day
remaining vigilant as far as mind can see
to begin with, seasons are here for us to watch
sometimes imaginations set us up for troubles
as age flies by we cling to the first importance
regain a footing after all the loss and failures
find a way to ease our pain
life unfolds in a passage of time
bringing forth the sense of hope
here we are, off we go

[september 2013 - march 2014]

11. The Unwritten

what makes things certain
the element that crawls
from the edge of a beginning
to the center of the end
one may leave to question
the validity of proclamation
such thing exists in a written world
a world full of manipulations
what makes you wonder
about what would aggregate
misery and adversity
becoming a singularity
existence does not require confirmation
experience is a gift of enjoyment
be grateful of what you have today
and you will be alright

[february 2013 - october 2014]

12. Hearthbroken By Default

[Bonus Track]

13. The God Particle

have we done enough?
to carry on with love and compassion
have we shared enough?
our stories of subsisting life as a painful journey
here is our destiny - god has shown thy mercy

[february - march 2013]

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