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1. Longing For Truth

If I had a little time to empathize
On how the Earth suffers the most
Tortured landscapes and dying forests
Witnessing the quality of mankind

Greed, corrupted minds
Perversion, misled goals
Something wrong here...

Life's not an imaginary time sequence
A reality line which forms the chronicles of our deeds
From birth time to our demise we spend
Our days of irresponsibility

Our civilizations continue to bottom-line
The plagues of Earth that emphasize its severe conditions
History proved it
No one can escape from this fact!

Desperately - seeing our corrupted world
Done by hands - that help build and destroy
Who's to blame - for all degeneration?
Inside us - we are longing for the Truth

Longing for truth!

Crying in confusion
Who will save this world
...from its destruction?

2. Embrace The Dead

"Another down of day arrives
But still nothing new under the sun
I'm waiting for the night again
Can't stand the hate whe I wake up"

"People come and go bite each other
There is no sign of peaceful life
Our hearts were filled with pain
As we did not know how to deal with hate"

A nature of mankind, we are dead since birth
Unware to the reality that we've sinned
Knowledge and wisdom have been cleared from our minds
All lead to consequence of eternal destruction

Merciful God really feels all our pain
Yes, He cries when we cry
He is hurt when we are hurt
"I will not let his happen
My love will protect you
From the hell that is approaching..."

The come His grace upon Earth
Through the emaculate conception
And the virgin birth
Son is sent to embrace the dead
And his death give us eternal life

No ressurection withou Christ
No incarnation without love

"If I know how much love God gives me
That The Unsinned had to get torture
Why should I refuse to accept this grace?"

3. The Fearless And The Dedicated

Thousand years ago
In the first years of the Church
Terrors aimed to the Apostles...
...because of following the Truth
Authorities opposed their teachings
Of love, hope, and faith
And if they couldn't find something to dispute
Oppression rose through the abuse of power

Those with thoughts of evil
Hate the Word of God
They tried to stop the spirit of enlightenment
Attacking those that have a heart
And love for Life
But the fearless ones are never giving up
Believe in the guidance of The Lord

Stand for the truth
Follow the way conscience goes
No one can stop your fire sincerity
Keep on fighting
Against all conspiracies
That based on the false intentions

There have been times of persecutions
And still present until today
In these wicked days, it's not an easy way
Through trials by fire faith is strengthen

Many people have gone away
Given up what they believe
If you live in fear then pray
God will give His children a power to

Fight, for the truth
A call of humanity
Never, feed the flesh...
...and give a chance to this wicked world

4. Source Of Existence

From the Earth minds are wondering
How could this great universe runs so well
Space and time, both follow the order
It makes us to think who's behind such things

Hail to the forests...
For they are the lungs of Earth
Hail to the mountains...
For their amazing scenery

Look down into the smaller scale of reality
These living beings, exist to occupy our planet
The biological orders within our own bodies
They make us to think who create such things

Hail to the oceans...
For they bring the majestic waves
Hail to the rivers...
That keep flowing until the call
Of The Last

"I am the Alpha and the Omega
... who is, who was, and who is to come
The Almighty"

It would take faith
To believe there was a process of creation
It would take more faith
To believe there's a coincidental existence

The quest for reason
Keeps compelling my thoughts and my emotions
Towards the fact
That there is an existence of a Higher Being

I bow to the Source of universe
The Creator of all things seen and unseen

5. Healing


6. The Final Call

These are days of our revival
The las moments for reaping the seeds sown
Civilizations must to be aware to all the signs
Signs of the end of our earthly time

Let the people see the coming of the Son of Man
The return of the Thunderous Might
We shall see the Holy One upon His Throne
We shall meet the Risen face to face

Love has opened the gate to the eternity
Love that heals our wounds and scars
Love who washes away the dark taint of sin
The same Love who once crucified

Let the people see the coming of the Son of Man
The return of the Thunderous Might
We shall see the Holy One upon His Throne
We shall meet the Risen face to face

Down here, seeing our corrupted world
Drowing with its deadly desires
Religions, ideologies, and moral teachings
Cannot save us from the state called death

The Spirit has warned us time to time
As voces that heard beneath us
Calling the ones who are dying to see the Truth
The ones who want to be saved

There is a way, a path to follow
A path of the great escape
A path where Truth belongs there
Hear the final call...

7. From Within

I am, a creation of dust and made by dust
I am, a free entity with all the choices in front of me
In me, there is a will to live my life
In me, there is a destructive tendency built by hate

Questions asked, never satisfied with my existence
"To where I have to go? The purpose of my direction"
"Why must I face all these sufferings?"
I've been longing to find my reason to exist

A life of sin is reality I must accept
The Book cleary refers to fall of our ancestor
Many would call it as a tale and nothing more
But I can feel its Truth in my own bad blood

Until I find the reason of my suffering...
...through the knowledge written in Bible
No one could make me satisfied with the answer
No one knows me, except The One whoe gives me breath

In fact there is only way God has prepared
I don't think it's wise to take all things just for granted
In fact that there are many distractions around
Try to keep myself from knowing His will

8. Scripture Before Struggle

In this world, the land that God created
Men must join together as one
But now, when hatred surrounds
Then we ask, "can we share this life together?"

Won't you take a look at our brothers and sisters
How many of them
Who let their souls being strayed?
Some people learn from all these tragedies
Bu themselves, they cannot help and save

So take a little time to think of it
Before everything's too late
About the world and the living
Which not eternal nor endless

"In years later,
All will realize what they have done
And they will try to throw the others the blame
Though it's still possible for us to cease
But it won't be the same as before"

Nothing same, every thinge changes
It's not the same anymore
This is Scripture before struggle
Before you go to the battle

9. Millennium

Another year, another lesson to learn
Another task, another failure
Beneath these physical progressions
We've made one giant step of degradation

Reaching the point of no return
As this world falls beyond control
Should we call this "development"?
Or should we agree "it's a self-destruction"?

Time will no heal the wounds and scars
Through the ages that we've passed
The love we have is the love we deny
Where greed seems for mor appealing

Millions have died as the victms of wars
And the millions live under extreme poverty
When we try to find something to blame,
Our fingers are pointing of ourselves

It is so unpredictable... suddenly alll drown so deep
Our world is now crumble
Crumbled-down withing a thousand year
Lord please forgive us, we are weak
Live this life so far away from You Way
Here we must face the consequence
So many years we've refused to seek the Truth
Chosen to be under the influence...
...of ignorance

We've passed through the ages with greed
Creating all the profit-seeking systems
We built a tower withouth proper foundations
But now it's all too late as the tower falls...

This is what we are: helpless in our frustation
But yet I still hear the voice calling me back
I know I've wandered, so far away
From the pathway that is prepared for us

Everything changes
As we're approaching another millenium
But Your Love still remains the same
With the presence of You in our hearts
I believe, our love will survive

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